Appendix 2

update history

As of September 2010

1.3.9 - expected May 2011

4.9.2010 (1.3.8)

Major improvements:
19.6.2010: check css @import statements within
check url() elements within
check url() element within STYLE=
(dedicated to The Gorgeous Princess Victoria of Sweden, whose wedding to Clark Kent contributed that there's really nothing on television besides herself and the soccer world cup :-) )
20.6.2010: parse css files similar to

Minor improvements:
1.7.2010: sort "broken page-local links" section in report
3.7.2010: url property dialog now resizeable
6.7.2010: mailto with empty rest => "mailto:", not "mailto:@".
24.7.2010: =gt; mailto:[email protected]
25.7.2010: all mailto: URLs of a host with successful DNS lookup are set to "skip type"
27.7.2010: dito also for previously failed mailto: URLs of that successful looked up host
27.7.2010: light green color for "mail host ok", which replaces text "skip type" for mailto:
7.8.2010: renamed "maximum level" to "maximum depth"
14.8.2010: GraphViz only for "ok" links

20.6.2010: changed link counting method, now in AddUrl
4.7.2010: clean possible memory leaks when finishing; FreeLibrary() for DNSAPI.DLL
7.7.2010: changed toolbars slightly, preparations for VS2010
20.7.2010: for VS2010, expand application class with virtual INI functions because I hate the registry
15.8.2010: "#" as error (not in public release)
24.8.2010: DLL security: fully qualified path for LoadLibrary()

Bug fixes:
20.6.2010: Lower case in check for .gif, .png etc
23.7.2010: corrected bug in change from 25.5.2010 "set recent URL list to 100 instead of 10"
1.8.2010: correct bug about CCriticalSection usage for ServerMap and CharsetMap
2.9.2010: fix for false alert in VS2010 buffer overflow check

15.6.2010 (1.3.7)

I have released Version 1.3.7, the "class in .jar archive" feature works properly now and is no longer incomplete.

11.6.2010 (1.3.6)

Major improvements:
24.2.2010: Check the domains of mail addresses (DNS lookup for MX record)

Minor improvements:
7.12.2009: Include PARSETEST4 section in general release (convert characters >80H to %XX, for "international" URLs)
19.12.2009: For "international" characters in local files: Use Unicode for local directory search, URL launch in browser, read/check local files
20.12.2009: But not for Windows 95/98/ME
22.12.2009: add ".class" for applets if needed, replace "." with "/". example:
27.12.2009: updated to NSIS 2.46
10.1.2010: use version 6 list column sort arrows on XP and higher
14.1.2010: added Description column
15.1.2010: added warning when settings overwritten by profile
16.1.2010: attempt at decoding .jar files for APPLET ARCHIVE thanks to
- only one .jar archive per applet
- no unicode in file names
- name of archive must end with .jar
- .jar file must be internal, or the class link will remain broken
- .class "in Jar" property isn't saved in .XEN file (which prevents standard access in favor of waiting for .jar lookup)
24.1.2010: added <video src=
27.1.2010: improved list control divider double click (title is the minimum)
26.2.2010: improved extra text in domain mail check
13.3.2010: Get page body only if not redirection or redirection but no "Location:" in header (should make PARSETEST3 fix superfluous)
16.3.2010: ...
30.3.2010: Abort box for ftp orphan search
2.4.2010: [Options] Accept="*/*" (default value)
14.4.2010-6.5.2010: milliseconds in duration
12.5.2010: reset e-mail flag when loading .XEN file, because if set it would mail and quit after loading a finished job
12.5.2010: include link text in report (LINKTEXT compile option)
25.5.2010: set recent URL list to 100 instead of 10
3.6.2010: version nr. in report
6.6.2010: show count of included / excluded URLs in the report
6.6.2010: Abort box for orphan search always

