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Original Essay by Pete Bampton | Reply to Levy from Bampton

A Comment on
"American Guru
Andrew Cohen"

Yonatan Levy

Dear Mr. Bampton,

Thanks for the thoughtful post [American Guru Andrew Cohen & Allegations of Abuse]. However, your account of things as to the interview in Israel is not in accord with truth. Let me help you with are a few corrections. Please leave them in their entirety.

1. The main issue you should be asking yourself and the readers is not the relative absence of “philosophical” justifications in EnlightenNext's answers, but why these answers contain so many lies and what does this say about the organization. I indeed asked for factual answers for factual questions – but this is not a good explanation as to why these answers are in fact untruthful.

2. Contrary to what you have written, Andrew Cohen had agreed to conduct a “free interview” with NRG Ma'ariv solely under the condition that no questions would be raised about the allegations against him.

3. Stating twice the fact I was also the editor of a spiritual gossip column (mind you – a satirical one) is a cheap way to discredit the inquiry – but not a good explanation as to why EnlightenNext lies outrageously in its answers.

4. My article in question was certainly negative, but never sensational. Contrary to what you have written, never was it stated that article was positioned to discredit Cohen's work. It seems he can do this alone by lying.

5. Formal Student Igal Moria was given the opportunity to give the official philosophical explanations for Cohen way of life in a full-lengthed article, to be set next to mine. But the whole thing was dropped after Barry Fischer, Cohen's attorney, hinted NRG at a suit, something which we could not financially afford to enter even with a 100 % libel-proof cause.

6. The questions and answers were not off the record. And they were intended for me, not the editor in chief of NRG. Your confusion, unless intended, is perhaps due to the fact I was at the time the co-editor of the spirituality section (which BTW hosted regularly for years translated articles from WIE and columns by Andrew Cohen). The agreement with EnlightenNext was that if all allegations were to be found false, the article would be dropped. They were not. So, the sad truth is Cohen's gang lied blatantly and clumsily because they thought it would prevent the preparation of the article and no one would ever read the answers. It was a both immoral and unintelligent move. The positive side of it is that it exposed a bit more about Cohen and his values.

May we all face everything and avoid nothing,

Yonatan Levy

A broader context of the correspondence between Yonatan Levy and EnlightenNext, as well as many comments by Cohen's ex-students, can be found here: "The Truth Will Set You Free", Whatenlightenment, including 58 comments.

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