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Kelly Lane is 11 years old and in middle school. He is an avid surfer who loves interactive computer games, such as Minecraft and Roblox. Kelly also likes playing Superhot and Waltz of the Wizard in Virtual Reality on Oculus Rift. His favorite academic subjects are mathematics and science. Kelly loves to read books on technology and at the age of 7 read Brad Stone’s The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon and Walter Issacson’s biography, Steve Jobs.
David Lane is a Professor of Philosophy at Mt. San Antonio College. Besides being the proud father of Kelly and his brother Shaun, he also surfs as much as he can. David has a deep interest in quantum theory, evolutionary biology and neuroscience. He is the author of several books, including You are Probability and Confessions of a Bibliomaniac.

When Computers
Become Human

A Kid’s Guide to the Future
of Artificial Intelligence

Kelly Lane and David Lane

Hi, my name is Kelly. However, my parents’ pet name for me is Nietzsche. I have always loved computers.

Hi, my name is Kelly. However, my parents’ pet name for me is Nietzsche. I have always loved computers.

One day my father told me a funny story about how back in the early 2000s one of his computers came with an Einstein-like animated assistant who would pop up whenever you had a question. My father used to trick my oldest brother Shaun (who was only 3 at the time) that it was a real person living inside the screen.

This got me to thinking, “Is it possible for a computer to actually become human-like?” As I pondered this and other related questions (such as, “Can a smart phone become selfaware?”), I realized that I needed to know more about the history of computers and programming.


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