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The Spiritual aspects
of Illuminism

Casey M. Copsey

With fondest regards to Mr. Andrew Smith,

Firstly Mr. Smith let me thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this email, as well as introduce myself. My Name is Casey M. Copsey, and I am an Illuminatus. I'd like to take this opportunity to give you a glimpse into the more spiritual aspects of Illuminism.

I have followed recent events in regards to a certain individual who operates under the name Pedro Jesus. I also know the two gentlemen that replied to you shortly after the attack upon your character and intelligence by Pedro. I understand their hesitancy to use their birth names in regards to material of this nature. (there are some rather irrational and intolerant people in the world, who listen to far too many conspiracy theorists). You may feel free however to use my full name, and this email in any manner you wish as I have nothing to hide, and am deeply and fundamentally devoted toward the purposes of true Illuminism.

I am writing to you because, unfortunately, the spiritual subtleties of Illuminism often elude individuals who walk this path of life, and in your communications so far these subtleties have been sorely missed. Let me first take a moment to clarify as well that the armageddon conspiracy website, and "Mike Hockney's" books are not the end all be all of Illuminism by any means. In fact they are not actually integral to the spiritual practices of Illuminists at all.

The word Illumination, in the context of this particular email at least, refers to a particular esoteric experience during which the individual soul/spirit/mind/consciousness/awareness etc... becomes entangled and eternally interconnected with the absolute mind of light, which for us is God, and experiences a vast exchange and transfer of intuitive knowledge. The short above description does not in any way do the experience justice, because it is such a thing that words could never manage to accurately catch it. It would quite literally take all of the time that has existed since universe's first creation just to bring us to the present moment.

Unfortunately not all individuals who trod the path of Illumination actually experience divine Illumination, and miss the entire point of the premise of the Mike Hockney books or the AC website. Illumination is the experience by which the equation zero=infinity, or the phrase something from nothing, is finally understood. It is the only way that I have ever found which could answer that big question. The math is just to get people thinking...the spirit does the rest.

I will leave you with a comment that I made to some of my fellow Illuminists in regards to this whole incident of sorts in the hopes that you may get a better feel for the actual tone of Illuminism, as given by someone who has experienced this phenomena first hand.

"Illumination, and by that term I refer to the gnostic experience which some of you may have had the opportunity to experience, is by its very nature impossible to capture with words. Any attempt to reduce this moment or experience into words is at best a fleeting chance for one to engage in creative poetry or a simple sharing of common experience with others who have actually experienced Illumination.

Scientific Illumination predates the existence of hockney, Armageddon conspiracy by an untold number of years. The Illuminati very rarely refer to themselves as Illuminated or Illumined Individuals prior to relatively recent history, except when speaking to other individual members of their respective orders. The term itself derives from organizations/orders of various esoteric origins which all center around some pretty familiar concepts. Illumination, again speaking of the experience, was always the desired result of these particular societies.

Bringing Illumination into the mainstream societal paradigm is a part of a shift towards restoring balance to this world. It is also something that has been foretold of by an incredibly large variety of cultures. Sometimes in the form of myth or legend passed down orally, or in written form, or in the language of symbols.

The point of bringing this into society is to increase tolerance, love, acceptance, and positivity for everyone, regardless of their beliefs or level of intellect, and to restore balance to an imbalanced world.

This movement is about the Immanentization of the eschaton here on earth. It is about the very real spiritual battle being waged on this planet. It is about creating a safe paradigm for individuals to tread their own sacred path, even if that path does not lead toward Divine Illumination. The Illumined are godís chosen, we are god's spirit, we are gods and goddesses ourselves. We are the ones who have won through our suffering and doubt and questioning, and have received the ultimate reward...Absolute freedom, understanding of who and what we are at every level of existence, and absolute knowledge of our own divinity. We are the ones who would willingly lay down our lives in the defense of an innocent, not because society, or even some imagined god, says we should do so, but because we can feel that innocent. We can empathize at a level that would prove torturous for anyone else.

Remember in your writings, communications, and conversations with other individuals that if you are simply espousing certain mathematical formulas or simple theories to someone, then you really stand no chance of bringing them into the fold, so to speak. Reason, and rationality are wonderful in an atheist. And almost all Illumined Individuals will tell you that they were once atheist, or at least thought of themselves as such, But as with all things, this is only half of the equation. And every equation must balance eventually or it simply isn't true. You are an equation of sorts...what do you equal?

Arrogance, and unbalanced passion has cost us the opportunity to continue to hear Pedro's Opinions and Dialectic.

What would genuine honesty, open hearts, warm smiles, and sincere spiritual desires cost us?"

Thank you once again for taking the time to read this message, and I hope perhaps that you may now understand that there is much more to Illuminism than math, or even philosophy. It is an open ended spiritual paradigm where God cannot be put into a box, because through Illumination we come to understand and Know God in a way that is sacred, and divine, and ultimately absolutely individually.

Captain Casey M. Copsey

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