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Inter-action and collective evolution, are two fundamental universal activities. These elementary activities started at the moment this universe took birth. As far as we have clear understanding, subatomic particles interacted and collectively evolved to atoms, atoms to molecules, molecules to cells, cells to animals, human beings to regional organizations, regional organizations to global organizations, stars and planets to solar systems, solar systems to galaxies and galaxies to Universe.

Imagine, many trillions of kids appear on a new planet and spread all over it. Every kid interacts with those around him, and in a short period, trillions of small friendship groups develop. Groups inter act one another and larger groups evolve. As interaction and collective evolution continue, the global population polarizes to thousands of communities, geographically isolated. Every group organizes differently, and continuously reorganizes, improving internal and external communication. Groups with strong interaction act like unions. As unions evolve larger, a higher leadership network takes control of overall interactions and lower level networks control detailed internal interactions. Larger the union a kid becomes part of, happier he becomes. After a period, every geographically isolated community on the planet becomes union with two tier leaderships. Higher leaders of these unions inter act one another and a planetary union evolves. This way, many trillions of individual kids collectively evolve to a single global union of adults. Communication passes from higher global leadership to lower networks and from lower networks to individuals. Over a long period, communication evolves faster and faster, and ultimately reaches real time. At this point, the planet becomes a single living being, higher global leadership as the conscious mind, lower networks collectively as the subconscious mind and individuals as cells. Everybody enjoys highest ever happiness.

Based on the level of constituent interaction entities in this universe can be broadly divided as communities and unions. A group in which interaction of constituents is strong or organized is a union and others are communities. A group of animals is a community but a human organization is a union. An ocean is a community of molecules but a single water molecule is a union of atoms. All unions of today originated from communities, and therefore, community evolution can be called, original evolution. And evolution of a union can be called organized evolution. All communities of today will ultimately evolve to a union of their own, or become part of a higher union. Our body is a union of cells but symbiotic bacteria are parts of a higher union. Similarly, human organization is a union of human individuals, but, animals they take care of are part of a higher union. Within large communities small groups of individuals interact successively and collectively ascend to higher interaction levels. Subatomic particles, atoms, molecules, organic molecules, cells, plants, invertebrates, vertebrates, mammals, apes, human individuals, regional human organizations and global organizations are unions of successive inter-action levels. As far as we know, smallest known individual entities of today, like quarks, gluons, photons, neutrinos etc. are unions of further smaller constituents. We can imagine alpha particles, a species of fundamental elementary universal particles, at the bottom most level. All alpha particles of the universe together, make the largest community, and first level interactive union of alpha particles makes the smallest union. Constituent interaction is the weakest in the largest community and strongest in the smallest union. All entities in this universe exist between these two extremes. There are many unknown interaction levels between alpha particles and today's smallest known particles. These unknown unions constitute dark energy and dark matter. Ultimately, all alpha particles of the universe will converge to a living universal union, similar to the kids of above planet.

Around 14 billion years ago alpha particles spread all over the space. They are smallest in the universe, but, are totally self-conscious. They interacted one another like kids in the above imagination and first level interactive unions evolved. These unions interacted and second level unions evolved. Ascension of successive larger unions continued, is continuing and will continue. Today, as far as we know, molecular level collective evolution has scattered over a great part of the universe, and the universal community has polarized to today's existence of solar systems and galaxies. Within our solar system collective evolution further advanced to molecular, cellular and human organization levels. At the level of molecular organization long model formations of molecules evolved in the form of DNA. At the level of jelly fish, worms, etc. networks of neurons evolved, and later, with the evolution of brain, a higher network ascended from these networks and assumed overall leadership. Higher network became the self-conscious mind and all lower networks collectively, the subconscious mind. At human organization level higher and lower managements or central and regional governments make similar two tier leaderships.

From every interaction level only a fraction of entities ascended to next higher level. Because of this successive reduction, evolution can be visualized as a continuously ascending virtual universal mountain with alpha particles at the bottom most level and global human organizations at the top most. Dark energy particles constitute the bottom segment of the universal mountain making 73%, dark matter particles the middle segment making 23% and visible matters the upper segment. Within the visible segment, from subatomic level, a fraction ascended to atomic level, same from atomic to molecular level, from molecular to cellular level and from cellular level to animals. From animal community a small fraction ascended to organizations. The universal mountain will continue its ascension, adding new layers on the top.

Community evolution proceeds horizontally and vertically. Vertical evolution is the ascension of unions and horizontal evolution is the multiplication and spreading of successful unions. If rain falls over a lake water level rises after spreading all over the bottom filling up all pits and ponds. Similarly, when horizontal evolution stops spreading because of geographical limit, vertical evolution accelerates, and ultimately envelops the whole community, transforming it to a union. Community evolution is typical to cellular evolution. Cellular evolution originated when bacteria evolved in a sea of organic molecules. Bacterium is a union of organic molecules and its ascension is vertical evolution. Bacteria multiplied in to a large community, split in to many smaller communities and spread all over the Earth. Multiplying and spreading of bacterial community is horizontal evolution. When they spread to different environmental areas different species evolved. As they continued to spread, symbiotic union of different bacterial species ascended to small multi-cellular plants and animals. Plants and animals are unions of cellular beings and their evolution is vertical. Plants grew big, multiplied, diversified and spread all over the earth, followed by animals. Earth is a geographically isolated island in the sea of solar space. As horizontal evolution stopped at earth's boundaries, ascension of higher conscious species speeded up. Subsequently human species evolved multiplied and spread all over the earth. Facing geographical limit human beings ascended physically, intellectually and at the latest, spiritually. They evolved in to many regional organizations and then global organizations.

