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Could This Work if Trump Were President?

Trump's Statement Advocating for Diplomatic Negotiations for Peace to End the Russia/Ukraine War

Elliot Benjamin

I don't say this easily or lightly, but I must be candid and give credit where credit is due.

I have frequently written about my concerns that I have referred as the possible debacle of nuclear war stemming from Russia's invasion of Ukraine, massive irreversible climate destruction, and the threat to democracy in the United States [1]. In a number of essays I have advocated for a “balanced” approach to the Russia/Ukraine war, continuing to support Ukraine while making a much more concerted effort to engage in negotiations for peace [2]. My position is consistent with that of 2024 Democratic presidential candidates Marianne Williamson and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. [3]. However, what is very difficult for me to assimilate is that my position on the Russia/Ukraine war also appears to be consistent with the position of Donald Trump [4].

Of course it is entirely another matter how successful Trump would be in ending the war, as opposed to increasing the danger of an eventual nuclear war by appeasing Russia and weakening Ukraine [5]. And my concerns about massive irreversible climate destruction and the threat to democracy in the United States would undoubtedly increase tremendously if Trump were to become president again in 2024 [6]. Furthermore, a number of mental health experts view Trump's state of mind as dangerous and irrational, and I believe that Trump's disturbed state of mind could lead to devastating consequences to the world, inclusive of an increased possibility of an eventual nuclear war as well as escalating climate destruction, if he were to get back into power in 2024 [7].

Nevertheless, in spite of all my severe concerns about Trump getting back into power and the consequential possible increased likelihood of an eventual nuclear war if this were to happen, I must acknowledge that I appreciate his advocating for negotiations for peace between Russia and Ukraine.

I don't say this easily or lightly, but I must be candid and give credit where credit is due. No I am not going to vote for Trump but I also think that not enough efforts have put into advocating for negotiating for peace between Russia and Ukraine by the Biden administration and the United States Congress [2], especially as there is currently a renewed advocacy of increasing military support to Ukraine after the Russia mutiny [8]. However, my saying that I appreciate this aspect of what Trump is voicing about the Russia/Ukraine war in no way diminishes all that I have written in regard to what I view as the dire consequences of Trump becoming the United States president again in 2024 [6].

I was hoping that perhaps ChatGPT would be helpful in giving me some relevant information about the context of Trump advocating for diplomatic negotiations for peace in the Russia/Ukraine war, and especially whether the long-range consequences of Trump becoming the United States president again would increase the danger of a nuclear war even if Trump were able to end the current Russia/Ukraine war. But ChatGPTGPT let me know in no uncertain terms that it was not equipped to answer these kind of questions, as it's information about Russia/Ukraine was in place only up to September, 2021. However, it was very clear from Frank Visser's Russia/Ukraine ChatGPT essays that ChatGPT highly values diplomatic negotiations for peace, in particular regarding the Russia/Ukraine conflict [9]. And ChatGPT's advice in regard to my specific question about Trump was certainly reasonable and realistic—this is what it said: “It's important to note that political dynamics can change quickly, and there may have been significant developments since my training data from September 2021. To stay up to date with the latest information and any specific proposals made by Donald Trump or any other relevant figures, I recommend consulting reputable news sources or conducting further research.”

Perhaps there are other AI resources that have more recent data in regard to the Russia/Ukraine war and could actually give an answer to my question. If this is the case, I am certainly open to expand my horizons and I welcome hearing about these resources from anyone who has an interest in conveying this in the Comments section following this article. But in the meantime, I will end with my own determination that in spite of all that I have previously written about and advocated for diplomatic negotiations for peace to end the Russia/Ukraine war [2], I do not believe that electing Donald Trump is the solution. Perhaps if Trump were back in power he would manage a temporary halt to the Russia/Ukraine war through cutting back our military support to Ukraine and pressuring Ukraine to accept that they are not going go get back the land that Russia took from them.

But having someone as dangerous and irrational as Donald Trump as once again the leader of my country continues to fill me with grave alarm. No I do not trust that there would be any realistic future of peace with Donald Trump in charge, even if he were able to temporarily end the Russia/Ukraine war. Yes it concerns me greatly that the United States appears to be on an escalating path of increasing the extent of the Russia/Ukraine war, as opposed to working to decrease the extent of the war through diplomatic negotiations for peace. But I choose to put my faith and trust in Joe Biden regarding his determination to not get us into a nuclear war. I do not agree with Biden's increased military support of Ukraine without what I view as sufficient efforts at diplomatic negotiations for peace. But I choose to stay the course with Biden in spite of my misgivings rather than support someone for President of the United States whom I believe has a dangerous and irrational state of mind that could result in a catastrophe for the world.

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