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Guy CrittendenGuy Crittenden is an award-winning journalist and author with special experience in industrial ecology and the evolving circular economy. The former founding editor of environmental business magazines HazMat Management and Solid Waste & Recycling decades ago is returning to help organizations with their communication, PR and strategic planning needs. He is the author of The Year of Drinking Magic: Twelve Ceremonies with the Vine of Souls (Silver Medal in its category, 2018 US Independent Book Publisher Awards.)

Reposted from Hip Gnosis (Sep 7, 2020)
with permission of the author.

The Great Bifurcation

Guy Crittenden

I wonder, can the two groups live side by side peacefully? Or, as I suspect, will they go to war?

In a sense it’s simple, what’s going on. Society is splitting in two. Two groups have defined themselves not so much in the face of COVID-19 itself as the response to it, and associated narratives. How this plays out in the coming months could quite literally determine the future of humanity for generations to come, if this bifurcation continues (and deepens).

One group—the majority—thinks something along these lines:

Society has its flaws and governments screw up sometimes, but essentially our governments represent us, and have our best interests at heart, most of the time. Through a system of regulation and enforcement, the public is kept safe from the worst predations of corporations. This group consumes mainstream media—everything from CNN to the New York Times to The Guardian—and its world view is shaped by this media.

People are unfriending one another, in some cases ending decades-long relationships over as simple a thing as “mask or no mask.”

The media narrative says some time in early 2020 a novel coronavirus jumped species from bat to human, and a deadly virus spread around the globe claiming hundreds of thousands of lives. Governments fumbled the ball but did the best they could, ultimately saving lives and fighting the virus through a strategy of lockdown, self-distancing and hygiene measures and (ultimately) public masking. This group is grateful to the government for imposing sufficient measures to fight the contagion and keep people safe, and those who refuse to wear a mask and cooperate are selfishly endangering others and the whole strategy. Members of this group hope a vaccine is available soon, and are thankful the government has ramped up testing to discover all the cases lingering out there, previously undetected.

It seems, to this group, that cases are rising, especially in places that refused to obey strict government edicts. More enforcement is needed to prevent a deadly second wave of the virus, they’re told. Public enemy number one is Donald Trump, who foolishly delayed mounting a sufficient preventative response and put his faith in unproven over-the-counter medicines, when he should have listened to Gates and Fauci. There’s a group of people out there with exotic stories of cheap drugs that can cure the virus, and many conspiracy theories that are dangerous as they undermine safety protocols. Some say the virus is a hoax or that the lockdown strategy and masks don’t work, and these people are woefully unscientific in their understanding and pose a risk to everyone else.

The T-shirt captures the positionality
of the “maskless” second group,
accused by the first group of being
“conspiracy theorists.”
But what if this is actually a conspiracy?
They do occur…

The other group—a minority—has a different perspective.

This second group—let’s call then “the maskless”—inherently distrusts government and does not assume it has the public interest at the forefront. This group points to the problem of glyphosate chemicals that have poisoned the food chain as just one example of governments working in corrupt collusion with large companies to enrich the latter while risking the health of ordinary people. This group similarly distrusts vaccines, either opposing them entirely or at least being suspicious of the ones under rushed development by companies with a financial interest in a COVID “solution.”

This group views the over-the-counter medicines as clearly the way to treat this infection, and prefers “terrain” over “germ” theory in understanding what’s happening. This group views the release of the virus with great suspicion, in terms of both its timing and the supposed location, and suspects the virus was made in a lab and may have been deliberately released during the Wuhan war games as part of an over-arching plan to disrupt the world economy and displace the middle class. Event 201—a planning exercise from the fall of 2019—was in preparation for the release of COVID-19.

To this group, lockdowns have been an abject failure, have destroyed whole economies and put millions of people in poverty (and at risk of starvation in some places). This group views Sweden as the success story in so far as it faced the virus without destroying its economy, while achieving a similar health outcome to most nations that did otherwise. This group has researched masking and found it makes no difference to public health outcomes, and views masks as obedience training that has nothing to do with keeping people safe. To these people, the coming vaccine is a dangerous drug that’s not really an inoculation so much as a new technology that permanently alters human DNA and could potentially turn the body’s immune system against itself, especially Chromosome 8, which mirrors the coronavirus genetic sequence.

