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Lexi NealeAuthor Lex Neale is an independent Integral Theorist and member of the Integral Research Center. After taking a B.Sc in Zoology at London University he became involved in consciousness studies, and developing his thesis that the origin of life is consciousness. In India he became a practitioner of Prem Rawat's "Knowledge of the Self", and has an ongoing affiliation with the Prem Rawat Foundation, He lives in the redwoods of northern California.



Update, September 2016

Lex Neale

Knowing the Knower  the Integral Science of Self

Integral Relativity was originally presented as a paper “AQAL Square to AQAL Cube the Integral Relativity of Consciousness, Mind and Energy” at the Integral European Conference in Budapest (Neale, 2014). The paper was then requisitioned as a book “Knowing the Knower the Integral Science of Self” (Neale, 2015). In April 2016, “Integral Relativity of Consciousness, Mind and Energy” was presented at The Science of Consciousness Symposium, Tucson (Neale, 2016). It is now being prepared as a paper with two quantum physicists as a result of the SCS. The following is an overview of Integral Relativity so far.


It seems that our conscious worldview is formed by the same fractal paradigm as the very Kosmos we inhabit.

By definition, an Integral Metatheory is inclusive of all states, structures and phenomena. Therefore, by definition, Integral Relativity is inclusive not only of all energy states but also of all consciousness states aware of such phenomena.

The term “Integral Relativity” (IR) in Wilber's Integral Theory means taking an All Quadrants, All Levels, All Lines view of physical existence in locality; whereas the Integral Relativity proposed here integrates an additional co-existent and co-evolving Four Quadrants of non-local reality, totaling Eight Fundamental Perspectives. Integral Relativity is also an extension of General and Special Relativity, where the equation of Energy and Mass in the Physical (Local) Spectrum can be correlated with the equation of Energy and Consciousness in the Nonlocal Spectrum. Bridging these is Advanced Relativity (AR), proposed by Sorli and Fiscaletti (2016), where Mind is equated with Zero Point Energy.

Building on AR, IR differentiates Mind in the Concrete Spectrum from Consciousness in the Subtle Spectrum in the same way that Hilbert Spaces and String Theory propose parallel universes to the physical universe. In collaboration with Sorli and Fiscaletti, we are working on the basis for a continuum of information between the Concrete and Subtle Spectrums. We predict that through the rigorous and scientific implementation of the combined Tenets of AR and IR, such active potentials as levitation, mind-reading, remote viewing, intentional teleportation, astral travel, after-death awareness, past lives memory, Akashic Wisdom awareness and ultimately Mind/Consciousness Enlightenment during this physical human life, will become the norm in our imminent future. We similarly predict that all the energies variously called Psi (Radin), Morphic Fields (Sheldrake), Holographic Resonance (Haramein), Chi, Ki, Prana, Aether, etc., will be integrated under the umbrella of Mind and its energy correlate the Zero Point Field (aka Quantum Vacuum).

The Global Consciousness Project, in distributing random number generators (RNG's) to every locale on the planet, is proving time and again our global interconnectivity as events occur locally. AR and IR provide a solid basis for understanding how and why this is so, and can therefore provide solid guidance in accelerating our understanding of Consciousness and Mind, just as Einstein's GR accelerated our understanding of Energy and Matter.

The differentiation of Consciousness, Mind, Energy and Matter is made via a new model that combines with two similar prominent models: Firstly with Elizabeth Rauscher's development of the Complex Eight-Dimensional Model of Minkowsky Space (CEDMS), where Minkowsky differentiated the four dimensions of Physical Space from four dimensions of “Super- space”; and secondly with aspects ofWilber's Integral Model (1995), which differentiates four interactive categories of Kosmic existence as Four Quadrants. The added dimension of a third axis differentiates the Four Quadrants of physical existence (Wilber's model) from Four correlated Quadrants of non-physical existence (Neale, 2011). But rather than being merely Minkowsky's “Super-space”, or the “Non-locality” as defined by Quantum Field Theory, we propose that this added Subtle Domain of existence is synonymous with “Subtle existence” of the Ancient Traditions: the Domain of our Soul, as a Subtle Consciousness monad, with its Subtle Body and Subtle Realms of existence. Rigorous empirical research of Subtle existence (Schwartz, Stevenson, Van Lommel, Radin etc) has created the need of a unified integral model that can not only categorize this research, but also explain its results.

