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Steve Wallis has a PhD in Human and Organizational Systems from Fielding Graduate University. He has ten years of experience as a collaborative organization development consultant in Northern California. His current project is editing an academic book titled, "Cybernetics and Systems Theory in Management: Tools, Views and Advancements" with IGI Global Publishers. Steve can be contacted at: [email protected]. See also his The Integral Puzzle.

Mark EdwardsMark Edwards has an M.Psych in Developmental Psychology from the University of Western Australia. He has worked with people with disabilities for almost twenty years. He is currently writing a book on the interpretation of sacred writings from an integral theory perspective. Mark Edwards has written extensively for Integral World. For a overview please consult the Reading Room of Integral World.

Emerging Perspectives on Metatheory and Theory

Call for Papers for a 2010 Special Issue of Integral Review

Submission deadline: July 31, 2009

Special Issue Editors:

  • Steven E. Wallis, Ph.D., Foundation for the Advancement of Social Theory
  • Mark Edwards, Ph.D., University of Western Australia


In the same sense that data can be understood as “theory laden,” we can also understand theory to be “metatheory laden.” By understanding one, we gain insight into the other. The goal of this Special Issue is to encourage critical reflection on the writings of metatheorists and to enable significant contributions to the growing discourse on metatheory – including but not limited to conversations on the creation, structure, change, testing, and application of theory. This Special Issue asks contributors to submit papers that will extend and deepen our understanding of metatheory and theory.

In today’s world, we need more effective theory. The ability to build effective theory rests on our understanding, tacit or explicit, of metatheory. So we might ask, is there anything so practical as a good metatheory? There are many approaches to metatheory. A metatheorist may build overarching frameworks, investigate the structure, evolution or history of theory, or critically evaluate theories. We might generally understand a metatheoretical approach as one that addresses all theory, or a specific set of theories.


We are looking for quality contributions from an international range of authors and contexts. These should meet Integral Review’s general acceptance criteria (see link, below) and respond to the purposes of this Special Issue.

Submissions may draw from any discipline and any scale of focus. Our goal is to gain fresh perspectives on this important topic. To that end, we encourage authors to submit papers that are innovative and deep and which challenge assumptions and accepted definitions. We are looking for insightful works of metatheory and, particularly, investigations into the works of metatheoreticians.

Given the depth and novelty of this topic, we provide substantial lead time for submissions. Additionally, you are encouraged to engage the editors with questions and conversations around the topic to clarify your approach.

Further Information

For more information on metatheory, a list of possible topics, and submission requirements, please visit Integral Review’s Call for Papers page.


For all correspondence, questions and to submit manuscripts to:
[email protected]

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