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Reposted from YouTube, Oct 8, 2016

How I Created A Cult

The Story of Andrew Cohen and EnlightenNext

Alex Howard and Meagen Gibson

This video has been taken offline by Conscious2.

“Andrew Cohen is one of the most controversial spiritual teachers of the last 30 years. In 2013 his organization EnlightenNext collapsed amidst claims of abuse and the shocking revelation it had been a cult.

This groundbreaking 6-part series features interviews with Andrew Cohen, former students including William Yenner (author of American Guru) and Marlowe Sand (author of Paradise and Promises), and commentary from experts Dr. Roger Walsh, Tami Simon, Steve McIntosh and Doshin Michael Nelson.

How I Created a Cult investigates three decades of abuse, the danger of unchecked power in the hands of a charismatic leader, how this co-existed alongside stories of genuine spiritual awakening and transformation, and ultimately what happens when people risk it all in the name of spiritual awakening.” (trailer copy)


This official trailer for the 6-part video series featured by Conscious2, an online platform for mindfulness, yoga and conscious living, has been reposted from YouTube. More information can be found on the Conscious2 website. An 8-minute preview from Episode 1 (which will be aired on October 16) is available from there as well. You need to register to see the full video series. (Actually, this series will be offering a free 14 day subscription to see first two episodes, and a paid subscription thereafter.) Information and updates are available from their Facebook page.

Integral World has published many views on the guru-phenomenon, using Andrew Cohen and EnlightenNext as a case study, which can be found in the Reading Room. See essays by Benjamin (5 essays), Blacker (2 essays), Erdmann (2 essays), Falk, Goehausen, Hines, Mavrides, Lane (2 essays), Levy, Persico (2 essays), Scofield, Visser (2 essays), and Yenner (4 essays). For a defense of Cohen see (ex-student) Bampton. For a Cohen parody, see McGuinness. (FV)


Another Andrew Cohen related video has recently been produced by The Atlantic. "How Well-Meaning, Intelligent People End Up in a Cult" can be viewed in full on Integral World.

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