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The Human Odyssey: Our Journey of Life from Infancy to Eternity

#7: The Systems of Growth

Hugh & Kaye Martin

We have discussed the various ways we grow (Domain 1: Dimensions); the various aspects of Identity or Self that partake in that growth (Domain 2: Participants); the various methods and techniques by which growth takes place (Domain 3: Processes); and the people and resources who guide and orchestrate our growth (Domain 4: Pathfinders). But how do all these Dimensions, Participants, Processes, and Pathfinders work together to enable growth to take place? These are the Systems of Growth (Domain 5). In this Introductory Version, we discuss five major Systems:

  • System #1. Individual Growth: How Individuals grow from Stage to Stage.
  • System #2. Collective Growth: How Groups grow from Stage to Stage.
  • System #3. Actualization Growth: How healthy people grow from Stage to Stage.
  • System #4. Restoration Growth: How people with serious problems restore their capacity for Actualization Growth (#3).
  • System #5. Horizontal Growth: How both Individuals and Groups grow within a Stage.

Symbolically, the Pathfinders are the Shipping Systems of our Life Journey.

#7: The Systems of Growth

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The Human Odyssey, Our Journey of Life from Infancy to Eternity
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