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Ken Wilber: Thought as Passion, SUNY 2003Frank Visser, graduated as a psychologist of culture and religion, founded IntegralWorld in 1997. He worked as production manager for various publishing houses and as service manager for various internet companies and lives in Amsterdam. Books: Ken Wilber: Thought as Passion (SUNY, 2003), and The Corona Conspiracy: Combatting Disinformation about the Coronavirus (Kindle, 2020).


The Corona Conspiracy

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Frank Visser

Frank Visser is a good example of a non-biologist who worked hard to master the details of the science behind the SARS-COV-2 pandemic. In contrast to the lazy critics. (Gert Korthof evolution blog, June 16, 2021).
- Sorting through the confusion
Frank Visser has patiently compiled this book on the #COVID19 conspiracy theories and the realities behind them. Very useful in this time when wild, unsupported ideas are flying everywhichway. He brings light and sanity to the miasmal confusion of suspicions and misinformation. We all have questions about COVID-19, much is still unknown, but let's answer those questions with empirical data and peer-reviewed research. (David Quammen, November 23, 2020)
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The Corona Conspiracy: Combatting Disinformation about the Coronavirus, Visser, Frank (AUTHOR), 37439060
— Kindle Content Review, 11/11/20
I recommend everyone who is trying to understand the SARS-CoV-2 complexities read Frank Visser's series on the subject. (Kevin McCairn, 10/26/20)
- Precisely the kind of intellectual guide we need
Frank Visser is precisely the kind of intellectual guide we need in these times of massive disinformation. There is so much noise (from the extreme right and the extreme left) about Covid that one is continually bombarded by data pollution. Frank brilliantly cuts through the overgrown rhetoric and explains what is really happening. He does this by following the science behind the disease and how best to react to it. Visser is the voice we need to counteract the Trumpian BS that is permeating our discussions on this most important of topics. Well worth a close reading. (David Christopher Lane, Ph.D, 10/21/20)
- Visser's book exposes frauds promoting misinformation
As someone who used to be a University Professor, it's unlikely you will ever see me give a perfect score. Frank Visser does an outstanding job of looking at Corona Virus issues leading to more misinformation than fact about SARS-CoV-2. In a world where it has become easier to buy into fantasy ideas than to confront the truth, Visser's book exposes frauds promoting misinformation about this virus and other health problems. (Richard M. Fleming, 10/20/20)
- A masterpiece of scientific reporting.
Delving into the hard science that debunks various conspiracy theories about Covid-19 and the pandemic, Visser investigates a fascinating constellation of bizarre pundits and pretenders who have promulgated a wide spectrum of anti-science hysteria. Exposing primarily those that are dangerously threatening the world-wide fight to restore health, this book is an important contribution to restoring sanity in this craziest of years. (Brian van der Horst,, 10/19/20)
- Excellent read for anyone wanting to get clear on the realities of coronavirus.
Want to get the facts instead of having your head spin like Linda Blair's in "The Exorcist?" Read Frank Visser's great take-down of one conspiracy theory after another with facts, facts, facts! (Joseph Dillard,, 10/16/20)