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Integral Initiatives

This is a list of individuals, groups, newsgroups on the Net, initiatives in politics, education, science etc., that are inspired by the work of Ken Wilber, but have no official relationship to the Integral Institute. It's purpose is to foster contact between people who are working in the same field, but are often unaware of eachother's existence. If you feel you should be on this list, don't hesitate to email me about your integral initiatives.

To avoid spamming practices, the email addresses on the Integral Initiatives page have been rewritten as "-at-" instead of "@". Before you send an email, please undo this change. (FV)

  • Ken Wilber Online , Wilber section on website of Shambhala, Wilber's main publisher, since November 1996.
  • Integral World (formerly known as: The World of Ken Wilber) , website of Frank Visser (That's where you are now! ;-)
  • KenWilber · US based YAHOO! Ken Wilber Discussion Group, since December 1998.
  • The Wilber Seminar - temporarily renamed as Peace and War, a Symposium, on, since February 1999.
  • KenWilber-de · German YAHOO! discussion list about Ken Wilber, since July 2000.
  • Integral-ION · A YAHOO! forum for discerning discussion of the emerging Integral worldspace, since January 2001 (members only)
  • Postconpol - A YAHOO! forum for exploring and developing the meanings of integral politics (members only)
  • politicsandspiritnetwork · Politics and Spirit Network – an online network bringing together political and spiritual activity, inspired by Integral Institute member Rabbi Michael Lerner
  • London Integral Circle – e-list linked to UK group. (members only)


  • Alex Blais , undergraduate student in Ecology & Environmental Studies at the University of Victoria, Victoria, BC, Canada, cofounder of the Integral Ecology Research Group at the School of Environmental Studies at UVic,
  • Brian G. Eddy , Ph.D. Candidate, Dept. of Geography and Environmental Studies, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada. Preparing a thesis on 'An Integral Approach to Sustainable Development'. Also a GIS specialist.
  • Durwin Foster , University of British Columbia 604-929-1988, , grad student in Counselling Psychology, writing on counselling, constructivism, integralism.
  • Patricia Gordon, Ph.D., John Abbott College, Montreal. Applying AQAL/SDi approach to education, in particular to literature courses. Practicing ITP.
  • Olen Gunnlaugson, former educational coordinator of Holma College of Integral Studies (Sweden) Presently pursuing MA in Transformative Learning at UBC, Vancouver Canada, with Integral Coaching e-business at Personal email:
  • Cam Owens , Department of Geography, University of Calgary, Canada: works on an integral approach to sustainable consumption and waste reduction.
  • Wade Prpich , Calgary, Alberta, Masters thesis on the National Standard of Canada for Organic Agriculture, using Wilber's model,


  • Don Beck , Texas, founder National Values Center, co-author of "Spiral Dynamics",
  • Bill Epperly , Chicago, Integral Awakenings: catalyzing the awakening of individuals and communities to Spirit in self, neighbor, and nature.
  • Thomas G. Goddard , president Integral Healthcare Solutions, Falls Church, VA, , writes on integral health care.
  • John Forman, Seattle, , Integral Development Associates, , uses "integrally informed" practices to provide management consulting (leadership development, cultural change, etc.) for a number of clients, many of whom are in healthcare.
  • Global Integral Research : Advancing the Integral Development of Individuals, Organizations, Institutions and Communities.
  • Cindy Lou Golin , PhD student at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in Palo Alto, California. Writing her dissertation on the application of Spiral Dynamics Integral to business consulting/organizational development, .
  • Integral Development Associates : consulting firm specializing in the application of integral theory and practice to organizations and markets.
  • Sean Hargens , student at CIIS, San Francisco, author on Wilber and intersubjectivity, integral ecology,
  • Bruce Kunkel , Exceptional People, , author of books in progress on Integral thinking/spiral dynamics, Bruce Kunkel Associates, Strategic Organization Development - Executive Search,,
  • Renee Moorefield , Colorado Springs, teaches a program called 'the Business of Wellth' that enables businesses to redefine and operate from integral models of success that are unique to them, ,
  • Muhammad Naeem , New York, Adult Services Librarian, Brooklyn Public Library, initiator of various programs for the integral education of its readers,
  • Tom OShea , Seattle, working on project about integral aspects of AIDS, inspired by Peter Duesburgs "Inventing the AIDS virus",
  • Bert Parlee , Chief of Staff Integral Institute, clinical psychologist, Bay Area.
  • Andrew Smith , neurologist/mystic, author of essays on Wilber, author of the e-book "Worlds within Worlds",
  • Russ Volckmann , PhD LeadCoach, Coaching Leaders in Business and Life, Integral Leadership Review,


  • Michel Bauwens , Brussels, Belgium/Thailand, , interested in integral politics, anti-globalism, networking society.
  • Geert Drieghe , Leuven, Belgium, , student anthropology, interested in integral anthropology and integral development, thesis in preparation.
  • Patrick Merlevede , Lembeke, co-founder of "Integral Perspectives Group", author of "7 Steps to Emotional Intelligence", certified in Spiral Dynamics and as NLP trainer. Develops a series of initiatives to deploy an integral vision in Human resources, integrating the four quadrants.
  • Wil Wauters , Mechelen, co-founder Institute for Integral Multidimensional Psychology (IMP), , offers courses, training, workshops from an integral perspective.


