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Robert Searle Robert Searle was educated in Windsor at the Royal Free, the Tutorials, and East Berkshire College. He is the originator of two major "work in progress" Paradigms known as Transfinancial Economics (TFE), and Multi-Dimensional Science (MDS).The former believes that new unearned money could be electronically created without serious inflation notably for key environmental, and socially ethical projects. Multi-Dimensional Science though presents an unique "scientific" Methodology by which claimed psychic, and spiritual "phenomena"could possibly be "proved".
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Multi-Dimensional Science

Basic Introduction to Multi-Dimensional Science

Robert Searle

The basic aim of Multi-Dimensional Science, or MDS is to prove albeit indirectly the existence of so-called non-physical psychic/spiritual energies.

Multi-Dimensional Science, or MDS represents a new revolutionary approach towards a more objective understanding of claimed psychic, and spiritual phenomena. If possible, and if ultimately correct it could in the future have extraordinary benefits for the advancement of the human race.

It should be noted that the "Science" word in MDS is ofcourse used in an entirely provisional sense.The subject can thus be known as the Multi-Dimensional Hypothesis,or MDH. This is arguably a more accurate term. At present, it is purely at the "pseudo-scientific" stage of evolution, and there is a long way to go.

The words "Multi-Dimensional" have been criticized, but in this context it clearly implies claimed "psychic", and "spiritual dimensions", or "worlds" variously called spheres, planes of existence, higher realms, et al. They could be seen as being akin to a certain extent with "scientific" concepts of Parallel Universes, the Multiverse, and ofcourse the Fourth (or the Fifth, Sixth, or more) Dimension(s).

A number of people have expressed some interest in MDS. They include Jean Houston, Stanley Krippner, Elisabet Sahtouris, Ronald Pearson (originator of Survival Physics), Bruce Lipton, David Peat, Jurgen Ziewe, and the noted author, Anthony Peake.

It should be said that like a "science" MDS may be falsifiable to some extent. Also, any relevant mathematical models (where possible) have yet to be developed. What is discussed here is purely a verbal presentation.

PS. Please note that the material here may be subject to corrections of one kind, or another (eg.text editing). It is a "work in progress" project. and must be seen as such. However, the basic concepts of MDS will probably remain unaltered.

Important to Understand, and Appreciate.

Most of all what follows is highly speculative, and theoretical. Unfortunately, this is unavoidable due to the nature of the subject in hand. Understandably, many mainstream scientists would regard MDS as nonsense, and too New Agey to have any credence.

Some people have claimed that it is "insane," "impossible", "a mad goose chase," and "..turns the esoteric inside-out". Yet, there are many others who are able to take it more seriously.

It should be stated here that some of the things said here may come across a little dogmatic but this is not intentional. But, it is not always easy to describe "concepts" such as these in neutral terms.

Anyhow, let us try if possible to proceed with an open-mind.

The Aim of the Multi-Dimensional Paradigm.

The basic aim of Multi-Dimensional Science, or MDS is to prove albeit indirectly the existence of so-called non-physical psychic/spiritual energies, and the claimed realities in which they are said to exist. If possible, and if it can be done within the context of a new version of the scientific method it could have untold benefits for physics, biology, psychology, psychiatry, parapsychology, et al. This is a huge all-encompassing subject.

Anyway, most of what follows is essentially theoretical as already indicated, and would require in the goodness of time to be "proved" indirectly as far as possible via serious research studies, and later if possible via experimentation.

The Basic Methodology, and Keystone of MDS.

There are five methodological steps in the process of "objectifying" the claimed "subjective" encounters of the unseen psycho-spiritual universe. Since what we are discussing are said to be non-physical energies it should be obvious that we cannot use normal "scientific" protocol as they are physically undetectable in the main.

Anyway, the methods of research, and ultimately experimentation, are as follows.


Finding MDOs, or Multi-Dimensional Observers would be necessary, and a special directory could be created. These are specific psychics (concerned mainly with psychic development), and mystics (concerned mainly with self-development, and "God-Realization")who claim to have inner experiences of a "full" range of non-physical phenomena. They would notably include the manifestations of claimed ethereal inner sounds,and lights. They may among other things notably be able to view the so-called "subtle body", "auras", "the chakras","discarnate entities," or perhaps translate some of their more advanced experiences into "symbolic imagery" where necessary, et cetera.

