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An independent forum for a critical discussion of the integral philosophy of Ken Wilber
Frank Visser founded in 1997 (back then under the name of "The World of Ken Wilber"). He is the author of the first monograph on Ken Wilber and his work: "Ken Wilber: Thought as Passion" (SUNY Press, 2003), which has been translated into 7 languages, and of many essays on this website. He currently is Service Desk Manager at the Dutch divison of the global online marketing agency LBi.


Frank Visser

In 1997 Frank Visser visited Ken Wilber twice at his home in Boulder.
A report of these meetings can be found in:

"Criticism has spiritual value"  DEUTSCH  ESPAÑOL

A report of a first visit to Ken Wilber in January 1997.
Published in the Koörddanser, April 1997.

Ken Wilber revisited

A report of a second visit to Ken Wilber in November 1997.
Published in Panta, Spring 1998.
(Not yet translated into English. Dutch version available at Dutch section of this website.)

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