Gradually, Earth is evolving to a living Global Union. Many competing regional organizations are controlling it at present. A global conscious mind started developing with the formation of United Nations, but it hasn't gained strength. A vast network of satellites, telephones and internet, connecting organizations and individuals, is gradually developing as a global nervous system. As this nervous system develops successively, the Global Union is moving from original evolution to organized evolution. The evolution cycle of Global Union is at a level similar to that of a worm in the biologic evolution cycle, and is moving at a similar pace. Before the emergence of brain, networks of many nerve centers controlled living beings, and it is from these networks that the brain evolved. Every nerve center tried to dominate over others. The network that gained domination evolved as self-conscious mind, and all other networks collectively became the subconscious mind. Powerful competing regional organizations that rule Earth today are similar to the nerve centers of a worm.

Generations after generation human individuals are evolving more powerful, intelligent and altruistic, and communication is evolving faster and faster. Interaction between human individuals, and between human beings and biologic and geologic beings, are successively improving. In the ancient times individuals had to travel long geographical distances to communicate. Later, communication between two distant individuals successively passed through, human communities, animal communities, molecular communities and atomic communities. At present communication passes through electrons, a subatomic community. We are already developing means to communicate through quarks, photons, neutrinos etc. As communication passes through deeper and deeper levels of the universal mountain, speed moves towards real time, and respectively global conscious mind gains power. In the near future, Earth will become a living global union with an all-powerful conscious mind.


Consciousness of a union is the interactive consciousness of its constituents. Consciousness of a human organization is the interactive consciousness of its individuals, consciousness of a human individual is the interactive consciousness of his cells, a cell is that of molecules, a molecule is that of atoms, and this goes up to alpha particles. I.e. the consciousness of a union is the interactive consciousness of all alpha particles within its body. There are three fundamental consciousnesses, physical, intellectual and spiritual. Physical consciousness is awareness of existence, intellectual consciousness is awareness of inter-action and spiritual consciousness is awareness of collective evolution. Imagine one wolf sees another. Awareness of the other wolf is physical consciousness, awareness of attacking it is intellectual consciousness and awareness of killing preys jointly and eating together is spiritual consciousness. Every union, from bottom to top of the universal mountain has physical, intellectual and spiritual consciousness, respective to their position on the mountain. Love and altruism are biologic displays of collective evolution. Formation of atoms and molecules are geologic displays, and formation of solar systems, galaxies and the universe are cosmic displays. Consciousness is the smallest in individual alpha particles and successively multiplies towards the top of the universal mountain.

Since every union is a group of constituent unions, consciousness exists at two levels, constituent level and interactive level. And interactive consciousness also exists at two levels, self-conscious and sub conscious. Self-consciousness is the inter-active consciousness of constituents that constitute the higher leadership network, and sub consciousness is the collective consciousness of all lower networks. Self-consciousness interacts externally with the environment and internally with sub consciousness. Sub consciousness interacts with self-consciousness and constituents, and constituents interact with sub consciousness and one another. In case of a nation, self-consciousness is the interactive consciousness of its highest leaders, sub consciousness is that of employees and regional leaders, and constituent consciousness is the consciousness of citizens. In case of a company, self-consciousness is the interactive consciousness of higher management, sub-consciousness is that of lower management and departments, and constituent consciousness is that of employees. In case of a human being, self-consciousness is the interactive consciousness of neurons that constitute the conscious mind, sub consciousness is that of subconscious mind and constituent consciousness is that of individual cells. At cellular level interactive consciousness got structurally organized with the evolution of DNA. At multi-cellular level interactive consciousness got further organized, first at subconscious level, with the evolution of nervous networks and then at self-conscious level, with the evolution of brain. Each nerve center in a nervous network is similar to a regional government or departments and neurons are leaders. The consciousness of a biologic union exists at three different levels, self-conscious, subconscious and constituent.

Every union passes through a life cycle of birth, growth and death. Cycle period is the shortest at the first level union of alpha particles and successively increases, layer after layer, from bottom to top. Self and sub consciousnesses of a union expands successively along its life cycle. Every union is constituent of a higher union except at the top layer of the universal mountain. Life cycle of constituent unions is the shortest at the beginning of the life cycle of their higher union, and increases successively. Global human organizations are higher unions of regional organizations, regional organizations are higher unions of individuals, individual is that of cells, cell of molecules, molecule of atoms, etc. At the time when global organizations originated the life cycle of regional organizations were shorter, at the time when regional organizations originated the life cycle of human individuals were shorter, at the time when animals originated the life cycle of cells were shorter, at the time when bacteria originated the life cycle of molecules were shorter and at the time when molecules originated the life cycle of atoms were shorter. This continues up to the first interaction level of alpha particles. From first level unions of alpha particles, the life cycle successively expanded, layer after layer, to the top of the universal mountain, and this will continue.

