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iNext Europe

The Foundation Sessions

!Creatin The Mandala!

Heidelberg, 19.-21.12.2003

First draft of our vision:
  • „Integral youth work": communicating integral ideas to young people / inform and support young people
  • Explore and display an integral lifestyle
  • Represent and cultivate the integral voice of the young generation
  • Establish and cultivate the conection to iNext America
  • To bring integral ideas into universities and to create a integral network among universities
  • Long-term-aims: iNext Europe as the central meetingpoint for integral teens and twens all over Europe; an own homepage; integral salon database for Europe
The Foundation Sessions:

19.12.- 21.12.2003

Buddhistisches Zentrum
C/O Dorothea Nett
Friedensstr. 20

ca.10-20 EUR for room-rent
registration contact:
Marc Loewer
Alte Glockengiesserei 6
69115 Heidelberg
Tel. : +49 - 6221 – 65 78 23

privately at Marc und Corina`s home
or in the Buddhist centre


Friday, 19.12.'03:

14.00 –16.00: Arrival (outside and inside), Greeting, first contact, accomodation- Marc
16.00 - 18.00: Welcome Circle(Who is who and who does what? Personal visions, ressources and wishes for iNext Europe? ) - Sven
19.00: Dinner: Common cooking and dining
In the evening :The Heidelberg Nightlife– Marc

Saturday, 20.12.'03:

8.00 - 9.00: ITP-Kata according to Leonard and Murphy (physical exercises and meditation, please bring suitable clothes ) – Dennis
9.00 – 10.00: Breakfast
10.00 – 12.00: Development of the iNext Europe-Vision
- Themen:
1. Discussion about the aims and the vision of iNext Europe (what do we want?)
2. The relation of iNext Europe to the Arbeitskreis Ken Wilber
3. Creation of a profile of iNext Europe (version 1.0).
4. Web-presence: checking the ressources for an own homepage, a contact –database, member profiles, Integral Diary, etc.- Sven
5. Miscellanous
12.00 –15.00: Lunch in the city, walk through Heidelberg - Marc
15.00: spontaneous program (whatever comes to our mind)
18.00: Dinner: common cooking and dining
19.00: „iNext-Salon" in a nice bar near the centre
22.00- 23.00: Zazen at night: Zen-meditation for interested people- Dennis

Sunday, 21.12.'03:

8.00 - 9.00: ITP-Kata according to Leonard and Murphy (physical exercises and meditation, please bring suitable clothes ) – Dennis
9.00 -10.00: Breakfast
10.00 -12.00 : Election of a coordinator / coordinators; discussion of results
12.00 -13-00: Lunch
13.00: Departure

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