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“Into the Sun”


A Fundraising CD for the Zen Group of Western Australia

Mark Edwards and his band “Myriad Things” have just released their new CD “Into the Sun”. All proceeds from the sale of the CD go to the building fund for the Zen Group of Western Australia*. Buying this CD will help establish a permanent dwelling for the practice of the Great Way in Western Australia. Here are some sample tunes from the CD. The CD has 12 tracks altogether.     

Watch the video on Integral Naked

The Zen Group of Western Australia

You can order copies of the CD
by sending an email to:

You will then receive information on online payment and postage options.  

Many thanks for supporting the Dharma in Australia,  

Mark Edwards
(Secretary - Zen Group of Western Australia)

*The Zen group of Western Australia is a non-profit community organisation that:  

“seeks to promote the development of Zen Buddhism by the establishment and operation in Western Australia of facilities and the engagement of teachers ... for the teaching and practice of meditation, other spiritual practices and study as taught in the tradition of the Diamond Sangha” (ZGWA Constitution).  

The ZGWA is affiliated with the Diamond Sangha tradition of Zen Buddhism that was established by Robert Aitken Roshi. The group has been functioning as a Zen Buddhist Sangha for almost 25 years. Our teachers are Ross Bolleter Roshi (who received transmission from Robert Aitken Roshi in 1995) and Ian Sweetman Sensei (who was authorised to teach by Bolleter Roshi in 2001).

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