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Volume 2: Foundations of 'The Human Odyssey'

-- Presented in 12 installments on --

Installment #1: Beyond Ken Wilber: How AQAL Became ADAPT

Hugh & Kaye Martin


Wilber's AQAL

Ken Wilber's famous AQAL Model has been the source of much confusion. The AQAL acronym is not (nor was it intended to be) an adequate summary of Wilber's Model of Human Development. It is merely a convenient and catchy enumeration of two of its more prominent features Quadrants and Levels (with Lines, States, Self, and/or Types often tossed in).

Wilber's IOS

Behind Wilber's AQAL is a far broader, more comprehensive Growth Model. That Model is never explicitly defined in Wilber's work, yet serves as the basis for many of his pronouncements on human growth. We refer to that Model as Wilber's Integral Operating System (or IOS). So, what is Ken Wilber's Integral Operating System? What is Wilber's fundamental, all-inclusive conceptual platform for the study of Human Development? To answer these questions, we combed Wilber's Integral Psychology and other seminal works finding over 50 distinct concepts Wilber considers essential for explaining Human Growth. Then, much like Wilber himself, we wrote these concepts on yellow pads, laid them out on the living room floor, and rearranged them in various combinations until they formed meaningful patterns.

The Formulation of ADAPT

When we laid out Wilber's many concepts on Human Development where they could all be viewed, we made a surprising discovery. Each of Wilber's Developmental Parameters falls into one of four fundamental Domains:

  • Dimensions. Where does the Growth take place? Where is our Growth headed? What are the various ways we can grow? The Dimensions are the various areas of human experience where Development can occur.
  • Participants. Who does the growing? What aspects of our Identity, or Self, take part in our Growth? The Participants are the various aspects of Identity or Self that participate in the Growth process.
  • Processes. How can our Growth be accomplished? By what Methods and Techniques do we implement our Growth? The Processes are the means by which our Growth takes place.
  • Pathfinders. With whose assistance? Who can guide us through the maze of Growth possibilities? Who can help us coordinate and orchestrate the many strands of our Growth? The Pathfinders are the people and other resources that aid us in our Growth process.

Thus, as it turns out, Wilber's Integral Operating System is actually a very highly-developed (though incomplete) version of a new Developmental Model that is much more inclusive and far more integrated. Using an acronym based on the four Domains, we call this Model ADAPPPT ('ADAPT' for short):

  • All Dimensions
  • All Participants
  • All Processes
  • All Pathfinders
  • Together (All Domains combined into one System)

Hugh & Kaye Martin's new book Ken Wilber, Joseph Campbell, & the Meaning of Life (The Human Odyssey series) presents a unique, new way of viewing personal growth and human development. In this series, we publish excerpts from the Advanced Version, Volume 2 -- appendices that explain the foundations of the ADAPT/ Life Journey Model in the work of Ken Wilber and Joseph Campbell.

This issue of Integral World contains Installment #1:

Beyond Ken Wilber: How AQAL Became ADAPT.

The ADAPT Model of Human Development -- one of the twin foundations of this book: How it was derived from the AQAL/IOS Models of Ken Wilber, and other sources. (Appx A2)

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We recommend you read this book by opening a two-page spread, just as if you were reading a printed book. To do this, please right-click this link to download this PDF installment and save it to your computer. Then double-click to open the file in Adobe Acrobat. Then go to View > Page Display > And check: Two-Page View, Gaps Between Pages, and Show Cover Page. If possible, view the book on a big monitor. This way you'll get the full impact of all the graphics and tables in the book's two-page, six-perspective format.

PUBLICATION HISTORY Volume 2: Foundations of 'The Human Odyssey'

Ken Wilber Appendices.

How the ADAPT Model derives from, illuminates, and extends the Integral Theory work of philosopher and systems theorist Ken Wilber.

  • Installment #1: Beyond Ken Wilber: How AQAL Became ADAPT. (May 2015)
  • Installment #2: Ken Wilber's ADAPT.
  • Installment #3: Toward a New AQAL.
  • Installment #4: How ADAPT Improves on Wilber.
  • Installment #5: The Internal Developmental Sequence (IDS).
  • Installment #6: The Progressions of Human Development.
  • Installment #7: The Processes of Ken Wilber & Anodea Judith.

Joseph Campbell Appendices.

How the Life Journey Archetype derives from, illuminates, and extends the Hero's Journey 'Monomyth' of scholar and mythologist Joseph Campbell.

  • Installments #8+9: Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey.
  • Installment #10: Beyond Joseph Campbell: How the Hero's Journey Became the Life Journey.
  • Installment #11: Parallels to Homer's The Odyssey.

Wilber + Campbell Appendices.

  • Installment #12: Quick-Reference Guides.

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