Bug fixes:
15.12.2009: PARSETEST4 section: replaced "> 80X" with ">= 80X"
20.12.2009: added version check for Unicode Clipboard and Sitemap for Windows 95/98/ME (like 27.1.2009)
21.12.2009: corrected broken banner links
22.12.2009: tell "anchor occurs multiple times" only once per URL
4.1.2010: remove stuff after "?" in mailto: due to Microsoft error in AfxParseURLEx()
10.1.2010: fixed list column sort arrows wrongly displayed in unsorted columns (on 7, but not on XP)
12.1.2010: fixed "//" bug in applet codebase in local url
15.1.2010: disabled and unchecked "Inactive" checkbox after loading new profile
18.1.2010: fixed title line of tab export
20.1.2010: Don't assume URLs to be UTF-8, use current charset instead
However: this solution isn't perfect, because the correct charset of an URL would be the referring URL
But in most cases it will work, because URLs usually have the same charset
Known bug: Root URL with exotic characters
20.1.2010: Corrected exotic URLs in sitemap
26.1.2010: Fixed % in file: URLs, only convert %XX
27.1.2010: "Conversion to lowercase" option uses codepage for conversion 31.1.2010: Fixed bug in report (max size + max size url), probably introduced on 15.1.2010
15.3.2010: vNormalizeURL() with conversion to UTF8 prior to AfxMyParseURL() store URLs in UTF8, unless already ANSI or ISO-8859-1 (1252) vRemovePercents for display only
3.4.2010: prevent reentrant calls to vDoIdle(); set fileNotFound status if tmp URL content file deleted by antivirus software
10.4.2010: replaced "> 80X" with ">= 80X" in vAnsi2EntityEscaped()
30.4.2010: changed user agent with "/" as requested in and
6.6.2010: add milliseconds in sum for manager statistics avg calculation

14.1.2010: CLinkInfo Archive format version 12 (Description)
15.1.2010: CLinkInfo Archive format version 13 (size now 64 bit value)
27.1.2010: OnNewDocument() with vNormalizeURL() instead of AfxMyParseURL()
29.1.2010: OnNewDocument(): moved duplicate code to end
5.5.2010: CLinkInfo Archive format version 14 (milliseconds)
6.6.2010: MinSize, MaxSize unsigned


Minor improvements:

7.12.2009: Include PARSETEST4 section in general release (convert characters >80H to %XX, for "international" URLs)
19.12.2009: For "international" characters in local files: Use Unicode for local directory search, URL launch in browser, read/check local files
20.12.2009: But not for Windows 95/98/ME
22.12.2009: add ".class" for applets if needed, replace "." with "/". example:
27.12.2009: updated to NSIS 2.46
10.1.2010: use version 6 list column sort arrows on XP and higher
14.1.2010: added Description column
15.1.2010: added warning when settings overwritten by profile
16.1.2010: attempt at decoding .jar files for APPLET ARCHIVE thanks to
- only one .jar archive per applet
- no unicode in file names
- name of archive must end with .jar
- .jar file must be internal, or the class link will
remain broken
- .class "in Jar" property isn't saved in .XEN file
(which prevents standard access in favor of waiting for .jar lookup)
24.1.2010: added

5.11.09 (1.3.4)

Minor improvements:
30.5.2009: ignore "view-source:"
1.6.2009: set SECURITY_FLAG_IGNORE_REVOCATION after ERROR_INTERNET_SEC_CERT_REV_FAILED (works only the first time, sadly)
5.6.2009: set up minimum status line segment widths
26.7.2009: Use local timezone when displaying date+time of website, instead of GMT
29.8.2009: show time status every second
9.10.2009: mention empty URLs in report to avoid confusion

Bug fixes:
20.10.2009: ignore MIME type and charset when result not HTTP_STATUS_OK
5.11.2009: fixed /S setup.exe bug in NSIS script

1.6.2009: ErrorDlg (certificates etc) now from app window, not desktop window
9.10.2009: Test monocolor
15.10.2009: merged AFX_INET_SERVICE_HTTP and AFX_INET_SERVICE_HTTPS in ThreadProcGET()
16.10.2009: tired of character in version number, now using digits
31.10.2009: VS2010 fixes: PFNCALLBACK, OnTimer (UINT_PTR), LRESULT OnFindReplace, INT_PTR lHnd
3.11.2009: CLinkInfo Archive version 11 (m_iThisURL -> m_dwThisURL)

25.4.2009 (1.3c)

Bug fixes:
18.4.2009: Changed behaviour of google sitemap creation - only convert five characters to ampersand
21.4.2009: Changed behaviour of google sitemap creation - Convert >80H characters to %XX

Minor improvements:
21.4.2009: Only take the first TITLE, not later TITLEs

18.4.2009 (1.3b)
Install this version if you're in China, use Windows 98, or check sites with over a million URLs.

