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Call for
Integral Artwork

Matthew Dallman and Matt Rentschler

As Above, So Below, Steve McIntosh

As Above, So Below,
Steve McIntosh
The Integral Institute is compiling a clearinghouse for all creative expressions which teach any aspect of the Integral perspective and/or Ken Wilber's work. For example, artwork that explains or explores lines or waves of development, four quadrants, etc.

We're specifically looking for any graphics, photographs, multi-media pieces, animations, Flash programs, PowerPoint presentations, pictures of artwork (sculptures, etc), theater scripts, experiential exercises, pointing out exercises, board games, films, etc. We hope to create a section of an upcoming Integral Institute website in which many of these can be presented so that others may be inspired, learn and just have fun exploring them.

We are particularly interested in artistic expressions and teachings of this material that use as little written text as possible to communicate an integral perspective or explain a component of Ken's work. All artists and authors will be credited and all copyrights respected, of course.

All electronic material or links can be sent to this e-mail address:

Any print documents, computer files over 10MB or material that can't be sent electronically can be sent to:

Matthew Dallman
7453 N Greenview Ave, #214
Chicago, IL 60626

Questions may be addressed to the e-mail address above. Please feel free to forward this information to others in the integral community worldwide.

Best wishes,
Matthew Dallman &
Matt Rentschler

Integral Salon of Art February 2003 Diary, Matt Rentschler

Integral Salon of Art July 2003 Diary, Matt Rentschler

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