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With 20 books, translated in more than 30 languages, KEN WILBER is the most translated academic author of the United States.

Spectrum of Consciousness (1977)
No Boundary (1979)
The Atman Project (1980)
Up from Eden (1981)
The Holographic Paradigm (1982)
A Sociable God (1982)
Eye to Eye (1983)
Quantum Questions (1984)
Spiritual Choices (1986)
Transformations of Consciousness (1987)
Grace and Grit (1991)
Sex, Ecology, Spirituality (1995)
A Brief History of Everything (1996)
The Eye of Spirit (1997)
Marriage of Sense and Soul (1998)
One Taste (1999)
Integral Psychology (2000)
A Theory of Everything (2000)
Boomeritis (2002)
The Simple Feeling of Being (2004)
Integral Spirituality (2006)
The Integral Vision (2007)
The Collected Works of Ken Wilber (2001-2002) - I | II | III | IV | V | VI | VII | VIII
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