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The Need
for Secrecy 2

Ravi Maheshvar

In response to the last couple of paragraphs of "Consciousness and Its Pretenders":

Hi Andy,

"If I understand you correctly, you're concerned that a revolution against Illuminism might emerge, in which identified authors might be at risk."

What I meant to say is that the Illuminati IS a revolutionary organization, and therefore has many enemies. Adam Weishaupt, founder of the Bavarian Illuminati, wanted to destroy the Catholic Church and overthrow the European Monarchies. In the modern day, the Illuminati want to destroy all branches of Abrahamism and overthrow the super rich. Aside from that they want to replace democracy with meritocracy, and radically reform the fields of science and education.

No "revolution against Illuminism" will EMERGE, as Illuminists have already been persecuted for centuries. Identified authors would certainly be at risk.

"I don't see why someone could not publish such ideas under his own name."

Because it would be pretty obvious what other material the author has written. You just need to google a few key phrases, and you quickly find the Armageddon Conspiracy site. Sure, the author COULD take the risk, but would it be worth it? For some reason the author decided it would not be worth it. He has chosen a different strategy. As Oscar Wilde said, "Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth."

"I was not aware that the Illuminati discussed Islam in particularly negative terms."

Yes, I understand, the God Series isn't focusing on Islam that much. But to give you an idea, here are a few quotes from the Armageddon Conspiracy website:

"A Muslim commentator said that it was remarkable that the Islamic world does not erupt in anger over events in Syria, or "honour" killings, or 13-yr-old girls being raped by middle-aged Muslim men (the girls are then flogged or jailed for being "sluts"!). No, it goes volcanic over silly videos - exactly what you would expect from an infantilized id culture."

"Muslims think they are highly moral. Everyone else thinks they are mad, fanatical animals. Islam appeals not to reason but to intolerance, persecution and horrific Koranic conformity. It's an id ideology and nothing to do with the superego."

"Most people in the world aren't educated. Rather, they are indoctrinated with ridiculous dogmas. Look at Muslims. They are remarkably stupid because of Koranic brainwashing. Muslims have been conditioned to be deferential. They are terrified of being individuals, of speaking out against nonsense. There are many atheists and skeptics in the Christian West. Why is there no tradition of atheism and skepticism in the Islamic world? It's because there was no Islamic Enlightenment, nothing to counteract the Koranic brainwashing. Muslims have rendered themselves subhuman because they have allowed themselves to be terrified into believing the most embarrassing hogwash conceivable. Anyone who rejects reason relegates themselves to the domain of animals - the less than human - and we shouldn't be afraid to say so. The world has pandered to the stupid for far too long. Did you know that the Koran actually teaches that the Earth is flat? It must be right. After all, "God" wrote it and he created the world. Yeah, right!!!!! Just how dumb would you have to be to think the Koran said even one true thing? Only a complete failure of reason would stop you from laughing out loud as you read page after page about camels and goats and making sure you wipe your ass with your left hand."

"A Muslim woman said that Muslim men must have a beard because "it's in the Koran." Why doesn't such a woman ever stop to wonder why the alleged Creator of the Universe would be interested in the facial hair of men? Is bushiness of beard the measure of holiness? But, of course, Mohammed - a bearded man seeking to impose a visual brand on his followers to distinguish them from clean-shaven pagans - would be extremely keen to claim that God demanded that men have beards. Are all clean-shaven men to go to hell? What, for not having a fucking beard?!!!!! "Holy texts" set themselves against reason and knowledge. Such texts are incompatible with education. In any nation that values education, "holy texts" must be rejected. They should be banned from schools. They should actually be thrown on ceremonial pyres designed to consign ignorance to the flames."

"Look at modern Muslims with their robotic behaviour and their refusal to challenge the Koran and become rational freethinkers. It was Mohammed and the Koran that made them into stupid, submissive sheeple; the clue is in the name of the religion - Islam MEANS "submission", and it produces brainwashed, submissive people."

"Islam is about closing your mind to other ideas, shutting down debate, narrowing your view of the world until it consists of only one thing - the Koran. Anyone who follows this formula will be an excellent Muslim and a hopeless and spectacularly ignorant human being. How many Islamic countries are renowned for their intellectual endeavours, for their cutting edge thinking, for their innovative art and technology? None. Thinking and creativity are incompatible with Islam. Progress itself is incompatible. It is unnecessary as far as Islam is concerned. Islam is anti-evolutionary in every sense. It wants the earth of a million years hence to be exactly the same as the earth of now. Because the Koran, supposedly, is never out of date."

"The most intelligent people on earth are atheists, agnostics and gnostics while the least intelligent are the followers of the Abrahamic religions (particularly Islam and Fundamentalist Christianity). The more backward and primitive a nation is the more likely it is to turn to the Abrahamic faiths. There are virtually no atheists, agnostics or gnostics in the most stupid nations of the world. There are none in Afghanistan. Faith in Abrahamic religions and intelligence are inversely correlated. A vicious circle is activated. You need intelligence to escape the mind control of the Abrahamic faiths, but if you are under their mind control you will never acquire the necessary intelligence. These faiths have no interest at all in intelligence. Martin Luther, the founder of Protestantism, declared, "Reason is the Devil's whore." That sums up the attitude of the Abrahamic faiths to logic and intelligence."

"Look at Muslims, Orthodox Jews, Sikhs, Hindus and the like - wearing ludicrous, inappropriate, religiously-inspired clothes in a modern world, obeying ludicrous dietary laws based on food prohibitions that might have made sense thousands of years old but which are idiotic now, shunning and despising members of other communities that do not follow their rules. They are fearful, brainwashed people, scarcely human at all: more like machines without any stamp of individuality. They are at their happiest when they are surrounded by millions of others just like them, obeying the same absurd rules. The Islamic ceremonies at Mecca, birthplace of Mohammed, involving millions of worshippers walking in circles and reinforcing their mutual belief system, best illustrate this type of person. They lack individuality and bravery. They can only act courageously in the name of their traditions, not in their own name. Pathetic in practically every regard. A disgrace to the human race."


Aside from Muslims, there are also countless conspiracy theorists who believe the Illuminati are evil and must be destroyed. Even if there is no danger right now, because Mike Hockney is not showing up on anyone's radar, that might very well change in the future.

Personally, I would love to see Mike Hockney go public, but I respect his wish not to do that. Just so you know: none of the people who have written to you have any idea who Mike Hockney really is. None of us ever met him. And that may be one other reason why he prefers anonymity: to avoid, as much as possible, creating a cult of personality. Which is of course in line with the example given by Pythagoras, who would lecture from behind a curtain.


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