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Joe CorbettJoe Corbett has been living in Shanghai and Beijing since 2001. He has taught at American and Chinese universities using the AQAL model as an analytical tool in Western Literature, Sociology and Anthropology, Environmental Science, and Communications. He has a BA in Philosophy and Religion as well as an MA in Interdisciplinary Social Science, and did his PhD work on modern and postmodern discourses of self-development, all at public universities in San Francisco and Los Angeles, California. He can be reached at [email protected].


Eulogy to the Kosmic Hologram

Joe Corbett

It was fun while it lasted, this metabolic dialectic of forces rushing towards its everlasting end.

Someone on social media asked for the meaning and relation of Love and Justice. I responded by saying that Love is a deep inter-subjective bond (LL) of the strong force such as empathy, compassion, and solidarity, as opposed to a subjective weak force such as sentimentality or infatuation (UL), whereas Justice is the electromagnetic structure of an inter-objective relation between the (molecular) parts of a system (LR), all in the context of gravitational bodies (UR), of course.

Eros, on the other hand (notwithstanding Frank Visser's criticisms of the use of the term), is the expansive energy or creative impulse of the universe, the dark energy of increasing complexity and emergence in defiance of entropic Thanatos, a fifth quadrant of quantum entanglement underlying and unifying the four fundamental forces of the manifest universe.

This seed pattern and dynamic unifying impulse of the Kosmos has been here from the first moments of the birth of the universe in the form of the AQAL. The archetypal patterns of Truth, Beauty, Goodness, and Justice are the primordial morphic-fields of the four fundamental forces, out of which all of the forms in the universe have evolved.

The engine of the universe, the creative impulse towards expansion and complexity, comes from the initial quantum fluctuation (imbalance) that sparked the ignition of creation in the first place, setting in motion the dialectics of becoming, which would ultimately be driven by the thermodynamic urge of the universe for entropic equilibrium by any means necessary, namely, the metabolic processes of star formation whereby elements can be cooked and fused into more complex forms of energy as a way to hasten and maximize entropy, and hence thermodynamic equilibrium.

As a metabolic process, life itself was enlisted in such a cause, cooking and fusing molecules into ever more complex heat generating machines. Eventually the evolution of species and advanced civilizations all over the universe would be enlisted in this process as well. And so here we are, a species of life within a galaxy in some far-flung corner of the universe maximizing its energy consumption and on the verge of its own heat death towards a civilizational black hole out of which no light is soon to emerge. It was fun while it lasted, this metabolic dialectic of forces rushing towards its everlasting end.

Now, at this juncture in human history, we have one last moment to pause and gaze at the spectacle before the curtain closes and the lights go out, for us at least. Still, we can look out into the vast expanse and know that it will all go on without us, as Truth, Beauty, Goodness, and Justice are out there, indeed, even right here, in our very death throes, for these archetypal-fields are the four nucleotides (T, B, G, J) of the Kosmic DNA itself. With these grammatical bases, the language of life and the universe has been written and immortalized innumerable times throughout the universe as the quantum potentialities within the primordial seed of the Quantum Hologram, the AQAL.

Alas, all Good things must come to an end. May we rest in peace.

deep space

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