Such data would in Western Philosophy be regarded as a form of phenomenology, a notable advocate of which was Edmund Husserl(1859-1938). Ofcourse,it should be added that people could be trained to become "reliable" MDOs via some form of meditation, or out-of-the body "technology".


A simple questionaire would probably be used first to ask MDOs what they experience. A detailed one(s) could follow, and some ad hoc(unplanned)questioning could also occur. The aim of this is to see how many major "obscure" pieces of data are independently corroborated beyond the laws of mathematical chance. In other words, we have as it were "objective" non-physical phenomena which may not be purely the product of subjective imagination of the MDO.

It may well be discovered that there are sets of detailed supersensory data which vary. In MDS this would be indicative that "phenomena" such as the subtle body, auras, psychic rays, non-physical structures, et al exist differently (to varying extents) on differenet sub-planes, or "worlds" of existence. Another factor in variation may be due to mental projections from the MDOs themselves. Further brief comment is expressed later on in the text.


Such attempted descriptions of "other worlds", and their "subtle energies" are translated from words into images. This would notably be true again in connection with the subtle body, auras, psychic rays, et al. Such data could ofcourse appear on a computer with the right programming (aided probably with "instant" Computer Generated Imagery, and Virtual Reality) when attempted descriptions are reported by memory, or ideally, in Real-Time. Such "descriptions" could also where necessary be converted into "scientific" diagrams.


Mathematical models,(if possible) and theories could then be created using reported material from MDOs.


On the basis of step iii, and iv tests, or bona fide experiments could be undertaken to see how reliable, and objective the initial data really is. If all things go to plan we would have an approach in which we could understand on a more scientific basis the actual workings of claimed psycho-spiritual energies in both man, and the universe. All this could be a huge step forward, and may have profound implications.

The Unique MDS Methodology

The idea of trying to marry science with psychical research, esotericism, mysticism, and religion is in itself nothing new.But what is unique with MDS is that we have for the first time probably the complete Methodology to do just that. This could have revolutionary implications, and also open up utterly vast, and infinite sources of information, and understanding never seen before in our physical world.

Anyway, as indicated in the previous section of this presentation, there are infact four basic "components" of the Methodology. They are highlighted in the following listing:-

i. Attempting to use mathematics (and modelling) to try, and understand "other worlds" is nothing new. A "simplistic" example of this is the using of numbers in the Jewish mystical Tree of Life, or the Kabbalah.

ii. Trying to "depict" unseen realities, and energies into pictures, and indeed, diagrams has been done before. This has been proferred by the likes of Barbara Brennan, and notably Charles Leadbeater, and his famous images of the subtle bodies, and their auras created on the basis of his inner experiences.

iii. Utilising Questionaires, and indeed, ad hoc questioning are essential in the Methodology of MDS. Ofcourse, they have also been used to find out what people encounter during Near-Death Experiences, and Out-of-Body Experiences. Mystical Experiences have been subjected to "simplistic" analysis in a similiar manner. For example,the Sir Alistair Hardy Society for the Study of Spiritual Experience has on occasion used a similar approach as evidence based "science". However, those used in MDS would be much more detailed, and far more advanced. They would probably require "constant" development.

iv. Using psychics to try, and discover "physical" knowledge is nothing new. Besant, and Leadbeater in their famous clairvoyant researches into "occult" chemistry are a classic example. Ofcourse, psychics have also been used to contact "non-physical paranormal energies." Examples of this include Remote Viewing, Reichenbach, and the "Odic Force," and the controversial "aura" studies of Dr Kilner using special screens. Another good example of all this, was discussed by Mark Smith who gave workshops on seeing "auras" in which many participants gave largely accurate reports of specific psychic imagery in connection with a particular person. In other words, "objective" phenomena of sorts (ref Auras; See them in only 60 seconds, by Mark Smith, llewelyn Publications, 2002 edition, p50-52 notably/a "copy" of which appears in a later section of this presentation).

It should be stressed again that the Methodology of MDS for using the four above "components" appears to be unique. But as indicated ofcourse these "components" are nothing new in themselves. Professor Tart, and his State-Specific Science,or S-SS comes close to it, but in no way does it go far enough.

