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New Analysis and Peacemaking Ideas between Russia and Ukraine

Salvador Harguindey

The following, more heterodox, cultural-spiritual perspective has recently been considered in some advanced intellectual circles.

The current confrontational and dualistic level of socio-political awareness has led to a very painful and chaotic situation in Ukraine that has all of humanity stunned and frightened. This situation evidences the need to evolve upwardly to a type of consciousness capable of embracing the totality of the conflict as well as its conditioning factors (adualism). In the first place, it is necessary to conceive unprecedented proposals for peace and understanding between different sensitivities and identities. For this reason, Beck and Cowan have stated that every political conflict has been transformed, even at its root, "into a confrontation between structures and evolutionary stages of human consciousness". Likewise, Abraham Maslow declared decades ago that "from the perspective of a transpersonal consciousness a comprehensive political program can be proposed in half an hour". This is in full agreement with Einstein's well-known statement that "no problem is solved at the same level of consciousness that originated it". Lately, Ken Wilber, in considering the most in vogue fundamentalisms, concluded that "no one at a high level of consciousness (spiritual and humanity-centered, or world-centered) would happily drop the atomic bomb, but someone at a collectivist, egocentric and preconventional level would happily send anyone to hell."

The first attempt of any peacemaking mediation between Russia and Ukraine at a high level of consciousness would lead us to think of the Orthodox Church, which, from an (ideally) supra-political and supra-conflictive point of view, and from a theoretical perspective of true Christian unity, could mediate between Ukraine and Russia. But this does not seem to be possible in this case, since the Russian Orthodox Church, led by Patriarch Kirill, has been confronted with the Ukrainian Orthodox Church since the latter separated from the former. Indeed, believe it or not, the "supposedly Christian" Kirill has said that the invasion of Ukraine is justified, that Putin is a "gift from God" and that the invasion of Ukraine is opposed by "the forces of evil". Jesus of Nazareth!, tell us, please: with friends like Judas and Kirill, who needs enemies?

In this conflict, the late Pope John Paul II, Dostoyevsky and Tolstoy are greatly missed. With them here and now this pre-nuclear war would not have taken place. The present catholic Pope limits himself to useless words. Soft, primitive and unimaginative, it is not even capable of encouraging a "synod" at the highest inter- and poly-religious level among the leaders of all the major religions that are predominant in Russia and Ukraine. That is, a meeting with at least senior representatives of the two Orthodox churches, in addition to the Dalai Lama, and at least one Muslim imam, a Jewish rabbi and himself. All to seek "a higher synthesis of opposites", following the pacifist terminology of psychologist Carl Jung.

The following, more heterodox, cultural-spiritual perspective has recently been considered in some advanced intellectual circles as a desperate search for connecting links and hinges of growth for the whole Russian-Ukrainian or Ukrainian-Russian Tree of Life.

To top it all off, Putin has declared that the West is trying to destroy Russian culture. This is another lie! Russian people and Russian soldiers: you are being deceived, and many of you know it! What binds you to your Ukrainian brethren is the true soul of the Great Mother Russia, and that is the soul of Dostoyevsky, who predicted decades in advance the Bolshevik revolution of 1917 in his novel "The Demons". Recalcitrant demons that have now been resurrected in the person of Stavroguin-Putin, whose novelistic and sadomasochistic twin brother of the Russian dictator declares that "I neither know nor feel good and evil, and I have not only lost all sense of it, but that there is neither good nor evil, and that it is only a prejudice." The essence of the Russian spirit is not Putin's, but the holy goodness of Prince Mishkin, of Alyosha Karamazov and of the Dostoyevskian text: "Meditations on Christ". Mainly, In that short essay where the brilliant writer says: "If someone would show me that Jesus Christ is not in the truth, I would choose to follow Jesus Christ rather than the truth." Something that Tolstoy, who declared himself a lover of the collective spirit of the Russian people, would have unhesitatingly endorse.

If the great Dostoyevsky prophesied decades in advance the landing of the demonized Bolsheviks on the sacred Russian soil in his novel "The Demons", no less of a prophet, nor of lesser talent, is the author of that great work of Russian-Ukrainian literature, Mikhail Bulgakov, an author born in Kiev, entitled: "The Master and Marguerite". His extraordinary novel is considered one of the most important of the 20th century. In this novel, which represents a text twinned with Goethe's "Faust" and his Mephistopheles, Bulgakov also prophesied many decades in advance the arrival of diabolical political leaders. Its theme is about the visit of the Devil to the Soviet Union. The Devil, comes disguised as a human being and with almost infinite powers, and is named "Woland" in the novel. Like Putin, he is a soulless apocalyptic beast and Antichrist of the his generation. In the end, only the humble love of Marguerite (a Mary Magdalene?) for the master (an alter ego of Jesus Christ?) triumphs over evil, not before that dehumanized Devil flies away from Moscow, while its domes and windows burn in the twilight of Easter Sunday.

We all should listen to this. A great hybridization of the human spirit awaits us on a rocky, but already unstoppable, path to a new era of peace and confraternization. Finally, let's see if the Russian, American and Chinese politicians and military men and women learn once and for all the following. Life is One. The world is One. Humanity is One. And love is One.

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