A union originates when two or more constituents interact, and grow when constituents multiply in number and strengthen interaction. A human body is a cellular union. It originates with the first embryonic cell of one sperm and egg and grows as this cell multiplies, dividing successively. In the beginning, the group of embryonic cells is a community and consciousness is at constituent level. At this stage a human being passes through original evolution. Gradually, a nervous network develops connecting cells and the body starts organized evolution. Later, many nerve centers develop at different points and the network of these nerve centers becomes the subconscious mind. A higher network emerges from within the subconscious mind, with the development of brain and the body attains self-consciousness. Both sub consciousness and self-consciousness grow successively along life cycle. Humanity originated from two individual chimpanzees, one male and one female, and grew successively adding off-springs. In the beginning human communities passed through original evolution like herds of animals. Human beings multiplied successively, split in to many communities and spread all over the earth. Communities evolved in to regional and global organizations. With the development of organized leadership systems human communities started organized evolution. Since evolution of cellular community originated millions of years earlier than that of human community, the life cycle of cellular unions traversed a greater part of their evolution cycle compared to that of human unions. Communication between neurons is far advanced compared to that of individuals of even the most advanced human organizations on Earth. And communication between organizations is still at a primitive stage of development. The Global Union, at its fetus stage of growth, is therefore subconscious at present. As interaction between individuals within human organizations, advance to the level of that of molecules within the first cells evolved on Earth, and interaction between regional human organizations advance to the level of first brains evolved on Earth, Earth will become a self-conscious living being. Company manuals of technologically advanced factories that explain processes, and constitutions of nations, are the beginning of equivalents of DNA, and global network of satellites, telephones, TV, internet, etc. connecting organizations and individuals, is the beginning of equivalent of brain.

The life cycle of a union can be divided in to three major segments. During the first segment of existence, the alpha segment, one attains physical consciousness the most, intellectual consciousness second most and spiritual consciousness, the least. During this segment one remains selfish and ignorant. For a human individual it is the child age. The life cycle of a great majority of human organizations has completed this segment. During the second segment of interaction, the zeta segment, one attains intellectual consciousness the most, physical consciousness second most and spiritual consciousness, the least. During this segment one's physical power is reinforced with intellectual power and continues to remain selfish. For an individual it is from teen age to middle age. Many human organizations are passing through this segment. And during the third segment of collective evolution, the omega segment, one attains spiritual consciousness the most, intellectual consciousness second most and physical consciousness the least. For most individuals this segment starts at middle ages. Few human organizations have entered this segment. Within the omega segment a union possesses all three consciousnesses at higher but different levels. If one or two consciousness is lower than the other, then, potentials are either wasted or used destructively. In case of dinosaurs physical consciousness was too high and spiritual consciousness was too low. In case of mammal predators physical consciousness was high and spiritual consciousness was low. And in case of selfish intellectuals, both physical and intellectual consciousnesses were high and spiritual consciousness was low. Only the balanced parts of physical, intellectual and spiritual consciousnesses of a union are used creatively. The sum of creative parts of physical, intellectual and spiritual consciousnesses of a union is its evolution quotient. Within the omega segment, at a particular point, EQ attains highest value. This point can be called the omega point. It is at the omega point that a biologic union enjoys highest levels of happiness, satisfaction and peace. At omega point, every biologic individual enjoys highest heavenly experience of its life cycle. EQ continuously and successively rises from bottom to top of the universal mountain. It is when a large number of entities of a particular layer attain higher EQ that a new layer emerges on the universal mountain, from communities of highest EQ. Even though dinosaurs were ruling Earth with too high physical power, it is from small mammal species of higher EQ that higher species ascended and spread. Even though mammal predators were ruling Earth, it is from primates with higher EQ that humanity germinated. Even though selfish powerful intellectuals were ruling Earth in the recent past, their number is successively shrinking and that of altruistic intellectuals is expanding successively. It will be from organizations of higher EQ on Earth that next layer germinating on the universal mountain.

Self-consciousness of biologic unions are very small a fraction of total consciousness of their constituents. The self-consciousness of a human organization is very small a fraction of total consciousness of its individuals, the self-consciousness of a human individual is very small a fraction of total consciousness of all cells, a cell is that of molecules. This continues up to the bottom segment of Universal Mountain. I.e. self-consciousness of a human individual is too small a fraction of total consciousness his body possesses. Every human individual possesses huge amounts of unused physical, intellectual and spiritual consciousnesses. Everyone can increase their self-consciousness indefinitely by intensifying collective interaction between his self and sub conscious minds.