To this group, the government lockdown response—which started as two weeks to “flatten the curve”—represents extreme overreach and an assault on civil liberties. Worse, it’s part of a plan outlined in World Economic Forum documents and those of an interlaced “alphabet soup” of international health and sustainability agencies and NGOs that seek to impose a New World Order on mankind in the form of a “technocracy” that would function like an AI or scientific dictatorship, and look much like China’s highly invasive and oppressive social scoring system. Once in place, it will be very difficult to overcome the surveillance capitalism or “bio-capitalism” system that’s being imposed, which will marginalize government in favour of an automated “control grid” system.

This group is also deeply troubled by explicit statements in WEF and other documents and websites about a depopulation agenda that aims to have no more than about a half billion people on Earth, and envisions by 2050 people living in megacities, with most of the planet depopulated and left to regenerate. Most people will work in an insecure “gig” economy in a kind of digital feudal system controlled by a billionaire class that will (attempt to) extend its lifespan via transhuman technology that alters the human genome and form. This group views the current situation as an ultimate final showdown between an out-of-control corporatized state controlled by technocrats (and a parasitical billionaire class that includes pedophile rings), and “the rest of us”—ordinary people who prefer safe technology and some kind of egalitarian system.

The two groups—the mask wearers and the maskless—have increasingly become two solitudes.

The two groups—the mask wearers and the maskless—have increasingly become two solitudes. The first group simply cannot “hear” what the second group is saying, because the “world view” of the second group is so very different from (and threatening to) the world view of the first group. Often the first group won’t read what the second group tries to share, relying as it does on mainstream media, and will turn to compromised fact checkers like Snopes or locked biographies on Wikipedia to quickly dismiss the threat to its assumptions. People in the first group are annoyed by what they view as the irresponsible behaviour of the second group, and are irritated by what they regard as ridiculous conspiracy theories. (Don’t conspiracy theories break down because they require too many people to participate? Wouldn’t someone come forward?) They feel it’s crazy to think our governments would collude with large companies to execute some grand design to dominate or even kill off most of the world’s population and impose something that sounds like a sci-fi movie. The second group is profoundly frustrated by the naïveté of the first group, whose members it considers “sheeple” who stupidly still believe JFK was killed by a lone gunman and accept the official explanations for such events as 9/11.

The first group thinks the second group is going to get us all killed from not wearing masks and from not behaving to protect the group, and their eventual refusal to accept a vaccine will endanger everyone, so it will be their just reward to be excluded from civilized society once that option becomes available and people who take the shot are rewarded with a green light on their COVIPASS. The second group thinks the first group is going to get us all killed from the depopulation agenda and also lead us all into digital slavery in the technocracy being imposed little by little by global elites.

Wherever you are in all this, you must admit this is an interesting situation, and quite a predicament! We have two groups of people with radically different ideas about what’s happening, the nature of the threat, and what we should do about it. For one group our very lives depend on compliance with government orders; for the other group such compliance will seal humanity’s fate in an Orwellian dystopia.

How do we determine which group is right? The consequences to either group of being wrong are very serious (for all involved). How do we break through this Mexican standoff? How do we interrupt the pattern of people doubling down on their commitment to their preferred narrative? Could it involve people learning to distrust “belief” itself? Could some uncorrupted international body be entrusted to sort out the truth? Or do we turn away from authority entirely? It’s been rather shocking, the level of vitriol and personal attacks, from either side.

These are perhaps the most serious questions to ever face the human species, perhaps since we faced and survived profound challenges from the last Ice Age or the Neolithic revolution. What’s frightening is that many people don’t see it as a dilemma but only as the other side being wrong. Ergo the two sides aren’t learning from one another. Instead, people are unfriending one another, in some cases ending decades-long relationships over as simple a thing as “mask or no mask.”

Companies are making permanent changes to office spaces and work protocols, as though the virus and crisis will last forever. Many government and company officials are making hugely important decisions while appearing to be either totally unaware of the risks described by the second group, or as conscious agents of the WEF global reset agenda. The vast majority of people are wearing masks, including some outdoors in hot weather, while a growing minority are throwing away their masks and joining protests. Quite a few people are selling their city homes and moving far out into the countryside to escape the Mad Max dystopia they believe is coming, where they can grow their own food and access well water. Some are creating intentional communities or communes to survive what they view as an evolving apocalyptic scenario, and to get away from new invasive telecom signals they believe harm health and invade privacy. Some are taking target practice and buying their first guns. Others can’t wait any longer to enjoy super-fast download speeds and driverless cars, and will happily take the inoculation.

So that’s the bifurcation I see underway; all my work these days is designed to avert the disaster I see ensuing if this split continues or deepens. If we can’t get past this, and soon, I believe we’ll have a divided world with people (the majority) herded into mega-cities and the control grid and living in technocratic society, and a minority living in rural areas, attempting some sort of Archaic Revival as Terence McKenna described it, eschewing the technocracy and its gee-whiz technologies in favour of what it sees as a more human and truly sustainable way of life.