IR as an Integral model fittingly has its origin in the most ancient cosmological model known, devised by Fu Hsi around 5000 BC: In Fig 1, the vertical axis differentiates the Concrete from the Subtle Domains. The horizontal axes form their first generation recombinants as four bigrams. In Fig 2, the three axes form their second generation recombinants as eight trigrams. In Fig. 3, we see how this translates to the modern AQAL Cube model of Integral Relativity. And in Fig. 4 we see how the Integral AQAL Cube model maps the underpinnings of the Kosmos. The use of “K” pertains to a Kosmos that integrates the proposed Subtle Domain with our physical Cosmos of this Concrete Domain.

Fig 1. The Primal Polarity with Four First Generation Polarities

The Primal Polarity with Four First Generation Polarities

Fig 2. Eight Second Generation Polarities

Eight Second Generation Polarities

Fig. 3. An Integral Cosmological Template

An Integral Cosmological Template

Fig 4. The Underpinnings of Kosmic Manifestation

The Underpinnings of Kosmic Manifestation

This second generation of polarity differentiation results in the Eight Fundamental Perspectives of the AQAL Cube, which arise from the recombinant organization of Consciousness and Energy at the Subtle Pole, and of Mind and Matter at the Concrete Pole. The four lower octants pertain to the Physical Universe, and the four upper octants pertain to the Metaphysical Universe in its true etymological sense of “beyond physical”. These are the eight “archangelic” creative forces of most religious cosmologies.

Octant 1: Illumined Consciousness. Octant 2: Illumined Mind. Octant 3: Akashic exchange. Octant 4: Pranic exchange. Octant 5: Akashic Mind. Octant 6: Quantum Field and Physical Micro- structure. Octant 7: Akashic Realms. Octant 8: Zero Point Field and Physical Macrostructure.

Restating Fig 4. As a flow chart, we propose that Kosmological unfolding proceeds as shown in Fig. 5.

Fig. 5. Kosmological Manifestation

Kosmological Manifestation

Defining Integral Relativity

Integral Relativity advocates the primacy of Consciousness as the initiator of all en-action - En-ergia - Energy. Any energetic phenomenon has its correlate in Consciousness. From this follows the Three Tenets of Integral Relativity:

1. The Equation of Energy with Consciousness:
Energy is the action potential and kinesis of Consciousness, and is therefore Consciousness made existent.

This is a reiteration of the biblical Genesis:
In the Beginning was Energy, and the Energy was with Consciousness, and the Energy was Consciousness.

2. The Law of Conservation and Continuity of Consciousness:
Like Energy, Consciousness cannot be created nor destroyed, but only transformed from one state to another.

This is a reiteration of the Buddha's assertion in the Pali Canon of the continuity of Consciousness.

3. The Law of Kosmic Constancy:
The Kosmic Constant is the primordial frequency or carrier wave of Energy from which all subsequent phenomena emerge. It follows, via the First and Second Tenets, that the Kosmic Constant is also the primordial Consciousness, or the Supreme Knower; the activity of whom is the primordial Energy and all its subsequent phenomena.

Integral Relativity models the Concrete, Subtle and Causal Spectrums, or Full-Spectrum Domains, as a Domains Holarchy, as Hilbert Spaces of parallel universes of existence and awareness. As such, the Domains are not the Levels Heirarchy of Wilber's AQAL Square, but coexist and coevolve. It is as if to say that the Concrete and Subtle Spectrums are like the Lower and Higher Frequency Bands of a VHF/UHF radio; where the Causal Band is also the Carrier Wave of the others.