All evolutions are oriented. Universe came to today's being through billions of years of successive orientation. Sub-geo genesis oriented from alpha particles to the level of subatomic particles and geo genesis oriented from sub atomic particles to molecules. On earth bio genesis oriented to the level of human organizations. After the evolution of brain, the interactive union of conscious and sub conscious minds provided orientation, controlling natural selection. At biologic level, conscience provides orientation by controlling sub conscious mind and influencing self-conscious mind. At the level of altruistic human individuals conscience gained total control and orientation became sharp. Evolution controlled by conscience can be called oriented evolution. All evolutions in the universe start as original evolution, passes through organized evolution and ultimately reach oriented evolution. Original evolution is the slowest and blunt, organized evolution is faster and specific and oriented evolution is the fastest and sharp. This universe oriented in the past like a very large group of kids, will orient in the distant future like a very large human organization, and in the far distant future, like a very large intelligent healthy altruistic individual.

Imagine an ignorant human community that settles in an isolated island. Physically powerful individuals become leaders. As the community grew large it split in to many smaller communities and settles at different parts of the island. As these communities grew large and spread communal wars originate. Developing tools, agriculture, merchandizing, etc. individuals attain intellectual consciousness. Gradually, intelligent powerful individuals replace ignorant leaders. After every communal war, seeing the horrors and sufferings, few individuals evolve altruistic. After a long period, as the number of altruistic individuals grew large, they collectively start influencing the leaders, whenever peace prevails. The network of altruistic individuals within an organization constitutes the conscience of that organization. After another long period, as altruistic people gain majority, altruistic intellectuals take leadership. Communal wars stop and collective evolution accelerates. Peace and prosperity spread all over the island. Communities merge one another, and over a period, all communities merge in to a single organization. A network of powerful altruistic intellectuals rules the island. After another period of collective evolution this becomes an island of heaven. Earth is an island in the solar sea and humanity is evolving similar to this imagination.

Every activity of a biologic union is the result of interaction between its self and sub conscious minds. Since survival is the most dominant instinct of all, and since it is the self-conscious mind that receives environmental stimulations, along bio-genesis, self-conscious mind attained domination over subconscious mind, similar to the domination of central leadership over regional leaders. But, if sub conscious mind is active round the clock, self-conscious mind is inactive when an individual sleeps and at this time sub conscious mind takes total control of the body. Also, it is the subconscious mind that controls individual cells, and thereby, production and supply of proteins within the body. Even though self-conscious mind is supreme, over all, it is the subconscious mind that has greater control on the body. Within every animal body a large number of neurons that are conscious of collective evolution remain dominated by the self-conscious mind. These neurons evolved altruistic, seeing the sufferings experienced by the body from selfish activities, similar to the human individuals who turn altruistic seeing the sufferings of selfish communal wars. Network of these altruistic neurons constitute the conscience of an individual. Conscience controls the subconscious mind of an individual all the time, and influences the self-conscious mind whenever he enjoys peace.

Every biologic union evolves successively doing natural selection. If a deer escapes repeatedly from chasing lions then it gains speed and its horns grew big, its conscious mind being unaware. When the self-conscious mind of a deer thirsts to survive, the subconscious mind passes this instinct to individual cells and cells develop new proteins that enable higher speed and build bigger horns. If a nation narrowly escapes defeat in wars, its central leadership thirsts to win future wars and passes this instinct to regional and lower level leaders. They recruit more citizens to the army, provide better training, develop better weapons, build defensive forts, trenches, etc. Highest leaders of very large nations can't be aware of details of these internal activities. Similarly, self-conscious mind is not aware of the production of proteins in the body, controlled by the subconscious mind. In cases of both deer and human organization, conscious mind interacts with the environment, realizes stimulations, passes instincts to the subconscious mind and subconscious mind asks constituents to produce whatever is needed. This is the way every biologic union does natural selection. In all cases it is the interactive union of conscious and subconscious minds that controls natural selection.

When biologic individuals subconsciously attained spiritual consciousness, from sufferings of their selfish activities, their consciences started controlling natural selection. Conscience controls the subconscious mind, and influences the self-conscious mind, to evolve collectively with the subconscious mind, whenever an individual enjoys peace. Every human individual is similar to the union of a race horse, a trainer and a jockey. The trainer is more concerned with the wellbeing of the horse but the jockey is greedy of money and pride. Self-conscious mind is the jockey, conscience is the trainer and subconscious mind is the horse. The trainer advises the jockey to better take care of the horse, whenever he is down, and at that time jockey accepts. But while racing jockey concentrates more on reward, forgets the advice and exploit the horse. The trainer can't influence the jockey while racing. Once the race is finished and jockey is down, the trainer accuses him and he feels guilty. In a similar way, an individual engages in criminal activities under materialistic thirsts and feels guilty when he is free from that thirst. The interactive union of self and subconscious minds controls natural selection but conscience successively orients it. As conscience evolves stronger, the interactive union of self and subconscious minds becomes a spiritual union. When the spiritual union of self and sub conscious minds start controlling natural selection, an individual starts oriented evolution.