Minor improvements:
24.12.2008: http:// within the path, like in URLs is never a "//" error (see 30.11.2006)
27.12.2008: Optimized array growth
28.12.2008: Started IGNORETITLES compile option to save memory (ignores titles and server name)
28.12.2008: Optimized charset, use ref in global hash table instead of CString (saves memory)
29.12.2008: IGNORETITLES now ignores externals totally
29.12.2008: improved speed for collecting pending URLs within visible section of xenu window
29.12.2008: CCriticalSection for CharsetMap
29.12.2008: Optimized server software name, use ref in global hash table instead of CString (saves memory)
1.3.2009: Use PARSETEST version for general release
18.4.2009: New NSIS installer script with much help from Andrey Aleksanyants

Bug fixes:
1.1.2009: Don't drop all input if missing after
12.1.2009: Made own upper case conversion (for users in China)
27.1.2009: added version check, because Unicode API calls don't work for Windows 95/98/ME
1.3.2009: corrected NL before charset in TAB export
31.3.2009: corrected bug in high port numbers
7.4.2009: fixed bug for PARSETEST version, moved replace "/./" with "/" higher in AfxMyParseURL() 17.4.2009: report file not created message

20.12.2008 (1.3)
I've decided to call this version 1.3 instead of 1.2k. The international charset, the google maps, and the "ID=" anchor were widely requested, so I guess this is really a good leap forward.

Major improvements:
- 22.1.2008: UTF-8 in Xenu Window and report
- 23.1.2008: all charsets in Xenu Window and report
- 2.2.2008: parse charset meta tag (note that header settings have priority!)
- 2.2.2008: improved speed of charset handling by using hash table
- 29.2.2008: Google Sitemap
- 25.7.2008: parse ID= anchor
- 23.11.2008, 6.12.2008: GraphViz export

Minor improvements:
- 20.10.2007: Updated to InnoSetup 5.2.1
- 28.11.2007: decode "encrypted" mailto (Use parse result for AFX_INET_SERVICE_MAILTO)
- 1.12.2007: Updated to InnoSetup 5.2.2
- 14.3.2007: Updated to InnoSetup 5.2.3
- 22.1.2008: CLinkInfo Archive version 10
- 8.3.2008: Accept-Language option (command line version only)
- language en / de / ...
- 10.4.2008: removed wsprintf() calls
- 8.5.2008: passive ftp option for ftp URLs too (previously just in Orphan check) *** unfinished, not saved in .XEN; Version 11 ***
- 31.5.2008: new icon, sponsored by, designed by Dominic Raths
- 8.6.2008: InternetCloseHandle() with trace, also trace in ftp stuff
- 9.6.2008: ShellExecute() separated in File and Path; new vShellLaunchURL() function
- 29.6.2008: Google Sitemaps: higher priority for root URL
- 5.7.2008: Don't quit if mail fails
- 5.7.2008: xenulog.txt with date, too
- 5.7.2008: Improved email dialogbox (disable fields)
- 25.7.2008: Skip in parser segment; changed bParseAnchorTag() to be more general
- 5.8.2008: report: detect and report redirection loops
- 9.9.2008: IMG LONGDESC
- 10.10.2008: Abort Dialog for sitemap
- 15.10.2008: Fixed C++ language issues (scope of variables in 'for' loop) for VS2008; #define _WIN32_IE 0x0400
- 17.10.2008: manifest for common control XP look and feel; HOLLOW_BRUSH for Bitmap in Tip Dialog, solves problem in 2005 attempt
positive side effect: can now display exotic charset in text control
- 18.10.2008: manifest resource
- 18.10.2008: sort list of redirections in report
- 31.10.2008: GetExitCodeThread() result when not STILL_ACTIVE
- 2.11.2008: added <OBJECT DATA="...">
- 6.12.2008: Added column to pagemap

