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Giorgio Piacenza Giorgio Piacenza was born in Lima, Perú in 1961 and studied in Markham College. At an early age, he began to participate in Western esoteric and Indian mystical groups while attempting to maintain a critical perspective. After a clear group-witnessed UFO experience in 1975 in the coastal town of Chilca, Peru, befriended several alleged contactees, abductees, contact groups and research organizations and until today has been consistently researching many aspects of the UFO phenomenon trying to maintain integrative and an objective criteria. He earned a degree in Sociology from Georgetwon University and an Integral Theory Certificate from John F. Kennedy University and he currently writes essays on a variety of theories, paradigms and worldviews which he strives to reconcile exploring their common underlying patterns.


Toward a Trans Metaphysical Approach

Possibly Needed for Contact with Civilizations
not Exceedingly Limited to Spacetime

Giorgio Piacenza


Can science in general and astrobiology in particular (and even the until now not well-accepted disciplines of ufology and exopolitics) adequately serve humankind handle the news of a verified intelligent extraterrestrial species being able to arrive to Earth's shores? Can scientists and either orthodox or unorthodox cultural leaders in general become an suitable and ideologically updated social influence that will adequately motivate people and other cultural leaders to profoundly re-think who we are as a species and what “reality” (in an expanded multidimensional sense) is like? Part of the answer may depend on how science and philosophy have evolved to the point of being able to incorporate and begin to explain paranormal and “otherworldly” phenomena that also seem to challenge classical spacetime physics. A “trans metaphysical” approach refers to a Meta conceptual system that can bridge multiple metaphysical understandings of what “reality” must be like. This approach may be able to offer glimpses on principles that would allow for inter-realm and/or inter-reality interactions possibly involved in “anomalous” events and interventions or modification of conventional “3D” (or “4D” if Time is included in a continuum) physical reality. What follows is a reflection with the purpose of exploring basic integrative concepts that might be helpful for that goal. Throughout the essay, I'll bold and capitalize “LIFE” to recognize its all-inclusive dignity and mystery.

Toward a New Vision

Astrobiology is typically defined as “the study of the origin, evolution, distribution, and future of life in the universe: extraterrestrial life and life on Earth.” This is a broad definition generally accepted by NASA and SETI scientists, various philosophers and theologians as I heard it at the “NASA/Library of Congress Astrobiology Symposium: Preparing for Discovery,” held at the John W. Kluge Center of the Library of Congress in Wash