Conscience can express effectively, only if it is strong and influential. Conscience is weak in ignorant individuals and is strong but a slave in intelligent selfish individuals. In intelligent altruistic individuals, conscience acts like intelligent philosophers. In the past, autocratic rulers guided by intelligent philosophers provided the best governance. As philosophers remain silent during the war, the conscience of a selfish individual remains silent when he is subject to materialistic thirsts. Spiritual meditation enables conscience to come out of slavery. Meditation is the process of retrieving unused resources stored within us. Every biologic entity stores three different resources within their body, physical, intellectual and spiritual. If we eat more than we work, then our subconscious mind stores extra food as fat. Similarly subconscious mind stores unused intellectual and spiritual knowledge. Whenever we do extra physical work subconscious mind retrieves fat and distribute to cells. Retrieving fat doing more work is sub conscious physical meditation and retrieving it doing physical exercises is self-conscious physical meditation. Retrieving intellectual knowledge through intelligent thinking is sub conscious intellectual meditation and retrieving through learning and research is self-conscious intellectual meditation. Similarly, retrieving spiritual knowledge through altruistic thinking is sub conscious spiritual meditation and retrieving it through contemplation is self-conscious spiritual meditation. The know-how of acquiring, storing and retrieving, food and intellectual and spiritual knowledge, is passed from generation to generation through DNA, and is continuously improved during life. But food and knowledge are collected by individuals, from birth to death. As we possess good amount of unused food in our body, we possess good amounts of unused intellectual and spiritual knowledge also. Since human organizations were at war during most of the past, human beings retrieved fat and intellectual knowledge more but spiritual knowledge very less. Through self-conscious spiritual meditation we can self-consciously retrieve unused spiritual knowledge, but only bit by bit, and on a long term, can improve our capacity of, acquiring, storing, retrieving and utilizing, spiritual knowledge.

Every biologic individual with brain does subconscious spiritual meditation, whenever it enjoys peace, its self-conscious mind being unaware. It is subconscious meditation by individuals that oriented bio genesis to the evolution of human species. In subconscious physical and intellectual meditations, self-conscious mind passes instincts and subconscious mind implement what is necessary, with the consent of conscience, without the awareness of self-conscious mind. Subconscious intellectual meditation enables biologic entities to develop tactics. Subconscious spiritual meditation takes place whenever a living being enjoys peace. Subconscious meditation proceeds very slowly compared to self-conscious meditation. Evolution of human species is the result of millions of years of subconscious physical, intellectual and spiritual meditations, generation after generation and species after species. As mighty predator dinosaurs were roaming on the ground small mammal species enjoyed peace in the midst of peaceful green environment, on top of tall trees, and subconscious spiritual meditation oriented them to species of loving, caring, and communal. As cruel mammal predators were roaming on Earth subconscious spiritual meditation oriented primates to further loving, caring and communal, resulting in the emergence of hominids


Evolution progresses at successively rising layers of the universal mountain. These layers can be imagined as petals of a budding flower. Alpha particles constitute the bottom most, outer most, oldest and largest petal and regional human organizations constitute the top most, inner most, newest and smallest. New petals of living global unions, living solar unions and living galactic unions will successively come up in the future. Ultimately, all these petals will converge to a virtual universal flower. From bottom to top, a higher layer emerges, when a large number of entities of a particular layer attain high values of evolution quotient, and it germinates from organizations of highest EQ.

Imagine an isolated island of heaven on Earth, created by a human community, after passing through original evolution, organized evolution and oriented evolution. Long before population reaching unsustainable level they make small boats and start searching for other islands. Searching generation after generation, developing larger and sophisticated ships, ultimately they find another island, and a part of the population moves and settles there, creating another island of heaven. Earth is an island in the sea of solar space, our solar system is an island in the sea of galactic space and our galaxy is an island in the sea of universal space. As water overflows to nearby dry lakes after rising to the edge, consciousness will overflow to surrounding islands. In the second half of second millennium AD humanity spread higher level consciousness all over the Earth. Unable to spread further consciousness raised continuously, physical first followed by intellectual and spiritual. Now, all three consciousnesses are rising generation after generation. In the near future Earth will attain high evolution quotient and individuals of higher EQ, from organizations of higher EQ, will cross inter planetary seas to other inhabitable planets and satellites. Consciousness will rise further then and many living global unions will come up within this solar system. When interaction between global unions strengthens, our solar system will attain higher EQ becoming a living solar union. Super humans from global unions of higher EQ will cross inter solar seas to other solar systems of this galaxy. When our galaxy attains higher EQ becoming a living galactic union, post super humans will spread all over the universe, and ultimately, the universe will reach, Universal Omega Point.


Science and philosophy originated with knowledge. Science is the knowledge of present realities and philosophy is imagination on past and future realities. If evolution is imagined as mountaineering, then science is the view of close surroundings and philosophy is analysis of distant views, of valleys and peaks. Both science and philosophy have intellectual and spiritual parts. Intellectual science is the science of interaction and spiritual science is the science of collective evolution. Intellectual philosophy is imagination on future interaction and spiritual philosophy is that of collective evolution. Science and philosophy should be a symbiotic union complementing each other. Philosophy should guide science, and therefore, should be well founded on science. Science should traverse in the path of philosophy. Since philosophy is imagination, may wander off realities. Science should bring it back through research. Since human communities were at war all through their history, intellectual science advanced at a rapid pace, retarding the advancement of spiritual science. In the absence of spiritual science many intellectual philosophies evolved unspiritual and many spiritual philosophies evolved unrealistic.