  • Sacha Horowitz , Brussels, editor "Dimensions interieures", a new magazine on the "new world disorder", based on Spiral Dynamics and Wilber,,



  • Andreas Doerne , Berlin, working on a theory of Integral Arts and especially Integral Music,
  • Felix Ginthum , Berlin, coordinator Arbeitskreis Ken Wilber in German language areas, ,
  • ISBerlin (Integral Studies Berlin): offers seminars with integral content (integral basics, spiritual ecumenism, integral business, integral transformation). All seminars and workshops are positioned in the "integral map" by introducing or extending explanations with multimedia techniques., Johannes Drummer (Analyst) -, Dr. Andreas Lorenz (Surgeon) -, Uwe Schramm (Dipl. Designer) -
  • Leland Johnson & Auguste Waldschmidt , Oberschöneberg, in the Augsburg Natur Park, Bavaria, founders of the Integra Centre for the Integral Vision, which offers Study Courses, Conferences and Workshops based on integral principles, members of the Integral Institute,
  • Thomas Jordan , Research Fellow of the Department of Human and Economic Geography in Gothenburg, Sweden, but living in Germany, author of essays on Wilber, consciousness and conflict resolutin,
  • Bernd Meyer , Nürnberg, psychologist, working on an integral counseling concept based on the pre/trans fallacy, for people who have left a cultic group, ,
  • Wolfgang Schmidt-Reinecke , Berlin, , initiator integral foundation Germany,


  • Pygmalion Karatzas , Architect, Urban Design M.Sc. Private practice in Greece. Andronopoulou 4, 25100, Egion, Ahaia, Establishing integral initiatives in Greece,




  • Gil Ducommun , Bern, founder of Dynamic5, a prospective European political party active in Switzerland, Austria, Italy and Germany,
  • Jo Munzer , Switzerland, , Integral Transformative Practise, author and speaker, website Arbeitskreis Ken Wilber:


  • Roy Widgery , Anglia Polytechnic University, runs a counselling degree course which uses Wilber as the theoretical base and has an open module, a George Leonards's ITP,
  • Matthew Kalman – founder of London Integral Circle in 2000. Also founded Politics and Spirit Network. MA diss on transpersonal psychology/deep ecology,
  • Mike Kitson, Liverpool, working within the field of management learning and development and bringing together Wilber’s AQAL/IOS model with the Gravesian/Spiral Dynamics spiral added to Complexity and Double Loop Learning to provide a form of sustainable learning and development that is appropriate for the 21st century, Integral Learning,



  • Moacyr Castellani ( – coach, writer, trainer and lecturer. His formation and experience as a psychologist and business administrator allowed him to develop and apply the METACOACHING concept to the traditional coaching methods. In his approach, the Personal and Executive Coaching are re-evaluated by an integral knowledge. The Metacoaching process focus on four strategical pillars to support a meaningful life. These are: Self-actualization, Professional Success, Emotional Intelligence and Financial Intelligence (


  • Greg Wilpert , Caracas, co-facilitator Integral Politics branch of the Integral Institute, , writing a book on integral social development.


  • Mark Edwards , Perth, Disability Officer, author of essays on Wilber, has an "Integral Studies Group" meeting monthly in Perth, Western Australia. The group is currently looking at the application of Integral studies to the areas of counselling practice, the analysis of individual and social forms of power, disability studies, and an Intergral studies interpretation of sacred writings.
  • Ray Harris , Australia, author of essays on Wilber and integral politics, working on a book on Wilber, Jung and Spiral Dynamics, .
  • Felicity Van Rysbergen , Phd in English and Cultural Studies at the University of Melbourne on avant-garde art and technology, science-fiction and postmodernism and Wilber,
  • Richard Slaughter , Foundation Professor of Foresight, Australian Foresight Institute, Hawthorne, Australia, author of essays on Wilber, .
  • Chris C Stewart , Melbourne Australia – A communications and management consultant using AQAL. Chris is also studying at the Australian Foresight Institute, researching and writing on Integral Futures. .
  • Joseph Voros , futurist, lecturer and researcher at the Australian Foresight Institute, Swinburne University, Melbourne, Australia, undertaking research on an integral approach to Futures Studies, and using integral approaches to foresight work. .



  • Norio Suzuki, Tokyo, Integral Japan core member (education), Leads Ken Wilber study group. Partner, Interkannections (Integral Negotiation). Translator: Integral Negotiation materials. Ph.D. from CIIS. Contact:
  • Takahashi Keisuke, Tokyo, Integral Japan core member (web presence). First Ken Wilber/Spiral Dynamics web site in Japanese. CG creator for Sony Playstation. Contact: (Japanese only).
  • Chad Stewart, Nagoya, Integral Japan core member (integrator). Director, Interkannections (Integral Negotiation & Transcultural Assessment). Contact:


  • Sixto Roxas , started a program for Integral Management that is inspired by the four-quadrant-eight level perspective of Wilber/Graves, member of the Maximo T. Kalaw Institute for Sustainable Development (MTKISD),
  • Tsutomu (Tom) Yonashiro. Integral Japan core member (translation). Partner, Interkannections (Transcultural Assessment). Translator: Spiral Dynamics integral materials from What Is Enlightenment? (article, DVD). Ph.D. candidate at University of Philippines. Human Resources for IBM. Contact:


  • Michel Bauwens , Brussels, Belgium/Thailand, , interested in integral politics, anti-globalism, networking society, 84, chiangmai-lampang rd, Chiang Mai TH 50300 Thailand.


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