Through the Three Tenets, we propose that the Knower operates in the Causal Spectrum as the Observer-Witness; in the Subtle Spectrum as Soul / Consciousness; and in the Concrete Spectrum as Body / Mind; where the Witness is the vehicle of the Knower, Soul is the vehicle of Consciousness, and Body is the vehicle of Mind. It therefore follows that Integral Relativity both differentiates and defines them as: Causal awareness operating through the Subtle Spectrum as Consciousness, and through the Concrete Spectrum as Mind.

Because Planck's Law maintains that information is proportional to frequency, and that torsional waves at the Planck scale travel at quasi-infinite velocities, it follows that such a wave of quasi-infinite frequency in the Zero Point Field tends towards an amplitude related “omnipotence”, a frequency related “omniscience” and a polarity related “omnipresence”, which, through the Three Tenets, are the capacities of Causal awareness.

We therefore propose here that within such a fundamental vibration, in the “Carrier Wave” as it were of physical existence, there is the informational capacity of a Universal Memory that is none other than the Hindu “Akasha”, or the “Book of Records” of most religions. And implied is that to enter Akashic awareness is to be vibrating in the “Ultra Violet” band of the Spectrum.

This is weird science, indeed, until one makes the connection: as a wave-vortex, a proton is not separate from all other energy.

Through the First Tenet of Integral Relativity, Consciousness and Energy are two halves of the same coin. In a recent groundbreaking paper, Quantum Physicist Nassim Haramein (2013) announced his discovery that the quantum mass inside a single proton equals the estimated mass of the entire universe! This is weird science, indeed, until one makes the connection: as a wave-vortex, a proton is not separate from all other energy as some isolated “particle”; it only seems separate, just like a wave only seems separate from the ocean it actually is. And if a proton is contiguous with All Energy Everywhere, then it has no individual mass, but a contiguous holographic mass of All Energy Everywhere with no separation in space or time.

This is basically a quantum affirmation of “Indra's Net”, as described in the Avatamska Sutra of the Mahayanas:

“Far away in the heavenly abode of the great god Indra, there is a wonderful net which has been hung by some cunning artificer in such a manner that it stretches out infinitely in all directions. In accordance with the extravagant tastes of deities, the artificer has hung a single glittering jewel in each “eye” of the net, and since the net itself is infinite in dimension, the jewels are infinite in number. There hang the jewels, glittering “like” stars in the first magnitude, a wonderful sight to behold. If we now arbitrarily select one of these jewels for inspection and look closely at it, we will discover that in its polished surface there are reflected all the other jewels in the net, infinite in number. Not only that, but each of the jewels reflected in this one jewel is also reflecting all the other jewels, so that there is an infinite reflecting process occurring.”

This is a classic description of Haramein's fractal/holographic metatheory, where Energy is also inclusive of Awareness.

Whereas the Zero Point Field and its pre-quantum Mind correlate provide the ground of physical being, this is NOT the Ground of All Being of spiritual fame. To include the latter we now consider the “big picture” of Integral Relativity by including the Subtle Energy Spectrum and its Subtle Consciousness correlate.

Through the Three Tenets, it follows that every level of awareness through the Concrete, Subtle and Causal Spectrums have their correlates of Energy activity as bodies and realms of ex-istence. Integral Relativity therefore proposes that these correlated levels of awareness and enactment are synonymous with the Hilbert Spaces.

To demonstrate this, the chart presented at the SCS Tucson (Neale, 2016) in Figure 6 shows how all states of awareness and energy enactments from those perspectives are explained by vibratory frequencies that correlate between the Concrete, Subtle and Causal Spectrums at specified levels. In Figure 6 we see the three Spectrums as contiguously embodied and embedded aspects of each other. Integral Relativity proposes that the Concrete Body and Mind, the Subtle Soul and Consciousness, and the Causal Witness, are each full-spectrum, each culminating in the Non-Dual awareness in white.