Individual evolution is similar to off road car racing, from the bottom of a valley to the summit of the main peak of a continuously ascending mountain, in total darkness. The terrain changes from marshy areas in the valley to rocky areas at the middle and icy areas on the top, and accordingly vehicles should be modified. To reach higher altitude one should drive faster than the speed of ascension of the mountain. The speed of a particular individual depends up on the rigidity of the vehicle, engine capacity and efficiency, fuel supply and battery and headlight powers. Physical power is the strength, intellectual intelligence is the engine, intellectual knowledge is the fuel, spiritual intelligence is the head light and spiritual knowledge is the battery power. One should drive at the safe speed, clearly observing surroundings and distant views, to make sure of right direction. Those who are not able to judge direction should follow others. Driving too fast may lead to valleys or peripheral peaks. Higher the altitude, closer should be one to the main peak. Heavier vehicle or extra luggage will reduce speed, and may cause slip down. Rigidity, energy and light, properly balanced, enable conquering heights.

One should customize the spiritual philosophy he follows, to make it harmonious with his conscience. Regular spiritual meditation enables this. Right philosophy helps to ascend the main peak of the universal mountain, avoiding peripheral peaks and valleys. To engage in self-conscious spiritual meditation, one should first acquire maximum intellectual and spiritual knowledge. After acquiring sufficient knowledge wander mentally, preferably early in the morning, through the forest of acquired knowledge, analyzing and recognizing every plants and trees, cropping down weeds and watering and fertilizing grain plants and fruit trees. Early morning is the ideal time, because, this is the time, mind is comparably free of materialistic thirsts, and thereby peaceful. On getting a summary of acceptable philosophy, write it down, and edit regularly. Continue, enlarging the forest, wandering through and editing. If one continues this for a long time, he will conquer high altitudes, and like a mountaineer who enjoys the beauty of ice covered summits of peripheral peaks all around, will enjoy the beauty of peace covered peripheral peaks of satisfaction all around his mind.

Spiritual meditation is similar to, collecting pearls from the ocean bed. One has to leave all his material possessions on land before physically diving under water. Similarly, one has to be free from materialistic thirsts before diving in to meditation. Selfish intellectuals can do spiritual meditation by mentally freeing their mind from materialistic thirsts, for short periods, and diving in to the ocean of subconscious mind. In the beginning one can't remain for long under water. Practice helps diving deeper and deeper, ultimately collecting pearls from the ocean bed. Through spiritual meditation one is interacting with the subconscious part of his conscience. The more one interacts with it the more it ascends to the self-conscious level. It is when highest spiritual-intellectual citizens take overall leadership, that a nation attains its real identity. Similarly, it is when one's conscience ascends from subconscious to self-conscious level that he attains real identity.


Imagine a very large kingdom of hundreds of emirates. Each emirate has millions of citizens and expatriates. Every citizen is given the copy of an emirate manual, similar to the manual of an advanced factory that explains all relevant processes. The emirate manual explains all relevant activities needed to live a successful life, in that particular emirate. The manual originated thousands of years ago with few basic activities, and expanded generation after generation, adding every new activities. The manual is continuously being updated. In a particular person's manual, activities relevant to that particular person are highlighted. There are many networks of people in every emirate, specialized in specific activities, like, agriculture, education, security, spirituality, governance, etc. Every network has leaders of higher and lower levels. Higher level leaders of all networks within an emirate collectively rule that emirate. A network of altruistic individuals with higher and lower level leaders acts as the conscience of an emirate. The network of higher leaders of consciences of all emirates acts as the conscience of the kingdom.

Individuals of every human organization on earth are similar to the above emirates with trillions of cellular citizens and many times more expatriates, i.e. symbiotic bacteria and viruses, and every human organization is similar to the above kingdom. DNA is the manual, neurons are leaders, other cells are ordinary citizens, conscious mind is the higher government, subconscious mind is the lower government and the network of altruistic neurons is the conscience. Any activity that benefits one or more emirates, and also the kingdom, is virtue, and any activity that is against is vice. Virtues and vices vary from time to time, organization to organization, individual to individual and birth to death. Conscience is the only authority that can rightly judge virtues and vices. I.e. activities for the conscience are virtues and against it are vices. Consciences of biologic individuals emerged after the development of brain and successively strengthened species after species. At the level of altruistic human individual conscience gained control of the body. Conscience judges every activity of an individual and reward for virtues and punishes for vices, by controlling natural selection. Physical, intellectual and spiritual potentials, an individual possess at any time, is the net outcome of rewards and punishments.