Some people would argue that Quantum Mechanics is enough to explain claimed psychic, and mystical/spiritual phenomena. This is probably incorrect because "mainstream" parapsychology is incomplete without detailed knowledge of the "inner" phenomenology involved.The latter is the "missing link" in the theoretical side of psi research..and may some day be taken more seriously if credible corroborative data emerges in future years. However, "relevant" mathematical interpretations of Quantum Mechanics could arguably be adapted to MDS.

Just Hallucinations?

It is well-known that ASCs, or Altered States of Conciousness (creating meditational, and out of body experiences) can be created artifically by certain electronic stimulations of the brain, and by specific drugs. Arguably, none of this though can fully explain away in purely materialistic, or scientific terms the "simple", or usually "complex" mental imagery (ie "hallucinations" of the sane) involved by the experiencers. They are clearly not identical to the neuron* nets, and neuron nerves firing electronic impulses (ie. "thoughts") in the brain. However, some recent research into neuroscience suggests that it is possible to some extent to recreate "mental imagery" via computers from the brain. For example, the work of James Gallant et al is a case in point. But the phenomenon of self-awareness, or consciousness itself stubbornly remains a mystery, and is probably outside the confines of present day neuroscience altogether.

PS. Please note that at present, there are no basic reviews on present day psychiatry, neuroscience, western philosopy, physics, and other related subjects in connection with the development of Multi-Dimensional Science. What is presented here is "largely" focused on the esoteric, or theoretical nature of MDS. Serious credible research, and experimentation has yet to be undertaken on it.

Interfacing with the Physical, and Non-Physical.

If MDOs can collectively produce reasonably reliable data about the energies in, or around physical objects, and people it would be possible to measure them scientifically using physical instruments. For example, a microscope could be used to examine in detail certain materials.Reliable MDOs should in theory be able to largely come up with the same data concerning their non-physical psychic structure, and energies not seen by the "normal" naked eye.

In another example, a person may be able to produce claimed psychic rays from his, or her body. This could be accurately measured using some kind of physical object(s) with the help of what MDOs see, and may hear psychically in non-physical dimensions (ie.clairaudience).

A similiar process to the above could be had in which physical objects do not exist. In other words, research, and experimentation in the "other world".Thus, wholly non-physical "measurements" and other "quantifiable" findings could be recorded to a limited extent.

Different Distinguishing Sights, Lights, and Sounds in Different Planes, and Different Sub-Planes.

MDOs may be able to describe energies differently irrespective of whether they are focussed on something physical, or not. This suggests that they may see the supersensory "energies" of a physical, or non-physical object(s), or person(s) at different levels of conciousness in different planes, or rather sub-planes. Hence, the variations in the appearances of such "energies". In other words, they exist as different psi "frequencies" which produce their varying qualities in different "worlds", or states of consciousness. Ofcourse, certain key sights (eg."cities", "mountains,"unusual symbolic/psychic geometrical phenomena") in general may distinguish one sub-plane from another.

To help clarify the above, it may be best to take a simple example. Certain MDOs may describe the aura radiating around the subtle body as monochromatic, or one coloured. Others may describe it as polychromatic, or many coloured. Such colours may manifests themselves notably as rays, or concentric "circles" around the subtle body. This could again suggest that the "energies" seen are at a "higher", or "lower" world, or plane, or sub-plane of conciousness. In another instance, the aura may not appear ovoid, but have a different shape altogether around the individual, such as an illuminous pyrammidial triangle.

Some MDOs may be able in Real-Time to "go through" intermediate stages, or planes of being in which the aura, and subtle sub-planes (plus any other surrounding supersensory phenomena) may change in an orderly, or "disorderly" sequence via a light, or deep waking "trance"(involving a degree of withdrawal of consciousness to the "Third Eye"). In effect, they would see the inner sights, and energies change from one plane to another until the "final" one is reached (ie. the level of self-attainment of a MDO).

In specific cases, certain "energies" may be purely, or partly illusionary self-projections. In theory, or indeed,in "reality" we would be dealing ofcourse with mental "matter" which could be affected conciously, and unconciously by ones own mind to varying degrees. In other words, psycho-interactivity.

In MDS we are indicating here is that the science of the future may become increasingly more humanized, and less objective in the normal scientific sense. By "humanized" we are implying ofcourse that tested "reliable" MDOs, or "special" people would become more, and more a part of the experimental process gradually unlocking something of the secrets of the non-physical universe. To what extent, such experiments are repeatable, and indeed, reliable is presently unknown.