The red arrows show how we evolve towards that through the Three Spectrums, where our physical body is ultimately vibrating as a Light Body, and our Mind is ultimately vibrating in Akashic experience, and where our Soul is vibrating in First Bardo as a Free Soul (Nagual, Bodhisattva), and where our Consciousness is vibrating in Third Stage Enlightenment, and where our Witness is vibrating in the Third Attention. The red dotted lines across each column are the vibrational barriers we need to transcend before having awareness access to the next Domain. These three injunctions therefore explain the Three Tiers. The far left column Body is also synonymous with the vibrational frequencies of the Chakras, which explains and re-contextualizes Wilber's “subtle energies” in terms of vibrational frequency levels of the physical body itself.

The relation of this chart to the AQAL Cube is shown in Figure 7.

Figure 7. The Concrete and Subtle Spectrums as Two Co-existent AQAL Domains

The Concrete and Subtle Spectrums as Two Co-existent AQAL Domains

Octant 1: Evolving Subtle Consciousness. Octant 2: Evolving Concrete Mind. Octant 3: Evolving Subtle Relationships. Octant 4: Evolving Concrete Relationships. Octant 5: Evolving Subtle Microstructures. Octant 6: Evolving Concrete Microstructures. Octant 7: Evolving Subtle Macrostructures. Octant 8: Evolving Physical Macrostructures.

These Eight Fundamental Perspectives of Kosmic unfolding are the basis of Integral Methodological Pluralism the eight disciplines of empirical investigation, which can be applied to any situation, and therefore provide the framework for a truly Integral TOE, shown in Figure 8.

Figure 8. The Eight Perspectives as the Eight Disciplines

Figure 8. The Eight Perspectives as the Eight Disciplines

The demonstration of Integral Relativity in the chart of Figure 6, and our proposed correlation between Subtle perspectives with n-dimensional Hilbert Spaces, therefore represents an inter-disciplinary exercise between Phenomenology, Structuralism, Autopoiesis and Empiricism an exercise which is well under way in the New Sciences


Integral Relativity as a Metatheory appears to be developing as a Fractal Metatheory. When modeled as a tri-axial cosmology of manifestation generating Eight Fundamental Perspectives, this octo-dynamic then fractals into a myriad octaves of manifestation all the way through the octodynamics of vibrational frequencies, the Standard Model, the Periodic Table, the Classification of Phenomena (or Integral Methodological Pluralism), and onwards through to the roots of our world languages and the Personal Pronouns, Neale (2011)[27]. The personal pronouns are how we form a baseline set of perspectives shown in Figure 8, of how we see ourselves and the world: “Me Tarzan, you Jane”. That there are eight First Person, eight Second and Eight Third Person pronouns in every language (some of conflate or lose one or two) is not coincidental

Figure 8. Personal Pronouns Template

Figure 8. Personal Pronouns Template

Figure 9. The First Person Pronouns

The First Person Pronouns

It seems that our conscious worldview is formed by the same fractal paradigm as the very Kosmos we inhabit. The idea of a fractal or holographic cosmology is becoming more and more self-evident in the New Sciences as time goes by. And so it is of no great surprise that a truly Integral Kosmology, as proposed by Integral Relativity, would be fractal by nature both as Observer and Observed.

We have seen in this paper how modes of awareness have been differentiated variously as Mind, Consciousness, Witness, primordial Knower/Observer. Their commonality is Awareness, from the Indo-European root A Varus, meaning “in Truth”, as in Veritas, and Verily. Indeed, our root awareness as the Knower is synonymous with Truth in all religions. And the Knower, Sciente, is therefore the supreme overseer of Science as “knowing” in its dogged quest for Truth on all levels. Following this paradigm, it would seem that our evolution is to be the knower of more and more experiential knowledge, all-the-way-up to a Supreme Knower/Consciousness of a Supreme Knowledge/Energy.

So we are drawn again and again to the inevitable and inescapable conclusion that Consciousness and Energy are indeed two sides of the same coin all-the-way-down, all-the-way-up. Our own conscious perspectives matter, because they result in our own material manifestation. Integral Relativity provides a model and mathematical framework to explain how this is so.


For further exploration of this material, please go to


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