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David Christopher LaneDavid Christopher Lane, Ph.D. Professor of Philosophy, Mt. San Antonio College Lecturer in Religious Studies, California State University, Long Beach Author of Exposing Cults: When the Skeptical Mind Confronts the Mystical (New York and London: Garland Publishers, 1994) and The Radhasoami Tradition: A Critical History of Guru Succession (New York and London: Garland Publishers, 1992).



David Lane

Back in 1990 at Mt. San Antonio College, we started a mini book series on mystics of the world, first concentrating on shabd yoga adepts from North India. Later we published texts on such luminaries as Nicholas of Cusa, Rumi, and St. Teresa of Avila. About a month ago, an old Indian friend of mine asked me if I still had any copies of those little books. We had published them in a cute, 3.5 x 3.5 size. I told him that I would see what I could unearth since we had exhausted our initial print run. Although I found a few copies of the first in the series, I thought it would be better if we did a whole new edition of the series in a larger, more accessible format.

We have now published mini books on the following mystics, with a special emphasis on meditational advice: Charan Singh, Rai Salig Ram, Faqir Chand, Jagat Singh, and Nicholas of Cusa. Hopefully, more will be forthcoming. In addition, we have made “visual” book films based on those same texts, replete with narration by Jason Zenobia and accompanied by meditational music. The mini books and the audio versions are available from Amazon and Audible respectively. However, we have also published free PDF versions as well which are on the website. The films range from 8 to 31 minutes. Below are the links to the free PDFs and the movies based on the same:

Charan Singh Faqir Chand Nicolas of Cusa
Rai Salig Ram Jagat Singh Inner Visions and running trains

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