Materialising, and Dematerialising "Non-Physical" Energies, and Possible Subtle "Psychic" Energies in the Physical World.

It should perhaps be said that there is a belief largely founded, or unfounded that these subtle psychic energies may also exist as...

a) The finest forms of subtle energy existing to a certain extent in the invisible electromagnetic spectrum of the physical universe either temporarily, or permanently.

b) On occasion, they could be detectable to some degree with certain kinds of physical instruments. This in itself is a big subject, and one is reminded here of the work of the physicist William Tiller, and the independent researcher Harry Oldfield.

However, it should be noted that MDS tends in the main to go beyond this "limited" approach because it believes that it may be dealing with higher non-physical energies (ie undetectable altogether by physical means), and hence, this knowledge would arguably have greater psychic, and spiritual benefits than dealing with low level energies that may be detectable, or become "materialized" in the material world.

Basic Theoretical Representations of Higher Worlds, and Higher Energies.

Many mystical, and psychic writings claim that there are a series of higher worlds, and hence, higher energies in the non-physical Universe. Such psychic/spiritual cosmologies have often been illustrated as a set of seven or more lines either in concentric, or linear forms. They are on occasions sub-divided into smaller planes, or sub-planes. Sometimes, they are shown concentrically around our planet earth, and extending ultimately into infinity.

There are a number of Hermetic, and Alchemical texts which notably illustrate higher planes of existence as being concentric. Certain Buddhist depictions of the "after-life" realms indicate a linear, or concentric set of worlds, or planes. indeed, they can often, or not be described as colourful concentric "rainbows."

In the Alice Bailey Teachings, there is a scheme of spiritual cosmology in which there is in each plane a division of seven sub-planes.The reality of the situation is probably that there are an infinite number of planes, and sub-planes, and their number tends to vary from one esoteric, or mythological source to another.

Ofcourse, none of the above should be taken literally. They are ways of explaining something which in essence lies "largely" outside the mind to comprehend. The linear, and concentric sets of "worlds" are only representations, and simplifications for our limited intellectual understanding.

In spite of all this, some things can be "explained" at the level of mind. For instance, it is said that as one ascends from one higher reality to another the "skies" of each plane, or rather sub-planes(of a plane) becomes increasingly brighter, and there is growing expansion of superconciousness, or mystical experience. Simultaneously, the energies of each succeeding plane, and indeed, each sub-plane become increasingly subtle. The content of such visionary ascents can as one progresses "upwards" become more difficult, or impossible at times to describe accurately in the limited language of this world.

In relation to our physical world of the five limited senses, such realms could arguably exist as psycho-spiritual energies having a vibratory rate faster than the speed of light. Such a theoretical notion notably appears in Quantum Mechanics as the Bell Theorem, and Non-Locality. The thing to grasp here is that faster-than-light energies would transcend time, and space as we would understand it. It is believed that they may exist, and can where necessary interact in ways conceivable, and inconceivable to our visible physical world.

Moreover, there may be well be "frequent" manifestations of acausality in connection with the "mechanics" (or rather non-mechanics) of certain kinds of psychic, and spiritual phenomena. In other words, they just happen without any obvious causal factors at all. For example, telepathy in the "other world" would not always need a transmitter wave of psi energy. What is sent is not sent but already exists at the target receiver of the telepathic message.

The "Highest Truth", and "Objectivity"?

One "advanced" understanding of these other planes, realms, or dimensions of Being, or Higher States of Conciousness can be found in Sant Mat as propounded by the Radhasoami Faith notably. It claims among other things that most religions, and mystical sects reach only the lower "worlds" mistaking them to be the highest where true "God-Realization" or "salvation" occurs. Through meditation known as Surat Shabd Yoga the aspirant can "die while living" and gain contact to the "higher worlds" via the "jet propulsion" power of inner Light, and inner Sound. At the same time, the Radiant Form of the living Master acts as the inner Guide.

The point of all this is that the spiritual cosmology as revealed in Sant Mat give not only the claimed five major inner Sounds, but also their inner Lights, or key "symbolic" sights of each of the higher worlds, or planes. Thus, we have in effect an actual basic "roadmap" to "salvation",or "God-Realization" which also takes one ultimately beyond the Wheel of Rebirth, or so it is claimed. In Sufism the inner "ascent" to "higher realities" is sometimes referred to as a Journey in "Symbols."