Human beings extensively engage in self-conscious physical and intellectual meditations, doing physical exercises, training, sports, learning and research. Only few individuals pursue self-conscious spiritual meditation. It is because of this that a great number of people suffer from depression, fear, tension, etc. If one nation attacks its neighbor for selfish materialistic gains, the network of altruistic leaders and citizens protest. Depression, tension, fear, etc. are the punishments of conscience against selfish activities. As technological advancement brought too many entertainment mediums, many people started spending all their free time for entertainment, eliminating chances of subconscious spiritual meditation. Because of prolonged absence of spiritual meditation, both subconscious and self-conscious, many of those with abundant material resources are suffering. If one recovers from physical sickness he gains physical resistance and if one recovers from sufferings of foolish activities he acquires intellectual resistance. Similarly, if one recovers from sufferings of selfish activities he acquires spiritual resistance. Human beings can self-consciously acquire physical resistance avoiding suffering, by doing physical exercises. One can avoid intellectual sufferings, doing learning and research. Similarly, one can acquire spiritual resistance avoiding spiritual sufferings, doing spiritual learning and meditation. Physical meditation is attending to physically conscious cells, intellectual meditation is that of intelligent cells and spiritual meditation is that of altruistic cells. In a very large gathering of people, one can hear altruistic individuals who are scattered and isolated; only if peace prevails all over, because otherwise, selfish individuals keep shouting. Spiritual meditation is attending to altruistic neurons, and therefore possible only if mind is peaceful.

Selfish intellectuals amaze a lot of wealth loosing peace all the way. They enjoy large amounts of happiness and satisfaction. But, their enjoyment is similar to that of drug addicts. Every drug addict thinks, he is enjoying, but those around them know that they are suffering. They realize suffering between dozes of drugs. An addict permanently realizes the fact after successfully completing a rehabilitation program. Similarly, selfish individuals think, they are enjoying, but altruists know that they are suffering. Selfish people realize this once they escape from the natural addiction of selfishness. Addictions keep individuals disconnected from reality. Making the real life entertaining, by equalizing happiness, satisfaction and peace, is the right option. All addicts starve peace, and this spiritual meditation provides. Spiritual meditation is a self-rehabilitation program that helps coming out of natural addiction of selfishness.

What products a factory delivers at a particular time is the outcome of interaction of many different factors and networks, like, market demands, finished stock availability, raw material availability, machine quality and capacity, physical, intellectual and spiritual consciousness of employees, quality of communication between higher and lower managements, processes highlighted in the company manual, the strength of ethics department, etc. A particular individual's behavior depends upon the proteins he produces in his body. This is the outcome of interaction of many different factors and networks, like, environmental stimulations, food availability, physical health of the body, physical, intellectual and spiritual consciousness of cells, quality of interaction between conscious and subconscious minds, alleles active in the DNA, the strength of conscience, etc. As for a factory to deliver a new product a long chain of factors are to be modified, for an individual to behave differently, a similar chain of factors are to be modified. Without outside help many individuals can't modify many of these factors. Instead of providing this help most of today's political and religious systems punish the guilty by torturing, or eliminating through capital punishment. This is similar to, destroying a very large factory, massacring all its employees, for not producing a new product. In the past, in wars, the common policy was to massacre maximum citizens of the enemy nation and destruct maximum property, after looting what is useful. But now, the policy has evolved to, effecting a regime change, minimizing destruction and murder. Similarly, as far as possible, we should correct guilty individuals by enforcing regime changes.

For a factory to produce a new product, first, the higher management should be convinced. If it resist successively, must be demoted, and lower level intellectual or spiritual leaders promoted to higher management. Now, the new higher management will request the lower management, and it will request the manual department, to highlight new processes for the new product. Manual department, with the consent of ethics department, highlight new processes. As per the new highlighted processes, both higher and lower managements implement necessary modifications and requirements. Now, employees produce new products with modified machines and new raw materials. Similarly, for a human being to behave differently, either his conscious mind should be convinced or a regime change should be effected through counseling, spiritual meditation and/or constructive torture. Spiritual meditation effects gradual regime change. As the new regime thirsts to behave better, the subconscious mind, encouraged by the conscience, activate new alleles in the DNA. Now the body produces new proteins and the individual behaves better.

Physical meditation increases happiness, intellectual meditation increases satisfaction and spiritual meditation increases peace. Larger the organization one belongs to higher is the level of happiness, satisfaction and peace he attain. If happiness is imagined as delicious fruits, then satisfaction is similar to a warehouse and peace, cool air. We should store just sufficient fruits, otherwise, cooling may not reach every fruit and bacteria and viruses may enter. One becomes sick eating infested fruits. Just sufficient fruits well arranged, with enough cooling is the right option. Similarly, an individual's happiness, satisfaction and peace should be balanced. If any one of them is more or less, then resources are wasted, and one suffers. Higher levels of happiness, satisfaction and peace, properly balanced, is heavenly. Highest healthy intelligent altruistic individuals of the world enjoy the highest of happiness, satisfaction and peace and they make the summit of Global Human Mountain. Global Human Mountain is the top segment of global biologic mountain which is the higher segment of global geologic mountain. Higher, a geologic mountain ascends, cooler becomes its summit. Similarly, higher, a biologic mountain ascends, more heavenly becomes its summit.


