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The Human Odyssey: Our Journey of Life from Infancy to Eternity

#5B: The Specific Processes of Growth

Hugh & Kaye Martin

The 'Processes' of Growth are all the methods and techniques we use to grow and develop. Such Processes are of two types: General and Specific. The 'Specific Processes' are all the specialized Methods, Techniques, Therapies, Practices, Programs, Activities, Explorations, Studies, and Focused Experiences that move us along specific Stages, Realms, and Arenas of the Growth Continuum. Over the course of cultural evolution, we human beings have developed 35 Specific Processes to enable the perpetuation and progress of civilization. We divide those Processes into seven different Themes of emphasis:

  • #1-6. Foundational Processes: The six Processes that are fundamental to all other Processes of Growth. Includes: Natural Nutrition, Holistic Health, Relationships & Marriage, Family Dynamics, etc.
  • #7-10. Physical World Processes: The four Processes that engage us with material reality. Includes: Physical Activity, Life Experience, Natural Environments, etc.
  • #11-17. Socio-Cultural Processes: The seven Processes that engage us with Groups of people – from pairs to whole cultures. Includes: Habits & Programming, Enterprise & Leadership, Values & Service, Archetype & Myth, etc.
  • #18-23. Formal Investigation Processes: The six Processes that engage our thinking and reasoning capacities. Includes: Order & Structure, Technologies & Inventions, Logic & Reasoning, Science & Proof, etc.
  • #24-28. Self-Expression Processes: The five Processes that enable us to express our inward reality in outward form. Includes: Language & Communication, Stories & Literature, Expressive Arts, etc.
  • #29-33. Conscious Development Processes: The five Processes specifically designed to promote Growth and resolve problems. Includes Body Therapies, Psychotherapies, Spiritual Practices, etc.
  • #34-35. Comprehensive Processes: The two Processes that combine and integrate all the other Processes of Growth. Includes: Holistic Environments and Integral Programs.

The Specific Processes comprise Domain #3B of the five Domains of the ADAPT Model of Human Development. Symbolically, they are the Sailing Ships of our Life Journey.

#5B: The Specific Processes of Growth

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The Human Odyssey, Our Journey of Life from Infancy to Eternity
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