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Hugh MartinHUGH MARTIN is listed in Who's Who in America and Who's Who in the World. He has appeared on numerous talk shows, led seminars at many colleges and corporations, and spoken at numerous professional conferences and colloquia. Mr. Martin is president of the FINRA-registered securities brokerage firm, Hugh Martin Securities, and of the SEC-registered investment advisory firm, Hugh Martin & Co. Hugh is also president and co-founder of the life planning and counseling firm, Whole Life Counseling. AMALIA KAYE MARTIN ('Kaye') is an early-education specialist, a gifted natural medicine practitioner, and an instructor in nutrition and natural medicine at Baumann College.


How Two Great Thinkers Collaborate to Give Us
The Ultimate Hero's Journey of Personal Growth & Human Development

Installment #4:
System #8 -- Spiritual Growth

Hugh & Kaye Martin

Hugh & Kaye Martin's new book presents a unique, new way of viewing personal growth and human development. In this series, Integral World presents excerpts from the Advanced Version, Volume 1 -- sections of the book that were omitted from IW's previously-published Introductory Version -- because they are more complex, more speculative, or more controversial than the rest of the book. (This particular section probably the most complex, speculative, and controversial of all.)

Ken Wilber's four 'Transcendent States,' the 'Pre-Trans Fallacy,' 'Spirit,' 'True Self,' 'Witness,' 'Waking Up,' and 'Spirit-in-Action.' How do these esoteric and abstruse concepts square with the Martin's ADAPT Model? These all pertain to Spiritual Growth -- the higher levels of consciousness whereby we experience transcendent bliss, awaken to the Divine Presence, or submit to the guidance of Providence.

Spiritual Growth[1] is a process of Awakening -- of waking up to universal spiritual truths that are unchanging and eternal. This contrasts to normal Actualization Growth, which is the process of changing and 'metamorphosing' from one Stage to the next.

  • The Transcendent States. Ken Wilber's four higher States of consciousness.
  • The Romantic Fallacy. Where we mistake primitive Stages for higher States of consciousness. And its opposite: The Inverse Romantic Fallacy.
  • The Twin Aspects of the Divine Presence: The Immanent Presence, or Core Self. The Transcendent Presence, or Witness.
  • Awakening. The process of Waking Up to the Realm of the Spirit.
  • Spiritual Practices. Everything from yoga and tai chi to meditation and prayer.
  • Spiritual Guides. Pathfinders to the spirit world with no pretensions to infallibility or godhood.
  • Developmental Sequences. Progressions of growth for each of nine Arenas in the Realm of the Spirit.
  • Providence. Shakespeare's Hamlet says: 'There is a Divinity that shapes our ends, rough-hew them how we may.' How true is this?
  • To show you how the process of Spiritual Growth helps people to grow, we present a case study:
    • Jean Valjean from Les Miserables -- Jean Valjean, one of the Wretched of the Earth, is awakened to the Divine Presence through a gift of unconditional love. He thereafter dedicates his life to alleviating suffering and serving humanity.


[1] The process of Spiritual Growth applies Ken Wilber's terms to the subject of Human Development. It does not purport to describe the full implications of Wilber's concepts.

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