Imagine a large community of simians living in an area, surrounded by a circular wall. This wall is surrounded by many more concentric walls of successively increasing height, with some land in between. Concentration of fruit trees is the lowest in the innermost cell and increases successively after every wall. As fruits in the inner most cell get exhausted simians start fighting one another. After a few days, a leader emerges and asks others to collect at the wall and climb one over another, making a pyramid. The leader jumps over the wall followed by those of few top layers. Those at the bottom layers and many onlookers scream in vain. After several days, as fruits in the second segment get exhausted they form a pyramid at the second wall but find it too short. Another leader in the inner cell organizes a pyramid and few more jump to the second segment. Now simians of second segment complete a pyramid at the second wall and jump to the third segment. To jump every successive wall they desperately wait for more simians from inner segments. A new leader asks them to pull all members from inner cells so that they can avoid hungry waiting. After a long period, all of them jump the last wall and enjoy unlimited fruits. Human individuals are ascending the Global Human Mountain similar to these simians. To overcome successively increasing heights of physical, intellectual and spiritual consciousnesses, we should raise maximum individuals from lower levels, physically weak to healthy, ignorant to intelligent and selfish to altruistic.

If human segment of the global mountain ascends faster, then biologic and geologic segments will follow. For a mountain to ascend faster it should be transformed to a pyramid, by trimming peripheral peaks and filling up valleys. We should transform the global mountain to a global pyramid by balancing and strengthening the consciousness of human individuals, organizing humanity as per consciousness level and organizing population of biologic and geologic species from top to bottom. Transformation should start from the level of highest healthy intelligent altruistic individuals, and after covering global humanity should pass through global biologic and geologic segments. First, existing human organizations should be transformed from mountainous form, to pyramidal forms, by reorganizing authority based on consciousness level. This will ascend powerful intelligent altruistic persons to the top layers of all human organizations on Earth. Then, global humanity should be organized to a Global Human Pyramid. At biologic and geologic levels species should be reorganized so that every layer is solidly supported by its bottom layer. This will transform Earth to a rapidly ascending Global Pyramid, and its summit segment, the Global Human Pyramid, will become the heaven on earth.

Today's political and religious systems are causing the human mountain to ascend at a snail's speed, and this is respectively retarding the ascension of global mountain. Because of this, millions of human beings and trillions of biologic beings are suffering. By transforming Earth to a Global Pyramid, we can accelerate the ascension of the global mountain, first to the speed of a tortoise and then that of a rabbit. Democracy came as an effective political system before two and a half millenniums. Democracy slightly increased the speed of ascension of Human Mountain by freeing human organizations from the clutches of selfish autocracy. But, since democracy gives equal rights to voters of highest and lowest consciousness, it fails to bring highest powerful spiritual-intellectuals to the top layer. Even after two and a half millenniums, most human organizations on Earth are ruled by leaders of middle level consciousness. Changing leaders after four or five year terms is also retarding the speed. Today's judicial and security systems destruct the potentials of many individuals by delayed judgments, destructive torture and capital punishments. We need maximum individuals, for the Global Pyramid to ascend faster. Powerful intelligent altruistic autocracy is the best political system that can accelerate evolution.

Today, there are more altruistic intellectuals than ever before, but, scattered and spread. They constitute the conscience of human organizations. Even though these consciences are stronger ever, they are still slaves of highest leaderships. Global conscience still has no strength to express itself. United Nations, the global conscious mind at present, also is too weak to control regional organizations. Since both global conscience and conscious mind are weak, Global Union is failing to cure many cancerous infections on its body. Along biologic evolution cycle, when conscious mind evolved stronger individuals gained power and when conscience emerged stronger they gained real identity. Global Union will gain power when global conscious mind rules the world, and gain identity when global conscience controls it.

We can transform the summits of every human organization on Earth to heavens, and thereby accelerate the ascension of organizations, by improving democracy. Pyramidal Democracy is an ideal option. In pyramidal democracy, all members are candidates and voters, and the whole organization is constituency of all. Every individual is given a unique identity number with biometric or advanced security features and voting takes place only through the internet. In the first level voting, all those who receive 10 votes ascend to the second level. The system makes sure that candidates receive a maximum of 10 votes only and none votes himself. After first level voting second level voting takes place in a similar way. This will continue until the number of candidates and voters becomes less than 10. This top layer elects one person as the supreme leader. Leaders of top layers will rule the organization authoritatively, guided by their own consciences. As just 10 voters are electing a leader, and since disparity in consciousness levels between voters and candidates are small, leader evaluation will be more accurate. Also, as voting power increases proportionate with consciousness level, this system will raise highest conscious individuals to the top. This pyramid will be permanent, but with periodic corrections. In the correction process consensus decision of three or more individuals of a higher layer promotes, or demotes, individuals of a lower layer. New members will enter at the bottom and successively ascend to their potential levels. After a few years of correction, organizations will transform from mountains to pyramids. Powerful spiritual-intellectuals will ascend to the top of all human organizations on Earth. In a similar way, global Human Mountain should be transformed to a Global Human Pyramid, and its summit, a spiritual union of Global Conscious Mind and Conscience, will replace United Nations. Earth will transform to a rapidly ascending virtual Global Pyramid, and every human being on Earth will live in heaven, forever. Thank you.

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