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“Very useful in this time when wild, unsupported ideas are flying everywhichway.” (David Quammen)
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List of translators who have contributed to this website
Dutch Frank Visser
German Michael Habecker
Monika Frühwirth
Martin Gruber
Gunther Krauss-Morgenstern
Hans-Peter Lin
Max Peschek
Walter Urbanek
Thorolf Weißhuhn
Dennis Wittrock
Spanish David Gonzales
María José Iribarne
Stuart McNicholls
Antonio Montesinos
Ezequiel Newbery
Alejandro Villar
Portuguese Priscila e Moacyr Castellani
Claudio Miklos
Ari Raynsford
Gustavo Gitti Loi Knoedt
Greek Pygmalion Karatzas
Polish Henryk Smagacz
French Eric de Rochefort
Croatian Diego Sobol
Hebrew Oren Entin
Swedish Nick Drummond and Mikael Nilsson
Ingemar Ahlgren
Italian Stefano Pischiutta
Estonian Jurgen Innos
Slovenian Nika Hamersak Erwin

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