Photo from the August 29 freedom rally
on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Canada.
People are beginning to stir.

I wonder, can the two groups live side by side peacefully? Or, as I suspect, will they go to war? Will it be intolerable to the technocrats—who now have the money and power—to let people live in this different way? In which case, will they use their technology and power to eliminate the system “outliers”? For how long will they tolerate them? Are the people fleeing the cities naive? Are there any safe places on a planet surrounded by 60,000 spy satellites? With facial recognition cameras everywhere? When drones equipped with heat-seeking cameras can find us in remote areas?

Isn’t this incredible? I certainly didn’t think at the start of 2020 we’d find ourselves in this position. I already knew our governments were deeply corrupted, and that we lived in more of a corporatocracy than a democracy (as the Princeton study already proved) but I was painfully unaware of this bio-capitalism agenda and technologies, that had always been described in positive terms. How are we going to square this circle, people? I currently believe it’s a matter of the second group educating the first group about what it knows, and the second group becoming open to that information.

Of course, in saying this I reveal my own bias. I have that bias, but then I don’t want people in the first group to suffer or die prematurely, and I don’t consider them “stupid” as many of its members are very smart. Their world view is the issue, in my opinion. Sadly, it may be the case that much more of the global reset agenda will have to be imposed before people in the first group will take the second group seriously. The game that’s afoot: to thwart or heavily modify the WEF plan in time, while allowing the trap to shut a bit further so folks in the mask wearing group “get it.” This is very high stakes and edgy, and I believe if we get out of this, it will be at the very last moment. I hope I’m wrong about that, but the evidence tells me otherwise.

A million people in Berlin, Germany listen to activist Robert Kennedy Jr. on a day of international freedom rallies on Saturday, August 29, 2020. This story was underreported in state and corporate media.

Meanwhile, resistance groups in my country, Canada, are talking seriously about ditching this country’s British monarchic systems and introducing a new constitution, to convert the country into a republic. Some are exploring common law and sovereign man legal concepts, to devise a legal path out of the crypto-fascism that’s engulfing us, incrementally. They note that the social score system in China (portrayed as it would look in North America in an episode of the sci-fi series Black Mirror) is being implemented here and around the world. Imposed is really the better term. Huawei facial recognition cameras are installed already in downtown Calgary and places in Nova Scotia and elsewhere. Soon they’ll be all over the place—hundreds of thousands of them. China will soon have 700 million! The 5G towers are going up (with hundreds of them deployed during the lockdown, when we couldn’t protest). Once all the antennae are installed, we’ll have no more privacy inside our outside our homes. According to the WEF, the Global Reset will be largely complete and the control grid will be fully in place by 2025.

We have, therefore, four years (at most) to derail these plans, if they’re to be taken seriously. If they’re not a “conspiracy theory.” (Was there ever a more over-used propaganda meme?) The maskless know where they stand, and are figuring out a plan. The mask wearers need to decide (soon) whether or not to join them. Can they afford to be wrong? Can any of us afford to be wrong?


For further research into the Global Reset plans of the World Economic Forum (WEF), U.N. Agenda 2030, the Rockefeller Institute and other international agencies, the technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the control and blockchain systems of bio-capitalism, I commend to readers the following leading writers and thinkers, whose work may be found on Facebook, YouTube and other social media, and their individual blogs or websites: Cory Morningstar (The Manufacturing of Greta Thunberg), Professor Shoshana Zuboff (Surveillance Capitalism), Alison McDowell (A Wrench in the Gears), Whitney Webb (Last American Vagabond), JP and Julie Collins (Book of Ours) and Australian vlogger Max Igan (The Crowhouse). (Note that many of their videos deleted from YouTube can be found on Bitchute.) For great perspectives on the coronavirus, vaccine risk, and 5G issues etc, please tune in to Del Bigtree’s weekly program The HighWire and Robert Kennedy Jr’s Children’s Health Defence network, both of which are part of the health freedom movement, which is Ground Zero for opposing the large pharmaceutical industry and the Global Reset agenda.

The Eye of Sauron (Lord of the Rings) appears fittingly on this photo of a new 5G tower I took on Highway 400 just north of the City of Toronto. Over 4,000 suppressed safety studies connect 5G EMF radiation with cancer and a long list of illnesses, not to mention the infringement of our privacy this technology represents.

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