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Response to "The Integral Cycle of Knowledge"

Ken Wilber

Hi Mark,

This all sounds very promising to me, and I am glad you are posting this ["THE INTEGRAL CYCLE OF KNOWLEDGE Some thoughts on integrating Ken Wilber's Developmental and Epistemological Models"] on Frank's site.

I am not completely convinced, but I like your approach a lot. But I am not sure that the four strands break into the four quadrants exactly (e.g., there are many injunctions that are almost purely Upper Left: vipassana, for example, and contemplative prayer). And Popperian rebuff can occur with data from any quadrant.

Also, remember that for me, all referents exist in a worldspace (the Lower Left), so that all data always come with an interpretive component (so the Lower Left is not getting left out; it is built into all data; and thus a postmodern component is built into all knowing).

When we make conscious interpretations, that is just another, distinct round of application of the three strands, applied to data generated in the first round (so I have a cycle of knowledge as well).

Still, I think what you are doing is one way to relate the modes of knowing, levels of knowing, and verification procedures, and it certainly deserves a careful hearing. Thanks very much for this thoughtful feedback.


September, 1999

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