Bug fixes:
- 13.12.2007: catch empty URL in HREF etc
- 14.2.2008: corrected WCHAR divider size bug in MakeShortStringW()
- 11.3.2008: Google Sitemap only for internal URLs; escape &'"<>
- 26.3.2008: CXenuDoc()::m_bCheckExternal set to profile value
- 9.9.2008: corrected bug in mailto (user name was missing)
- 9.9.2008: loop detection algorithm in redirection report sometimes had an endless loop itself
- 24.9.2008: check for ";" removed in ParseImgTag() and ParseAnchorTag()
- 26.9.2008: reset charset only for HTML with bodies, because of
- 1.10.2008: URLs are also UTF-8
- 1.10.2008: Clipboard URL copy in Unicode format
- 5.10.2008: IDC_URL in Property Dialog also UTF-8
- 11.10.2008: All fields in Property Dialog now in UTF-8
- 2.11.2008: No double separator in context menu for local files with non-existing MIME types

- 19.10.2008: ShellExecute with 0 as first param
- 7.11.2008: Orphan size as LONGLONG
- 19.11.2008: PARSETEST3 version for % stuff in redirections

8.10.2007 (1.2j)
Major improvements:
- 5.6.2007: second options pane with 7 "secret" settings
- 7.7.2007: up/down sort symbol on column header
Minor improvements:
- 4.10.2006: visible URLs are first in new threads
- 4.10.2006: update listctrl when "busy" is set
- 7.10.2006: 2nd part of report more efficient for huge sites
- 12.10.2006: REMOVEDOUBLESLASH compile option removes "/../" too
- 15.10.2006: application/xhtml+xml is hypertext, too
- 15.10.2006: Switched to InnoSetup 5.1.8
- 30.10.2006: Skip aim://, ymsgr://, rtsp://, xmpp://
- 30.11.2006: better error message for ShellExecute() errors
- 30.11.2006: "//" in URL after the host name is not "broken" when after a "?"
- 8.1.2007: Max title length 1024
- 16.1.2007: ftp dialogbox wider
- 19.1.2007: [Options] MakeLowerCase=1 ==> converts all URLs to lower case (default is 0)
- 3.3.2007: [Options] ListLocalDirectories=1 ==> local directory listing (default is 0)
- ??.3.2007: [Options] AllowLocalFilesInRemoteCheck=1 ==> Allow file:// links in remote check (default is 0)
- 16.3.2007: Skip callto:
- 25.3.3007: meta generator
- 31.3.2007: Upgraded to InnoSetup 5.1.11
- 31.3.2007: Title TrimRight()
- 31.3.2007: update listctrl when title becomes known
- 31.3.2007: convert titles in sitemap to &...; notation
- 1.4.2007: Added most of to conversion table
- 29.5.2007: "asterisk" sound when done
- 2.6.2007: -save option for command line version to save .XEN file (does overwrite)
- 2.6.2007: all command line options for command line version can now be combined
- 5.6.2007: MakeLowerCase, vNormalizeURL() slightly changed internally
- 6.6.2007: .XEN Archive version 10
- 8.6.2007: "Autostart" feature when opening .XEN file
- 8.6.2007: all command line options for command line version can be used when opening .XEN file
- 28.7.2007: retry feature in command line version (test)
- 3.8.2007: Upgraded to InnoSetup 5.1.13
- 15.8.2007: reset sort icon, and vUpdateColumnSortIcon() at InsertAll()

Bug fixes:
- 7.12.2006: check for iIndex < pList->GetItemCount()
- 13.2.2007: corrected bug in ListLocalDirectories feature (last file ignored)
- 15.2.2007: wildcard version adds "*" at the end of each entry in "Check URL list"
- 23.5.2007: aim: instead of aim://
- 20.8.2007: remove "file://" for ShellExecute()
- 21.9.2007: % size corrected in statistic (was % count!)
- 22.9.2007: fixed FindFile security leak,