However, if a mystic practioner is willing to disclose something of his, or her inner experiences for comparative analysis via questionaires, and ad hoc questioning, basic supersensory experiences may emerge concerning how "real," and "objective," they are. This is a big area of research.

To complicate matters, there are those mystics from both East, and West who would argue that unlike Shabd Yoga per se there is no basic set sequence of key inner Lights, and Sounds, or even key "symbolic" sights on the way "up" to the "highest" plane of superconciousness. These may even be regarded as being essentially hallucinations of the Mind. In other words, unlike Surat Shabd Yoga there may be no basic "guideposts" or "roadmap" to "God." However, the most likely Reality is that there maybe something akin to a Pathway to "God", and indeed, a Pathless "Pathway" to "God," or "Ultimate Enlightenment" existing at the same time. Remember that we are dealing probably with a super dynamic Spiritual Cosmos where anything, and everything can be "possible"....

Apart from what has been said these planes, or "other worlds" appear among other things to be polymorphic to varying extents along with their content. In other words, they can instantly change form, or "shape shift" to use the New Age expression. In effect, this means that how, and "when" they are seen is dependent to some extent on a visionaries background. Hence, a "hidden" psychic connection. Ofcourse, there could well be worlds which do not "shape shift" at all, and do not even have any direct psycho-interactivity (eg. the visible physical world).

Some have argued that the "higher inner realities" become more objective, and less subject to polymorphism, and subjective dynamics/projection. Thus, the "lower realms" or sub-planes of the lower planes are said to be very deceptive in an infinite number of ways unlike their higher "counterparts".

It is interesting to highlight the point that some mystics may describe each successive "plane" as becoming less illusionary, and more real than the preceeding ones. However, if the highest "plane" is reached the lower ones could be interpreted as merely illusions, or even as total projections of the Mind without any "objective" substance at all. Thus, for example, the five key "Spiritual Regions" or "planes" known in Sant Mat could be interpreted as just "hallucinations", or "illusions" due to the changes in perception mentioned here.

Moreover, possibly depending on one's psychological make up, and other factors unknown no experience of "movement" to "higher" planes, or higher states of Being, or Superconciousness may be had. In other words, "spatiality" as we would understand it can be transcended as "space-time" is "different" if not "non-existent" in certain inner visionary scenarios.

Subtle Bodies, or Vehicles of Conciousness.

A key feature in occult, or esoteric lore is the concept of subtle bodies (which also appears in the Radhasoami Faith). Here, we need to imagine the possibility of the human being consisting of a set of subtle bodies simultaneously existing in a number of planes of existence but "working" all together to a certain extent as if they were one.

It should also be said here that these "bodies" have special centres, or what in the East are referred to as chakras which can be translated as "wheels" which are to a degree replicated in the higher bodies. These involve the transmissions of psychological energies in the literal sense existing in the subconcious, and unconcious parts of the human psyche. They manifest as inner subtle lights, and sounds, and have direct connections to various planes, and sub-planes.

Anyhow, to return to the subtle bodies per se. The first of them traditionally is the etheric (or "health")body existing in the etheric world. Then there is the so-called astral, or emotional body inhabiting the plane of emotions. Next the mental body which inhabits the mental plane. Then, the the higher mental, or causal body which ofcourse exists in the higher causal, or higher mental plane. Finally, there is the Soul "Body" which is who, or what we really are but is largely controlled by the lower "bodies" corresponding to the "lower" planes.

Meditation, and the Chandian Effect.

Arguably, many forms of meditation are the means by which people can gain greater mastery over the Mind, and lower subtle bodies, or "forces" of the human being. The Soul is said to be a part of God, or the Absolute Reality, and is sometimes referred to as our God-Self or Higher Self which can manifest Itself independently of the Lower Self, and can act as a Spiritual Guide, or manifest ItSelf as the Ishta Dev (or Chosen Ideal such as Buddha, Christ, or some Guru etc) in the inner journey during meditation, or after death. This is sometimes referred to as Atma-Lila, or the Play of Self.

