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Susan Rhodes is a cognitive psychologist with an ongoing research interest in individual differences, psychospiritual systems, and transformational processes. She has been exploring the both the enneagram and Ken Wilber's work since 2000 and started writing articles addressed to an enneagram audience about the links between the two systems in 2005. She has also written two books about the enneagram (The Positive Enneagram and Archetypes of the Enneagram) and is working on a third: The Integral Enneagram.

An Enneagram-based Model of Transformation

Susan Rhodes

The Enneagram with its
Nine Points of View

Since 2006, I've been writing articles for the Enneagram Monthly (EM) linking the enneagram with Ken Wilber's Integral Operating System (IOS). The following piece presents a comprehensive enneagram-based model of transformation based on a synthesis of both integral and enneagram theory. Readers unacquainted with the enneagram can check out the following articles from my website ( "The Enneagram in Brief" (on the personality enneagram), "Reconciling Personality with Process" (on linking the personality and process enneagrams), and "The Enneagram & Ken Wilber's Integral Kosmology" (on linking the enneagram and the IOS, with an emphasis on the pre/trans fallacy and how retro-Romantic assumptions currently limit the field of enneagram studies). Please note that the article below is designed for both an integral and enneagram audience, so some basic integral concepts are explained that will be quite familiar to regular Integral World readers.

Read the full essay here... (PDF, 7MB)

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