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Response to Erkelens

Ken Wilber

Herbert van Erkelens' essay "A Jungian Response to Wilber" is based mostly on Grace and Grit, where I gave a few brief sentences about archetypes.

But that book does not cover any of my detailed thoughts about Jung and the Jungian view of archetypes. Erkelens' essay, in other words, doesn't deal with my actual view of Jungian archetypes at all.

If readers would like to see my actual thoughts on Jung and the archetypes, they can check The Eye of Spirit, chapter 11; numerous entries in Eye to Eye; and numerous entries in Sex, Ecology, Spirituality. Most recently, I have summarized these points in Integral Psychology.

I do, however, appreciate the generous comments that Erkelens makes about Grac e and Grit. I appreciate that very much.

Ken Wilber

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