A respected mystic of Shabd Yoga called Faqir Chand claimed that though he was meant to be the physical "omniscient" manifestation of God he was unaware of his disciples experiences concerning their contact notably of his Radiant Form during meditation, or any inner/outer miracles connected with It.In Sant Mat this would have arguably implied that he was an "imperfect" master but he found that others like himself were also seemingly unaware of their disciples inner experiences. He came to conclusion that it was the faith, and belief of the followers which enabled them to have the inner, and outer phenomena connected with him.

Infact,Chand indicated that the inner Radiant Form was actually the manifestation of the disciples Self, or rather Higher Self (ie. ones Personal God beyond the lower subtle bodies) taking on the appearance of their Master (ie. Chand as the Ishta Dev, or Chosen Ideal). The implications of this are remakable because it also implies that a "criminal" teacher, or guru could also do the same thing. Yet, the disciple would still benefit spiritually.

All this seems to indicate that powerful "subjective" dynamics are involved which are to varying degree projected (from a lower, or higher part of ones self, or selves, or indeed, ones Higher Self in the case of the so-called Chandian Effect described)into an "objective" psycho-spiritual universe. This is notably true in spiritualist literature in which the "dead" conciously, or unconciously create their surrounding world to some extent with their "thought-energy." This factor has always to be taken into account into the "objective" investigations into psychic, and spiritual phenomomena using MDOs.

It is important to say that many spiritual Teachers of various traditions, and even some New Age groups have long known about all this, and expressed the above ideas in their own ways.

A Note. The term Chandian Effect was originated by David Christopher Lane, an academic, who is well-known for his work into the history, and practice of the Radhasoami Faith

The Kundalini Dimension.

In Eastern Mysticism Kundalini is claimed to be a psychic energy that exists within the "subtle body". This can bring about superconcious "God-Realization." By its adherents it is said to be the most advanced form of meditation, or Yoga. However, special mental exercises involving chanting, and especially visualization can in rare cases bring about premature psychological problems. Odd as it may seem, many people may already be awakened to Kundalini activity, but are unaware of its true significance, or even conscious of its activity. It can involve mood swings, and other psychological phenomena. On the more positive scale, it can lead to greater creativity, or even genius. As the old adage goes "genius is akin to madness" as the awakening Kundalini can lead to some degree of "eccentricity" in some people.

Essentially, the human being is at a transitional stage in his, or her life in which there is a great influx of higher "creative" energies. This can lead to a "continous" tug-of-war with an "equal" influx of lower negative energies that can dangerously "unbalance" the personality.

It should also be stated that many people who have the Kundalini Syndrome may claim that any negative aspects of it have been publicly overstated, and often, or not, such inner experiences are positive. Quite commonly, this can be dependent on the right spiritual discipline (ie.some form of Kundalini Yoga, or some other type of meditation).It is then that Kundalini can be awakened gently, and naturally in its own time (without notably using direct visualization methods) via love for ones Teacher irrespective of whether he, or she may be a Hindu, Sufi, Buddhist,or anything else. This should be accompanied with little, or no negative side effects.

Kundalini is a universal phenomena as evidence from various religious, and mystical texts seem to indicate. The negative psychological energies of personality can be transmuted via meditation into something very positive. This can happen via a genuine Master in which one can receive a transmission of higher spiritual energy. This "transmission" can grow with greater, and greater love for a Teacher who acts as a living channel for It.

Esoteric Secrecy.

Inner mystical experiences via meditation are strictly speaking meant to be kept private, or "secret," and the reasons for this can be various. It can happen though that the "narrow" strictures concerned about non-disclosure are not always adhered to by disciples of some inner Paths. Thus, they may write, and/or talk about their internal visionary "ascents."

What follows though is a brief presentation of key reasons for non-disclosure.

i) Inner mystical experiences are not meant for the mind but for the awakening intuition. As such there may be "much" data which cannot be described accurately by the limits of earthly language. This is the foremost reason for non-disclosure.

ii) Divulging "higher" experiences of "other worlds", or planes of conciousness along with meetings with "advanced" spiritual beings may lead to ego inflation.

iii) Revealing "secret" initiation techniques plus inner experiences can be seen as showing disrespect to one's mystical tradition. Indeed, the case of visions they could be stopped if they are disclosed publicly.

iv) Attempting to "describe" the "workings" of "Divine Energies" in the language of this world can be viewed as being a trivialization, or belittlement. They are meant to be experienced, and not talked about as they cannot necessarily be described fully, or accurately.

