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Giorgio Piacenza Giorgio Piacenza is a sociologist student in the Certificate program leading to a Master's degree in Integral Theory at JFK University.


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Giorgio Piacenza

Is exopolitics something we can research through “Integral Lenses?” Yes. Let me explain.

Welcome to “Exopolitics-Integral.” Read Leslie Kean’s books. Search Michael Salla’s site and open up your eyes to the reality of extraterrestrial contacts becoming undeniable day by day. Why aren’t “leading edge” “integral” thinkers jumping in to explore these issues of monumental consequence for the development of a more conscious humanity? The next level of intellectual and consciousness development in humanity is called "Integral" and I think that exopoliticians at the forefront of their own movement tend to be "green" or postmodern-pluralistic in their awareness, interpretations and views. Green, postmodern, pluralistic is just the previous stage but a subject as complex as "Exopolitics" needs an "Integral" approach. This goes beyond "holistic" and is about recognizing a pattern that connects all different aspects of a reality or object of study.

I think that as exopoliticians we should catch up and be at the forefront of the exopolitical movement at the integral level. Ken Wilber's model (along with Edgar Morin's and other converging post postmodern ideologues) is part of the important "wave of the future" in understanding, cultural change and general spiritual growth.

Although the “Integral Model” in all its details reflects an underlying cosmic structure suitable both to extraterrestrials and to Earth-humans as part of a common understanding or “language” of reality, the main problem is disconnection. To speak to ETs we need to learn a common language, a basic “ABC” of the Cosmos but to do this both integral theory activists and exopolitical activists need to recognize each other valid fields of knowledge and tending these bridges is paramount to tending our inviting hands to exopolitical dialogue with star nations. It signals a willingness to dialogue with the “Kosmos” (with a “k” to represent a living Cosmos as a living entity) at a more level beyond disconnecting fears and parochialism.

Current "integrals" associated with the official or orthodox “integral movement” tend not to explore the paranormal, esoterism, UFOs, or survival research. In that sense they are not completely "integral" in attitude. They want to be accepted by academia and not to lose credibility when in fact they need to be bolder to truly represent the next wave of knowledge and consciousness including the age-old contact and relations with extraterrestrial and transdimensional civilizations. They also have to catch up with "exopolitics" as a legitimate and truly important area of inquiry.

At this stage in human evolution, each “field” of inquiry (about our nature and the Kosmos) primarily attracts its own psychological types and I think that those attracted to “Integral Theory” tend to be educated psychologists and activists into personal spiritual development and may not want to get into too controversial subjects like exopolitics, survival research, etc. Meditation is kosher but unique phenomena revealing certain semi hidden aspects in relation to the Subtle Realm (the Astral Realm to some) is not. However, when we die we transfer to that realm. However, UFOs use that realm to enter our physical dimension and to instantly travel outside of space and time.

Even Integral Theory will not advance beyond its current stage if its theorists do not recognize that the “QUADRANTS” of their theory (the most important of the “Five Elements” of the theory) arise from a relational situation and both and logic more specifically related with the Subtle Realm. In other words, the “Interior” “Exterior” Individual” and “Collective” dimensions that generate the correlated, irreducible “quadrants” pertain more to a fluid relation that is more clearly situated in the Subtle” or “Astral” Realm. Thus, when both Exopolitics and Ken Wilber’s evolutionary integral philosophy combine both fields should benefit and humanity might come to a more complete understanding of who we are in the grand scheme of things...a truly "integral" necessity.

Is exopolitics something we can research through “Integral Lenses?” Yes. Let me explain.

In ufology and exopolitics, the degree of evidence already in existence is enormous. We cannot turn a blind eye if we have an integral attitude. Also, the ways the ways this evidence can be obtained can perfectly conform to Ken's request for combining injunction, empirical experience and hermeneutical evaluation (of those that went through the injunction and experience). Thus, I don't see why can't these historically important, consciousness-expanding matters be explored, revealed, inquired into. It is time to be more integrally at ease with interdimensional stuff so to speak!

Furthermore, I think Ken gave a methodological recommendation to suit 4-quadrant integral research to the demands of modernity and postmodernity which is fine... for meeting the expectations of modernity and postmodernity. It is like "Occam's Razor" in that not using its recommendation doesn't preclude discovery. It's a recommendation but not a unfailing formula. People can also have individual disclosures of valid knowledge even if that doesn’t meet the recommendation to admit it as a valid "collective" knowledge.

Not all valid knowledge needs to pass through Ken's “postmetaphysics” as is structured today; only that knowledge that we want to meet the validity strictures of modern and postmodern expectations.

Be as it may, there's another issue: The "three eyes of knowledge" could be simultaneously used to explore all of the "package" formed by the Gross, Subtle and Causal realms (and their combinations) so as to disclose and interpret these realms according to method, interpretation and altitudes like any other object of research. Just as science can be expanded to include all quadrants of the Gross, so the exterior, objective quadrants of the Subtle and of the Causal could be disclosed with Subtle and with the Causal "eyes of the flesh." Just like IPM extends science and hermeneutics to all quadrants this would extend the idea of the "three eyes of knowledge" because also according to traditions and many repeated experiences we have three bodies each with their own "eyes of flesh, mind and spirit" and their particular "eyes of the flesh" are suitable for each realm.

By the way, we can already say that, in the history of contact with ETs (whether manifesting physically or subtly or in-between) there have been shared methods, shared empirical experiences and shared hermeneutical judgments passed on those experiences. There has definitely been more than "idle speculations." It would behoove integralists to discover these kind of research which can be effective in changing how we see ourselves in the planet collectively as Integral Theory. In fact unveiling serious knowledge that we are embedded in an interactive set of many realities could be part of where Integral Theory might move into and become more scientifically useful for quantum physics and fields of inquiry in which the role of information and consciousness is not well understood.

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