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Essay Submissions to
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Frank Visser

The Reading Room of Integral World hosts hundreds of essays on the work of Ken Wilber and integral philosopny of about 75 authors, which have been submitted spontaneously to this website over the past decade.

Many of these essays have been translated into German and some into Spanish, but also into Portuguese, French, Italian, Polish, Dutch, Swedish, Greek, Hebrew, Estonian, Croation and Russian.

If you want to submit an essay:

  • Send it to me as Word document.
  • Provide References and Notes wherever appropriate.
  • Use a short title (and for clarification a longer subtitle).
  • Use subheadings (and sub-subheadings) in the main text.
  • All essays on Integral World will be formatted to html using the same stylesheet.
  • Print versions of the essays have a simpler layout, to make maximum use of the print paper.
  • Provide illustrations whenever relevant.
  • Length isn't really an issue: essay vary from 5 to 50 pages, but we've also published book-length texts.
  • Bear in mind: people don't read essays on the web, they scan them

If you want to submit a translation:

  • Translations of existing essays are welcome too.
  • Translating directly in the html source code of the original English essay is the preferrable method.
  • Just sent me the html code pasted in a Word document, or as html file.

Please mail your contributions to: f.visser3 @

Frank Visser
Webmaster Integral World
Author of Thought as Passion

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