1.10.2006 (1.2i)
Major improvements:
Minor improvements:
- 25.6.2006: Property dialogbox with count
- 25.7.2006: Added orphan size
- 19.8.2006: Switched to InnoSetup 5.1.6
- 9.9.2006: NEW Dialog Box wider
- 16.9.2006: [Options] MaxRetry
- file %TEMP%\XENULOG.TXT for people who have trouble launching the browser
(the file is not automatically sent to anyone, this must be done manually)
Bug fixes:
- 6.6.2006: vNormalizeURL (csBaseURL); - 24.7.2006: Microsoft bug in CStdioFile::ReadString workaround
(happened with files with a multiple of 128 with no CR on last line)
- 26.7.2006: Added missing HTTP status codes (412-415)
- 30.7.2006 - 2.8.2006: corrected many HTML errors in report (Thanks Spike!)
- 14.9.2006: corrected bug in 18.3.2006 feature that made Xenu slow when unfinished URLs only at the bottom of huge URL list
- 18.9.2006: corrected error handling for smtp.Connect()

1.6.2006 (1.2h)
Major improvements:
- Tip of the day
Minor improvements:
- ALT part of <IMG > used for the title column
- [Options] FailSimilarHosts=0 (current behaviour and default is 1)
- more statistics for managers (min size with link, max size with link, avg size)
- "In Links" and "Out Links" in headings for better readability when small
- correct error message for empty ftp orphan directories
- error message for empty local orphan directories
- error message for non existing local orphan directories
- orphan list sorted
- (Test / by request only) IGNOREFRONTPAGEORPHANS
- ftp host field allows port number, ftphostname:port
- ftp dialog fields stored in .INI file
- ftp default page (e.g. index.html, home.html, default.asp, etc)
- ftp dialog does not appear when Xenu is launched with "-url", but is still available in "corporate" version
- ReportBroken2 more efficient
- 8.6.2005 Switched to InnoSetup 5
- slight change in .TAB format: Status-Code and Status-Text instead of Status only
- prevent empty input in NEW dialog
- Ignore "error" HTTP_STATUS_ACCEPTED (for user with VMware, host Fedora Core 9 who has NAT problems)
- changed handling of "%XX" with file:// orphan files
- AfxMyParseURL removes "%XX" with file:// URLs
- include/exclude wildcard test thanks to
- better text for ftp orphan dialog
- 18.3.2006: currently selected URL is first next new thread
- 19.3.2006: ftp/gopher segment only when such URLs exist
- 19.3.2006: put include/exclude settings into report
- 1.4.2006: link to Google Sitemaps in report
Bug fixes:
- in file://///UNC-Host/Share, leading "//" is not an error
- &#xnnn; now recognised (in addition to &#nnn;)
- vNormalizeURL() when reading URL List
- need space or semicolon before a "name", "href", etc
- process % when checking an ftp URL on an ftp server

18.3.2004 (1.2g)
Major improvements:
- Attempt at javascript thanks to
details explained at
Minor improvements:
- Show elapsed time in status bar [15.1.2005 changed archiving format]
- target=_blank instead of target=Xenu in report
- New Version 2.44 of CSMTPConnection
- "//" in local files is always an error
- mailed report as "XXXX.htm" instead of "XXXX.tmp.htm"
- Version String in .XEN file
- vTimeoutSimilarHosts() more efficient with huge sites
- Faster local link checking (no copying to %temp% file)
- passive ftp mode in orphan dialog box
- Send XENU.INI file as mail test instead of CONFIG.SYS
- Orphan check also for https://
- "New" Dialogbox can be used to enter a ftp link (no crawling!)
- Cookies allowed when [Options] AllowCookies=1
don't use this if you have links that delete or change something!
- (Test / by requests only) MSOEXCLUDE, PARSETEST
Bug fixes:
- better error handling for error 12003 in FTP orphan check
- _findclose in local orphan check (to unlock directory!)
- /> bug fixed in META REFRESH
- &# handling in vReplaceAmpStuff() and in bProcessLink()
- handle redirection target as a possibly relative link
- No empty URLs in URL list
- date, size for file:///
- alexa, google cache and wayback only for http:// and https://
- offset in ParseTag as int instead of short for tags > 64K
- cut off after '?' in remote orphan check
- exclude excluded URLs in Orphan list
- WINVER 0x0400

