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The Shadow Series

Part 2: Integrating the Shadow

Ken Wilber

June 18, 2006 18:30

How to integrate your shadow—this is the topic of the second PDF in The Shadow Series. In a sense, all three of the PDFs that I will be including are about both how to spot one's shadow and how to integrate it. But this post happens to be from chapter 7 of The Spectrum of Consciousness and is entitled “Integrating the Shadow,” so that's what I'm calling it here. But this chapter also covers both.

All three of the posts (including the following one) were written during the so-called “wilber-1” period, when I was in my twenties. In fact, I spent a good portion of my twenties doing shadow work in a great number of different schools, from Gestalt therapy to psychoanalytic to Jungian to transactional analysis to psychodrama. It is an absolutely crucial and foundational part of anybody's growth and development, which is why we have made it one of the four core modules of Integral Life Practice. Most of my early publications had chapters on shadow work and body work, along with experiential exercises for both. So I hope you enjoy these posts, and that they spark enough interest for you to look into doing some sort of shadow work on your own....


Link: Integrating the Shadow

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