v) Most mystical spiritual paths are concerned essentially with self-development as opposed to psychic development which could lead to psychic powers. Thus, using knowledge from one's inner experiences is not to be disclosed in such a way as to achieve psi phenomena. Inner mystical experience is normally meant for self-unfoldment usually culminating in "God-Realization," or "Enlightenment".

vi) Revealing inner knowledge to all, and sundry is wrong as it can be regarded as being "mad" by the uninitiated. Thus, esoteric knowledge is essentially for the few who are ready for it.

vii) Though not directly connected with non-disclosure of inner experiences as such it is something which needs to be said. Knowing, and revealing inner meditation practices from books, or from initiation may be "useless" unless one has a genuine Teacher of high repute (ideally) as he, or she has hopefully experienced the meditative Path, and can warn the Seeker of any "dangers" on the Way.

It should be added that in MDS most attempted descriptions of "other worlds" would probably come in the main from the so-called astral world, or astral "sub-planes." This is important to understand. Attempted written records of mystical ascents to even "higher realities" will probably be very limited, and ofcourse, "descriptions" of them would be far more difficult if not nigh impossible.

Entering the "Other World" via Waking Trance in Meditation.

Some hints, and clues are given in "rare" literature which can give some insight into the theory, and practice of some form of meditation. Also, on occasion references to inner experiences can also be found in a scattered, or in a more "condensed" form.

For example,Die to Live by Charan Singh, Shabd Yoga is discussed, and there is

i)Reference to "varied" initial inner experiences (notably "mystical" Lights, and Sounds)as the conciousness is withdrawn to the "Third Eye" during meditation so that it can be temporarily released into the "astral" world in an advanced form of "Soul Travel".

ii) Something akin to "lightning flashes" (or neuron nerves firing?) may be experienced.

iii) With increasing concentration "images" of the "Beyond" become clearer, and "less shaky." This indicates that conciousness acts as a "focus field" for tuning into "energies" of the "Beyond" which can be contacted along with their Sounds,and Lights.

iv) The meditator on the threshold of the "other worlds" may see in turn the "Star," "Sun", and "Moon World," but not necessarily in that sequence. These are "pierced through" via increasing concentration, so that the meditator, or "Soul Traveller" goes beyond them. The Sound of so-called Astral Bells may notably be experienced. Some critics regard this as merely tinnitus though esoteric lore indicates that this is something very different, and very "real".

To some degree, independent corroborations of this advanced form of astral projection, or meditation can be found in obscure texts. For example, Swami Sivananda in his Spiritual Experiences gives some interesting "descriptions" even though he taught Raja Yoga, and not Surat Shabd Yoga.

Incidently, The colour blue is on occasion associated with the "astral plane". This is sometimes mentioned for example in the healing literature of Reiki, and possibly in other like traditions.

The Association for Multi-Dimensional Science.

MDS is not just concerned about mysticism but also with parapsychology, or psychical research as it used to be commonly called. It may be that with the aid of MDOs we would be able possibly to understand, and even improve the potential development of a whole range of alleged psychic powers. Such "pseudo-scientific" subjects are slowly becoming to be taken more seriously through the long march of scientific, and intellectual evolution.

Yet, most forms of mysticism per se see these so-called powers, or siddhis (to use the Sanskrit term) as largely being unimportant, and possibly an obstacle from the direct path of "God-Realization", or "salvation," or "ultimate enlightenment," or "Nirvana." Thus, the onus on all this is arguably the need to focus on credible "scientific" research, and experimentation concerned with human potential technologies (ie. forms of meditation) for self-development, and "self-purification" via contact with claimed psycho-spiritual energies. This could act as the bedrock on the later "limited" use of the "psi powers" garnered via psychic development techniques.

Essentially, for such serious studies there is a need in the future for an Association for Multi-Dimensional Science, or AMS. Ideally, this would be a multi-disciplinary society hopefully in time attracting people with academic backgrounds in physics, biology, psychology, psychiatry, mathematics, and other relevant subjects.

AMS would have the following basic aims which can in time be expanded.

I. It would continue to search out willing MDOs for possible phenomenological studies, and possible experiments. Social networking on the internet for subjects could play a major role in this.