6.8.2004 (1.2f)
Major improvements:
- Real setup
- Status code for redirections
- Context menu: Open in Google Cache
- Context menu: Open in Wayback Machine
- Context menu: Open Alexa
Minor improvements:
- report as "XXXX.htm" instead of "XXXX.tmp.htm"
- Max-Level also "connected" to the URL
- Compiled on Windows XP
- List of unfinished threads when closing
- Don't display ODP context menu for broken links
- "Display error" mentioned in Properties Box when too many links
- Look for subdirectories when doing orphan searches
- Remove "file:///" when launching local URLs without DDE
- Change "\" to "/" for "file://" URLs because of problems with Opera 7.5
Bug fixes:
- Deletes TGH*.* files also when limited number of levels
- Can work with "location: " instead of "Location: "
- Correct time in report (minute and second were mismatched)
- ReportStatistics and ReportOrphans flags in .XEN file
- No error message when click "not on a line"
- Prevent re-entrancy of vAttention() when e-mailing report

28.9.2003 (1.2e)
Major improvements:
- Remote Orphans
- Bugfix for sites > 65535 links: m_FromTab set to 32bit
- timeout feature (default: 60 secs)
- STOP button in addition to the PAUSE toolbar button
- Scan https:// websites with bad certificate
- Validate URL with right mouse click
Minor improvements:
- Skip irc://, mms://, rtsp://, pnm://, wtai://
- <hr> instead of "=========" in report
- in report, so that it is correct HTML
- "Normalization" of URLs in include/exclude list
- Len = 0 when file error with http GET
- Site Map recursion warning
- "//" in URL after the host name is not "broken" when part of
"http://" or "https://"
- empty line in report after local link error for a page
- Local orphans case insensitive
- Automatic retries only when m_bBusy
- CInternetSession local to thread, to make STOP possible
- "" instead of "" comparison, to avoid
extra menu item for dmoz-internal links
- Properties at right-mouse-key always the last item
- Make current item visible after sort
- More random spidering to balance the load
- Url Sort case unsensitive
- Buffer overflow bug in unknown errors removed

14.9.2002 (1.2d)
- "//" in URL after the host name is not "broken" when after a "?"
- Corrected bug that local non-HTML files would be downloaded in full
- Corrected GUI bug in "new" dialog
- Converted %5F to _
- Change in cmdline version about profile reading
(Matching now done before Normalization)

16.7.2002 (1.2c)
- Consider unexisting types like "httttp" as "not found"
- Editing of ODP websites in the right-mouse-menu
(useful for editors at
- For local files, launch related applications (e.g. viewer, editor)
with the right-mouse-menu
- Corrected bug that had root page twice in Xenu list
- "//" in URL after the host name is always an error
- Prevent closing when threads running
- "R" launches "Properties" in right-mouse-menu
- Save directory of "Browse" location
- Enlarged "New" Dialogbox
- Retry also for error 403
- Local checks for "#"
- HTTP_STATUS_PROXY_AUTH_REQ handling not dependent of password setting
(at )
- Corrected '%' bug with Orphan files
- "\" not a bug when after a "?"
- Correct # of Threads and URLs in status line when finished
- Corrected Bug with stuff like "nohref=" or "classname=" inside

30.11.2001 (1.2b)
- !!!!! Moved the xenu.ini file from
\windows or \winnt to the current working directory
- Corrected bug with </Script>

6.10.2001 (1.2a)
- extra column: time spent
- Correct count for broken links in report
- Can get size of some ftp files
- Append header information from redirected files even if a body exists,
because of
- Look up MIME type for local files
- Unofficial Option in XENU.INI:
[Options] UseDDE=0 to disable DDE on some systems
- Combined html and wml (WAP) scanning
- <INPUT SRC="image.gif"> checked
- Skip <SCRIPT>...</SCRIPT>
- Logo in About-Box changed
- Min Level can be 0
- CTRL-Numpad-ADD to resize all columns
- Attempt at Orphan files
- Improved speed
- Better method for Url lookup
- no UrlTable search in ctor of CLinkInfo
- check for "txt", "jpg" etc more efficient
- m_csRootURL tested in bIncluded()
- CLinkInfo::vAddFromURL more efficient
- Internal function bHasBrokenToURLs() more efficient
- Corrected weird bug in initial Combo-Box
- Changed Text in NEW Dialogbox
- Compiled with VC++ 6

22.7.2001 (1.1f)
- Changed User-Agent string to
Xenu Link Sleuth
because of problems with many websites, e.g.

