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Don Salmon and Jan MaslowDon Salmon, a clinical psychologist and composer, received a grant from the Infinity Foundation to write a comprehensive study of yoga psychology based on the synthesis of the yoga tradition presented by 20th century Indian philosopher-sage Aurobindo Ghose. Jan Maslow, an educator and organizational consultant, has, with Dr. Salmon, given presentations, classes and workshops in the United States and India on this topic. Both have been studying yoga psychology for more than 25 years.

To David Lane

An Invitation to the Forum

Don Salmon

Hi David:

Affirming that scientific research—as generally carried out today—is not a faith based enterprise, does not make it true. This is what I'm referring to as the Feynman Delusion. I don't know if I can make it any clearer in an essay, but it might be possible to clarify what we're talking about on the forum.

I'm not sure why this is such a difficult issue to communicate. It does seem that we are speaking from rather dramatically different perspectives and assumptions. It's actually quite interesting—it kind of feels something like this:

Don: Look over there, in front of us, do you see the green chair with the gray blanket on top of it.

David: Why are you saying that the blue table on top of the orange blanket is behind us?

Don: Behind us?

David: That's a red herring.

Don: What?

David: A straw man - physicalists don't believe that consciousness is separate from the table.

Don: But I'm not talking about a blue table.

So, perhaps we might attempt a different kind of conversation at the forum?



PS: I know that in the past, when people have submitted brief essays to Integral World, there have been complaints. I hope if anyone feels that way, you might see this as an exception.

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