II. AMS would try to build an ever-expanding online global database directory of Buddhist, Hindu, Sikh, Shinto, Sufi, Kabbalistic, Hermetic, Gnostic, Rosicrucian, and other mystical type societies/traditions. This in itself would require detective work as most of them do not always "advertize" themselves. This would involve i) contacting scholars, and writers ii) contacting interfaith organisations iii) examining charity registers iv)looking through esoteric magazines v) examining existing occult/psychic directories....and so on. "Scientific" organisations could also be included in such searches.

At the same time, an online descriptive global database of a bibliography of relevant popular books, and magazines, scholarly books, and papers, and the like could be built up. Foreign titles could also be included along with blogs that have original material.

III. Apart from the two databases above another one could deal with disclosure reporting of non-physical interactions with the "other world". This would notably include questionaires, and the records of experiences of "other worlds," and "other energies" by various people. It could also act as a support group (like certain other sites online) to help those who have had psychic, and spiritual problems of one kind or another. Essentially, though it would be a highly comprehensive ongoing research site for those interested in claimed psychic, and spiritual phenomena.

Incidently, the best way generally to collect such data is to get phone contact, and record with permission what an experiencer has been experiencing using questionnaire(s), and ad hoc questioning where necessary. Such potential interviewees could be traced on a one to one basis via social media, or some other relevant resource. Simply putting up a general notice wanting experiencers to participate in such a study on the internet, or anywhere else is usually not as effective as direct personal contact. This usually works best.

Also, potential interviewees who belong to some esoteric sect could anonymously attempt to describe their own experiences. Yet, they must be comfortable about this. The reason being is that their sect may have strict rulings concerning confidentiality about the nature of practices involved, and also, the "exact" nature of their inner experiences.

Moreover, it may be possible to get volunteers to help collect such inner experience data. In other words, a citizen created P2P research who could possibly help out with the projected databases in the above paragraphs.

IV. Apart from data collection of inner esoteric experiences there is also a need for continuing research, and development of a general theory, or working hypothesis of the Unseen Universe. This would involve ideas from Theosophy, the Alice Bailey Teachings, Spiritualism, Maharishis Vedic Science, and Technology, Pearson's Survival Physics, Bohm's Implicate Order, and the like. Concepts from "mainstream" science could be included too such as Quantum Mechanics, the Multiverse, the Holographic Model, the Fourth Dimension, Tachyons, the Participatory Universe, et al.

It must also be remembered that Multi-Dimensional Science probably cannot give totally "provable" answers as to what the ultimate nature and purpose of Truth is really all about. It is quite possible that there is no Absolute Truth, and that everything exists as relativism in an infinite universe.

PS Another thing to fully understand, and appreciate is that some psychics, and some mystic disciples may suffer from a degree of "madness", or "psychosis" (eg. an obssession with certain far out conspiracy theories, or they may confuse themselves with sounds, or "people" that seem to be physical, but are not heard, or seen by "normal" individuals in their vicinity). They may have delusions about themselves, and others. This does not necessarily mean that their attempts at describing inner "energies" in the "other worlds" is invalid. Only by collecting testimonies from such people, and their "sane" counterparts can we determine whether "key" patterns emerge, and this could be suggestive of the "objective" nature of their "other-wordly" experiences. The problem of possible "psychosis" may be due to Kundalini activity as already suggested in another section of this presentation.

Basic Glossary

Multi-Dimensional Observer(MDO)= A psychic who can on regular occasions possibly "witness" psi "energies", and forms like the chakras, subtle bodies, rays, auras, out-of-body experiences, et al. They have key relevance in the potential advance of Multi-Dimensional Science.

Polymorphism = In the context of MDS, this term implies that "higher planes", and the "beings" in them can change their structure, or form. It could also be problematic, and deceptive when attempts are made to "describe" various kinds of psi "energies," such as rotating lights, spiral forms, odd spatial geometric patterns, radiation fields, unexpected materializations, and dematerializations, et cetera.

Psycho-Interactivity = The concept that people who are able to enter "other worlds" can to varying extents, interact, and actually change the content of their "visions" via the means of their mind power, and intentionality.

Polychromatic (Psi) Field = Many coloured Aura, or indeed, any form of psi energy (eg a ray) which manifests itself as many coloured.

Monochromatic (Psi) Field = One coloured Aura.

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