21.7.2001 (1.1e)
- CTRL-W and CTRL-Q shortcuts for Close and Exit
- Ability to consider hard redirections as errors
- Changed character in User-Agent string from ' to �

2.7.2001 (1.1d)
- new error "no info to return" for empty web pages
- corrected bug about saving to tab file when file exists
- added statistics for managers :-)
- HEAD command also for .zip, .exe .swf (saves bandwidth)
- serializing requests for name/password
- changed include/exclude so as to work only on the *beginning* of URLs
(don't forget to start them with "http"!)

- Added some extra error messages
- Saving columns width
- Adjusting column width with double-click
- e-mail feature
- removed mailto:[email protected] from report
- sort URLs in broken link section of the report
- HEAD command also for .txt, .png, .rtf and .pdf (saves bandwidth)

- Added <TD BACKGROUND="">
- file:/// instead of file://
- added BGSOUND
- Compiled with VC++ 5.0, smaller
- Can now launch URLs even with registry poorly configured
- URLs of the report open in new window
- Property box with Link Text / Title
- URLs for include/exclude are "bound" to the URL

- [ and ] in URLs
- corrected bug in CODEBASE (must add "/" if not there)
- corrected bug that deleted include/exclude fields
- improved include/exclude dialog
- added text for error 300
- corrected bug about password sites

(1.0w 14.4.2000)
- PLUGINSPACE in EMBED tag now checked
- APPLET now checked, with CLASS and ARCHIVE, relative to CODEBASE

(1.0v 7.4.2000)
- EMBED tag now checked
- "Options" in the "New" dialog
- "Return to top" in Report
- Corrected bug in site map: broken links are not included
- Now converting more &blah; characters
- Titles get also converted
- converting &blah; characters before normalizing
- convert &# characters in URL
- can now handle URLs like http://user:password@host/ or ftp or https
- export always exports *all*, regardless of the view.
- sadly an old bug is back in: URLs with "\" are not recognised as broken.
- Links that start with "/../" are considered to be broken

(1.0u 15.10.1999)
- "skip these" feature - this really excudes URLs
- &U for Check URL menu

(1.0t 9.9.1999)
- corrected /./ bug
- added CTRL-B to switch between views

(1.0s 12.8.1999)
- "normalizing" received URLs. Advantage: hostnames always converted
into lower case.
- considering all pending URLs with the same host as failed when
timeout, connection failed, or similar
- moved the "Browse..." button
- changed the URL combining method, now using Microsoft's
InternetCombineURL() instead of my own algorithm
- proxy authentication now supported
- corrected bug with '

(1.0r 29.5.1999)
- Corrected bug with image maps

(1.0q 29.5.1999)
- include titles of links
- include / exclude
- allowing the use of '
- corrected bug re: e.g. "src" being used *before* the actual "src" word
- new tags: link, script (the applet tag will come in a later version)
- removed empty <ul></ul> sequences in the report
- date in the title of the report
- corrected bug re: HTML pages with CR only
- set "text/html" for local files
- save size of columns

(1.0p 8.1.1999)
- corrected bug about URL-in-URL
- convert & when in URLs
- Focus set to OK after entering local file
- remote URLs with "\" now always fail (because netscape cannot handle them)

13.10.1998 (1.0o)
- corrected bug that prevented checking local files with a space in it
- corrected bug that thread count was not updated when finished
- corrected bug that ignored http:/host/directory error
- added banners

If anyone has locations that offer banners, please e-mail me.
I would advertise for non-profit organisations that deal with
human rights or environmental topics. Attention - I will only
use banners that I like, and link to organisations that I like.

