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Joe CorbettJoe Corbett has been living in Shanghai and Beijing since 2001. He has taught at American and Chinese universities using the AQAL model as an analytical tool in Western Literature, Sociology and Anthropology, Environmental Science, and Communications. He has a BA in Philosophy and Religion as well as an MA in Interdisciplinary Social Science, and did his PhD work on modern and postmodern discourses of self-development, all at public universities in San Francisco and Los Angeles, California. He can be reached at [email protected].


Geometric Meditations
on the AQAL

A Pythagorean Integralism

Joe Corbett

Meditation I.

Imagine the AQAL not as bounded in a square or cube, but in a circle or sphere, at each and every point in space, and in dynamical interaction through time with other points (circle-spheres) extending outward in an infinitely complex mosaic of intertwining combinations and molecular formations, ultimately creating the very fabric of life-consciousness, the cosmos, and space-time itself.

Image by Nassim HarameinImage by Nassim Haramein

Fig 1a and 1b

In other words, "How far down does the AQAL go?" turns out to be the same question as, "What is the AQAL?" And that is, the bit-block of the Plank-scale and its architectural (string-bit quadrant) contours, the seed pattern for all this wonderful existence we know of as the universe.[1]


Image by Nassim Haramein

Fig. 2

Meditation II.

As the AQAL spheres multiply and expand outward, they overlap from their centers to form the seed pattern known as “The Flower of Life”, in figure 2 above.[2] Moreover, the structure within each sphere is constituted by the 4 information surfaces of the quadrants to form a tetrahedron, the first of the 5 “perfect” Platonic solids (where all lines, angles and surfaces are equal). Within the tetrahedron are the information surfaces of the 8 perspectives, forming another Platonic solid, the octahedron.

Image by Nassim Haramein

Fig. 3

Echoing an inner and outer perspective from each of the four domains, imagine the 8 acoustic “voices” of the quadrants generating interference patterns within the tetrahedron that contains them, as the tetrahedrons themselves overlap and intertwine within the spheres as they multiply and expand, linked by their centers. Now, as each sphere of the expanding mosaic of AQAL spheres contains a tetrahedral geometry within itself, in the initial iteration of the spheres the tetrahedrons will overlap in polarized opposition (as male and female, shiva and shakti, yin and yang) to form a star tetrahedron, a cubic star of David. After 8 iterations, they will come to form a 64 tetrahedral grid or matrix that Nassim Haramein says constitutes the geometry of the fabric of space-time, the structure of the quantum vacuum itself.

Image by Nassim Haramein

Fig. 4

At the center of this tetrahedral matrix geometry is what is known as a cube octahedron, or what Buckminster Fuller calls a “vector equilibrium” or “isotropic vector matrix”, the only cubic structure whose lines are equal and opposite in every possible way, and therefore perfectly balanced. Within this structure the plenum of space could contain near infinite energy and yet seem to us to remain empty precisely because of the perfectly balanced state of equilibrium created by the cubic octahedral structure of space itself. The zero-point energy field of the vacuum, which the cubic octahedron contains, is the source of all abiding energy and creative expansion in the universe. It is also the source from which the primordial OM sound resonates its infinite creative potential.

Image by Nassim Haramein

Fig. 5 and 6


Image by Nassim Haramein

Meditation III.

What if the flow dynamic rather than the spatial shape of the AQAL was not based on a circle, or a sphere, containing tetra and octahedrons, but a torus? And what if its motion was not simple rotation or spin, but a spiraling vortex, based on phi, or the golden ratio? Would this not make its separate constituents (the quadrants) inseparably entangled, enfolded, and enmeshed into an indivisible (and beautiful) whole? And would this make the dynamics of the AQAL, and of everyday life, in some sense similar to the dynamics of a torodial spiral?

Image by Nassim Haramein

Fig. 8

Have you ever found yourself (and history at large for that matter) going to and fro, up and down, and coming around again from where you/it began, but in some way different from before? Have you ever looked within yourself and found the universe looking out, or up at the stars and found yourself looking within? As above, so below; as within, so without.[3]

Image by Nassim Haramein

Fig. 9

As Nassim Haramein says,

"One could conclude from our understanding of information and space-memory (time) that the universe is expanding and accelerating because it is learning about itself, and thus it requires more [tetrahedral and octahedral] surfaces to store the holographic Planck information."

If this is the case, then the increasing acceleration of the expansion of the universe, beginning approximately 5 billion years ago, may have something to do with the origin of life-intelligence approximately 4 billion years ago, and one might expect the universe to start expanding exponentially to the vanishing point with the AI singularity.

Moreover, is it really just a coincidence that 96 percent of the universe is invisible and unknown to us, whereas our consciousness also operates largely (some say in the 95 percent range) out of processes that are unconscious and completely outside of our awareness? Could this mean not only that the universe is in fact a giant brain that is mirrored in our own brain, but that the unconscious of the cosmic brain is now accelerating its expansion after its initial conscious, visible, awakening to its own light and material?

Finally, could this mean that the initial awakening to subtle forms of consciousness (in Brahma’s dream sleep) is now entering the deep-sleep stage of the cosmos, whereby the endless forms most beautiful that are dreamt of in subtle consciousness are left behind for the causal stage of Brahma’s sleep, where consciousness returns to its source in the unity of being and the deep healing of wholeness in formless existence?[4]


Image by Nassim Haramein


[1] See, Joe Corbett, “A Blue-print for a Flying Saucer Engine”,

[2] All images from Nassim Haramein's Facebook page.

[3] See, Joe Corbett, “The Quantum Archetypal Technologies of Astrology, the Tarot, and the I-Ching”,

[4] I should note, if it wasnt already apparent to the reader, that there may not be solid scientific evidence to prove some of the ideas in this article. however, it is intended to be an imaginal and, in some sense, enchanted contemplation of the possible geometric forms of space in an aqaly in-formed kosmos.

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