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ChatGPT writes a poem on Ken Wilber's Integral model

Frank Visser

Me to ChatGPT:

  • Write a poem about the stages of development according to Ken Wilber's integral model.


Integral Journey: A Poem on Stages of Development

Born into a world, so vast and wide,
A journey begins, with hope and pride,
The first stage, the Egocentric way,
A child's view, where self holds sway.

The world revolves around "me, myself, and I,"
As ego reigns, and needs run high,
It's all about survival, pure and raw,
Seeking pleasure, avoiding flaw.

As years go by, perspective shifts,
The journey deepens, the ego drifts,
The next stage dawns, Ethnocentric sight,
Where "we" takes over, with shared delight.

Belonging to a group, a tribe, a race,
A sense of identity, a familiar place,
Loyalty and tradition hold sway,
Bound by customs, come what may.

Yet evolution calls, and growth demands,
A higher stage, with wider strands,
The Worldcentric view, a broader embrace,
Beyond divisions, beyond any one race.

A global mindset, interconnected view,
With empathy, compassion anew,
The heart expands, the mind transcends,
Seeing humanity as one, it comprehends.

But the journey continues, there's more to come,
A stage beyond, a brighter sun,
The Integral stage, the ultimate height,
Integrating all, a unifying light.

Beyond the self, the group, and the world,
A holistic vision, fully unfurled,
Embodying all that came before,
A tapestry woven, forevermore.

Integrating body, mind, and soul,
A new perspective, an awakened role,
Embracing diversity, complexity too,
Honoring all, in a harmonious view.

So, the journey goes, with stages grand,
Expanding consciousness, hand in hand,
From Egocentric to Ethnocentric, Worldcentric and beyond,
A spiral path, where growth is fond.

Ken Wilber's model, integral and wise,
A roadmap for evolution's rise,
A journey of awakening, a quest for the whole,
A dance of consciousness, a vibrant soul.

So, let us journey, with open hearts,
Embracing all, as creation imparts,
For we are one, in this grand scheme,
An integral journey, a human dream.

When trying again, ChatGPT came up with a completely new 10-verse poem:

A Spiral Dance: Ken Wilber's Integral Model Explored

A spiral dance of consciousness,
In Ken Wilber's Integral frame,
Unfolding stages, a vibrant chance,
For growth, evolution's sacred flame.

Egocentric, the primal start,
A self-absorbed, survival quest,
Where "me, myself" holds heart,
A limited view, self-centered nest.

But as awareness blooms and wakes,
Ethnocentric, the next stage dawns,
The group takes hold, identity stakes,
Bound by customs, familiar prawns.

Then comes Worldcentric, a wider gaze,
Beyond divisions, a global view,
Embracing all, in unity's blaze,
Compassion, empathy, hearts renew.

A holistic vision, integrative light,
Transcending boundaries, a unified sight,
Embodying all that came before,
A tapestry woven, forevermore.

And further still, Integral stage,
A harmonious dance of body and soul,
A synergy, a higher gauge,
Honoring all, in wholeness' role.

Beyond the self, beyond the group,
Beyond the world, a cosmic leap,
Integrating diverse, complexity's hoop,
A synergistic journey, a treasure to keep.

A rainbow spiral, ascending high,
An ever-evolving, upward flow,
A dance of growth, a cosmic sigh,
A journey of consciousness, a radiant glow.

So, let us spiral, with open hearts,
Embrace the stages, each integral part,
For in this dance, we find our way,
A roadmap for evolution's play.

Ken Wilber's model, a gift of insight,
A guide for growth, a beacon bright,
A dance of consciousness, a cosmic plan,
An integral journey, for every woman and man.

Third attempt. Same question: again, different answer:

Ascending the Spiral: A Poem on Ken Wilber's Integral Model

A vision bold, a model profound,
A framework vast, with wisdom crowned,
Ken Wilber's Integral, a guide to see,
The stages of development, the path to be.

The journey starts, at Egocentric stage,
A self-centered view, a primitive cage,
Driven by needs, survival's call,
The ego's reign, the narrowest hall.

But growth awaits, with Ethnocentric rise,
The tribe's embrace, a sense of ties,
Identity formed, with customs and norms,
The group's embrace, through trials and storms.

Then comes the shift, to Worldcentric stage,
A wider view, beyond one's cage,
Connected to all, with empathy's grace,
Embracing humanity, a unifying space.

The mind expands, with consciousness vast,
Complexity embraced, the shadows cast,
Diversity honored, differences seen,
A higher perspective, a vision keen.

But there's more to come, the Integral way,
A synthesis grand, where all holds sway,
Integrating the self, the group, and the world,
A holistic vision, in wholeness unfurled.

Body, mind, and soul aligned,
A transcendent dance, divinely designed,
Embodying all, a symphony of parts,
A unified whole, from the depths of hearts.

Ascending the spiral, an upward climb,
A journey of evolution, through space and time,
Ken Wilber's model, a beacon of light,
Guiding our path, with wisdom's insight.

So, let us strive, to grow and evolve,
To embrace the stages, with resolve,
To transcend our limits, expand our view,
In the Integral journey, we renew.

This is quite impressive. It is not a matter of artisticity or great poetic quality, but that three completely different answers were instantly given to the same question. And the quality is quite acceptable to me.


[1] ChatGPT [Generative Pre-Trained Transformer] is an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot developed by OpenAI and released in November 2022. (Wikipedia)

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