5.9.1998 (1.0n)
- Can check local files - useful for people who don't want to install
a local WWW server; simplified toolbar / initial window
- "Check External" in INI file for new windows
- "Show Broken Links Only" in INI for new windows
- Corrected "//" bug for
- Added random seed for banner (actually, uploaded this already on 17.7)
- included HTML file in the ZIP file
- RegisterShellFileTypes(FALSE) to prevent the "new" and "print"
in the registry for new users
- Errors between 1 and 199 are also "errors"
- maximize MDI child when opening
- Randomize checking, so that there is less volume on just one host
(reduces peak volume on the ISP who hosts the site being checked)
- Slight change in report because of OPERA bug with <PRE> after <H2>

16.7.1998 (1.0m)
- Added banners in report
- corrected the "406" bug

24.6.1998 (1.0l)
- Added a column at the right (error text).
- removed "DELETE_ON_CLOSE" technique, didn't work on Windows NT
due to different OS behaviour. Sorry!

5.6.1998 (1.0k)
- Changed ftp access completely. It is now reliable, but won't work with proxies.
- more than 32767 URLs
- Optimized HTML parser

18.4.1998 (1.0j)
(I was on vacation, and I am still behind in my other activities,
so no "big" new feature this time)
- no need to enter "http://" in the NEW dialog box
- Cool Xenu icon! See on the page above.
- CTRL-R for "retry broken links"
- Removed "search" from context menu (nothing was associated with it)

6.2.1998 (1.0i)
- URL launch should now work properly with Netscape Communicator

1.2.1998 (1.0h)
- added "export to TAB separated file" for Excel (for Marc)
- added max level
- 100% CPU usage problem solved (Miguelito) / changed idle processing
- Site Map
- URL launching improved (but still not perfect)

25.12.1997 (also 1.0g)
- corrected "%26" endless loop bug (Electronic Telegraph)

24.12.1997 (1.0g)
- added lots of new options (for Stu)
- chose what you want to have in the report
- chose to "fail" passworded sites
- changed the way that URLs are launched: now with DDE so that only
one instance (but another window) of Netscape comes up. Behaviour
with IE and Opera might be different
- corrected "text/html;...." bug (for Hanno)
- you can now launch URLs with ENTER
- you can now get the property box with ALT-ENTER
- force reload for every call --> INTERNET_FLAG_RELOAD (for Doug)
- changed initial dialog box, after two users didn't realize that one
has to input only one URL, and not every page of the site
- removed unused toolbar icons and menu elements

23.11.1997 (1.0f)
- corrected bug that made it difficult to check local or very fast sites
- corrected minor bug in Properties Dialog
- Added column with link level
- Added error message for wrong input
- Added different tries for image maps

12.10.1997 (1.0e)
- list of redirected URLs (useful because certain ISPs, e.g. do not provide proper error returns, instead they redirect to an error page)
- checking of targets of redirected URLs (this often leads to more broken links, as lots of sites make automatic redirection without checking if the target site exists)
- ftp & gopher list for manual check
- added tips how to repair broken links in the FAQ
- retry mechanism enhanced (for sites that fail with the HEAD command)
- error handler improved (open file problem)
- status line accuracy improved

7.9.1997 (1.0d)
- "Find" dialog box
- # of threads can be configured (watch your TCP/IP line glow!)
- corrected bug related to titles that do not end
- added authorization for "simple" password sites (HTTP error 401)
(will not work with web-based passwords, e.g. NY Times)

24.8.1997 (1.0c)
- HTML report, so that you can view with your browser
- % of checked URLs in the status bar
- URL list to chose from in "new" dialog box
- Automatic retry with GET when certain conditions are
met that suggest that the server cannot process the HEAD
command ( ,, )
- corrected display bug in "Reset Item" feature
- corrected bug when http:// in the middle of an URL
( used this)
- corrected bug that incorrectly processed URLs that started
with a space
- corrected bug when saving while busy, that made reloading crash

15.8.1997 (1.0b)
- now handled correctly ( used it)
- "Reset Item" feature to recheck a single broken URL
- Automatic saving of window placement in INI file
- Error msg when trying to check non-http/https sites
- Reports are deleted when the next report is made
(*** Please go to your temp directory and delete all the TGH*.* files)
- "Scroll bug" found and removed!
- Now possibility to check your bookmark file
- found column click bug, corrected, implemented time sorting
- New column: server.
- New column: title.
- Properties Dialog Box

- ability to save & restore
- complete list of URLs (good to submit to a search engine)
- new icons
- # of threads in status line
- correct size of dynamic html files
- "copy" and "launch URL" function in menu and popup menu
- launch report all the time