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Bald Ambition

A Critique of Ken Wilber's
Theory of Everything

Jeff Meyerhoff

"During the many years that I have been familiar with Ken Wilber's writings, I have often wondered what a trained academic philosopher would make of them. While a few of them, such as Charles Taylor, have spoken favorably of Ken, most seem to have remained silent. With Bald Ambition, we finally have a detailed answer to this question. Though Jeff Meyerhoff is apparently not a professional philosopher, I think the quality of his ideas as well as their presentation is up to academic standards, and I'm quite sure that many academic philosophers would agree with much of what he says....[and/or]...Whatever Wilber might think of Bald Ambition, if he actually took the trouble to read it, he could not honestly argue, as he does so often with his other online critics, that Meyerhoff misrepresents his views. Meyerhoff has not simply pored over many of Wilber's twenty or so books, but unlike most other Wilber critics, has taken the trouble to check out many of Wilber's original sources. Thus when he turns the table and accuses Ken of misrepresenting or ignoring other thinkers, Meyerhoff's point carries considerable weight."

Read more: Andy Smith, "Contexualizing Ken: A Review of Jeff Meyerhoff's Bald Ambition",

Table of Contents

A Note from the Publisher


1. Holarchy

  1. 1A. Holons
  2. 1B. The 20 Tenets
  3. 1C. The Four Quadrants

2. Individual Consciousness

3. Vision-Logic

4. Mysticism

5. Social Evolution

6. Western History

7. Poststructuralism and Postmodernism

8. Methodology and Philosophy

9. A Different Path

10. Psychological Analysis of Wilber's Beliefs

11. Conclusion

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