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Giorgio Piacenza Giorgio Piacenza is a sociologist student in the Certificate program leading to a Master's degree in Integral Theory at JFK University.


Accepting Exopolitics in the Integral Theory Community

Beyond Pre-Integral 'Sovereignty' Biases?

Giorgio Piacenza

I reiterate that there is a crucial need to outgrow the bounds that are normally considered to be bona fide "Integral Issues."

As a species we are indeed developing new capacities of understanding and of relating with "reality" along with an integral awareness that orderly/hierarchically integrates our individuality (our part-ness) to a planetary but kosmically interconnected whole beckoning us (the planetary-kosmocentric civilization). By enough people choosing to develop into this calling the human species itself will earn its planetary-level SOVEREIGNTY before the very real, already amply verified reality of extraterrestrial civilizations already visiting us (themselves expressing their own integral planetary consciousness but perhaps with a complex history following a service to self or a service to others orientation). However, this integral awareness is more than the result of the next development beyond a postmodern type of consciousness. There are certain classical physical reality-challenging understandings that are objectively evident to serious research and to conscious experiences but are barely mentioned by postmodern thinkers. Even integral theorists have barely mentioned or cared about this as it may well be that there are aspects of an integral consciousness, aspects related to a fundamental reassessment of the nature of physical reality, that – due to the cultural environment in which Integral Theory rose – have not been easily recognized.

For those individuals and institutions that have already accepted the study of UFOs a valid research subject (as officially several air forces of the world do), beyond the study of UFOs (Ufology), the integrative discipline emerging to deal more specifically with these issues is EXOPOLITICS (please go to for a more academic approach). This discipline is primarily supported by the social sciences and deals with integrative ways for advising policy decisions in relation to the ever more disclosed extraterrestrial presence.

A definition of EXOPOLITICS is "The study of key actors, institutions and political processes associated with extraterrestrial life." This involves a social scientific discipline, a social-educational movement and a relation with emerging scientific and consciousness-based paradigms (and Integral Philosophy could and should be part in this). Only FEAR of ridicule (and related fears) and certain modern metaphysical PREJUDICES about reality seem to prevent Integrally-Minded scholars from even discussing these developments that would indeed have major transformative historical repercussions.

In the next phase of the Integral Movement: Integrating with other integral and integrative developments, EXOPOLITICS should also be recognized and accepted as necessary and valid. Perhaps as Alexander Wendt and Raymond Duvall wrote in "Sovereignty and the UFO" published in the journal Political Theory, the modern sense of “sovereignty” makes the UFO issue a taboo and a non-issue:  

If ruling our own lives over a particular territory is a basic idea behind sovereignty, a pre-integral, partial approach to this may be too fragmented to deal with actual ET contact issues adequately. However, an emerging planetary-kosmocentric stage of social evolution and the Integral Model point to the genuine possibility of our species achieving a way to relate as a whole or unified unity with extraterrestrial civilizations under the type of sovereignty they might be able to respect. The “multidimensional” physical, psychological, cultural, military, technological, political, spiritual aspects of the UFO presence and human-extraterrestrial contact experiences require a long term Integral research commitment to deal with this. Once integral awareness takes over overcoming limited cultural biases in corresponding cultural niches Exopolitics and Integral Theory would be a “match made in heaven and Earth” so to speak.  

Through Exopolitics and the private efforts and experiences of ordinary people (experiencers and contactees) worldwide, the possibility of normal individuals with a more inclusive, integral consciousness representing the interests of humanity, Earth and other intelligent species on Earth is becoming an actual situation. This situation is a particularly important alternative as elected national state representatives can only represent the interests of their particular nations according to the political regimes they are linked to. Moreover, there's credible whistleblower and documentary evidence that non-acknowledged, covert research projects and semi-legal agreements with some types of extraterrestrial civilizations has taken place (based upon executive order) within military and intelligence agencies and the question of whether those “in the know” truly represent humanity at large is raised. However, a variety of experiencer contact events seem to occur mostly with non-elected, non-official individuals who become de facto representatives of the human species. In a more mature planetary society perhaps, duly elected representatives of nation-states and the UN Assembly should also be included. 

Most likely those varieties of experienced termed "abductions" (occurring against a person's conscious will) take place (through intervention rights granted to different ET civilizations for different reasons including historical links but also to respond to the needs of more integrally advanced and yet atrophied or deceased service-to-self ET civilizations) because not enough members of humanity have earned for humanity what I would call its "Planetary Species Sovereign Status."  This status would be granted to a species that stops bickering and producing internal wars within their planet, thus acting with a planetary wide, integral consciousness.

On the other hand, advanced benevolent civilizations contacting a few (but growing number of) individuals throughout the world with conscious level preparation and respect inform that our human species is like a conglomerate of Earth and several extraterrestrial genetic interventions, giving us the potential capacity to achieve far greater inter-realm connections than all ET civilizations involved with us and without the need for technology. We would also have a unique "celestial-level" genetic pattern that would allow us to connect all worlds in all realms and to bring resolution to ancient cosmic conflicts among civilizations. 

Without delving more into those "advanced" details which may be difficult to understand at first, specially without extensive research and contact experiences, I reiterate that there is a crucial need to outgrow the bounds that are normally considered to be bona fide "Integral Issues." I reiterate that serious approaches to EXOPOLITICS need to be studies and that INTEGRAL THEORY and the Integral Movement has a major role to play in relation to this.    


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