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Anthony Fauci

Anthony Fauci:
Hero or Villain?

Stimulated by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s
Book “The Real Anthony Fauci”

Elliot Benjamin

Once again, I believe that all these claims by Kennedy should be seriously investigated with an open mind.

I recently read the massively referenced book The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health by the controversial and well- known anti-vaccination proponent Robert F. Kennedy Jr. [1]. Anthony Fauci was something of a hero to me, as he has been to many Americans; he represented a degree of sanity and ethics and scientific intelligence during the challenging ordeal of the 4 years of President Trump. Thus reading nearly 500 pages with over 2,000 references of a book by a prominent anti-vaxxer who was wholly dedicated to tearing down Fauci's reputation was not something that I wanted to engage in. However, for various reasons I ordered the book and braced myself for the unpleasant undertaking. But to my great surprise, I found that I actually liked the book.

I must honestly say that I believe Kennedy has made a tour de force case for his substantial criticism of the 50 year career of Anthony Fauci, and has given harrowing descriptions of historical events surrounding Fauci in his role as director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) for the past 37 years. This includes

  • Kennedy's claims that Fauci suppressed promising low cost therapeutic treatments for AIDS and Covid,
  • promoted expensive detrimental treatments for these diseases,
  • unethically manipulated what was funded and not funded in regard to various potential anti-virus drugs,
  • promoted vaccines at the expense of alternative or additional community-based inexpensive therapeutic treatments,
  • colluded with big pharmaceutical companies (which has commonly been referred to as Big Pharma) to control the findings of his scientific drug researchers as well as their publications and results,
  • and oversaw a very harmful AIDS drug treatment project in Africa, which was subsequently extended to multiple countries all over the world [1].

The Real Anthony Fauci

If I had heard someone state my long sentence above about Fauci's various promotions, suppressions, unethical manipulations, and collusions, I have no doubt that I would have labeled this person as having been indoctrinated into the anti-vaccine/anti-Fauci/anti-government conspiracy, and I may have even associated this person with the notorious January 6th insurrectionists. However, I think that my above statement needs to be taken very seriously and thoroughly investigated with an open mind, and I say this in spite of some serious flaws in what Kennedy claimed about Covid vaccines, masks, and social distancing. Readers would have to judge for themselves the merit of Kennedy's take-down of Fauci, but I must admit that my own hero perspective of Fauci no longer exists. I have learned things about Fauci that I did not want to learn, but that I believe are at least partially true. I have searched for defenses in support of Fauci against Kennedy's accusations, but I have not found anything substantial to refute Kennedy's claims.

In spite of the serious flaws (that I discuss below) in Kennedy's depictions about vaccines, masks, and social distancing [1], I felt a strong impact from his devastating portrayal of Fauci's destructive effect upon public health over the course of many years. Kennedy's devastating portrayal of Fauci describes Fauci's responsibility for an untold number of unnecessary deaths and serious illnesses, which I believe should be investigated in a fair and impartial way, preferably by a United States congressional hearing. But I must say that the historical data that Kennedy presented appears to me be to be factual and easily verified, and at the very least it brings up alarming questions in my mind about the high level of praise and ethical virtues that have been bestowed upon Anthony Fauci. And this naturally leads me to question both the ethics and safety of Fauci's current leadership in regard to his decisions and actions regarding our present coronavirus pandemic. I still believe that the benefits outweigh the detriments for getting vaccinated against Covid [2], but it also makes me more sympathetic to why someone may not trust what the government says about vaccine safety and adverse reactions, and various related matters. As a consequence, I am now faced with the perplexing question of how to navigate my new awareness and concerns when relating to people who put Fauci on a pedestal as the most respected medical doctor in the United States [1].

The Flaws in Kennedy's Book

As I mentioned above, I found a number of flaws in Kennedy's book that were concerning to me. One flaw is Kennedy's biased portrayal of death spikes being caused by vaccines in a number of different countries. Kennedy presented graphs for a number of countries that displayed a sharp increase in deaths soon after vaccination, implying that the vaccines caused the deaths. However, some of these countries received their vaccinations around Christmastime or during the winter, such as in Ireland[3], which would certainly explain the sudden increase in deaths. There is also the factor of more time passing leading to more people getting infected and more deaths, and the sharp decrease in deaths that soon followed could very well be attributed to the vaccine.

Robert F. Kennedy jr.
Robert F. Kennedy jr.

Another flaw is that Kennedy ignored the fact that there was no statistical significance when conveying differences in number of deaths between vaccinated and unvaccinated people in the Pfizer Covid trial that was used for complete FDA approval. Kennedy considered it to be a major concern that in this Pfizer Covid trial there were 14 deaths in the unvaccinated group and 20 deaths in the vaccinated group, stating that there were nearly 150% as many deaths in the vaccinated group compared to the unvaccinated group. However, the difference in these deaths numbers is not statistically significant (using a standard Chi-Squares test) at any level of significance that is ever used in professional research studies. Thus Kennedy's portrayal of this is both unsubstantial and misleading.

Kennedy also made a number of unfounded statements to the effect that neither wearing masks nor social distancing have been beneficial in reducing Covid infections and deaths. He gave very little evidence to back up these claims, and he never included any of the extensive research that supports the efficacy of wearing masks or social distancing. Similarly, Kennedy stated that the number of deaths from Covid may be less than what has been reported, but he did not give evidence to back up his claim, and focused on the fact that the prediction of 2 million deaths during the first year of Covid did not occur. However, Kennedy did not acknowledge the fact that unlike the other pandemics thus far in the 21st century that were expected to have far more deaths than occurred, there have been an enormous number of Covid deaths, currently over 800,000.

Kennedy ended his book by emphasizing how Covid data from Israel shows that there is no significant difference in transmission of Covid between vaccinated and unvaccinated people, but neglected to include research that shows unvaccinated people or more likely to get infected with Covid than vaccinated people to begin with, thereby demonstrating that vaccination may very well reduce the likelihood of infecting others when this is taken into account. Kennedy also made no mention of the solidly established research which shows that Covid symptoms, hospitalizations, and deaths are much more prominent in unvaccinated people compared to vaccinated people. And finally, Kennedy made a major point to end his book by citing the September, 2021 data in Israel that conveyed that 60% of people in severe and critical condition, and 45% of people who died, were doubly vaccinated. However, Kennedy did not include the fact that at that time, nearly 80% of Israeli adults were doubly vaccinated, which when taken into account actually may very well demonstrate the effectiveness of the vaccine since the percentages of people in severe and critical condition, and who died, were significantly less than the percentage of adults who were doubly vaccinated.

My Concerns About Fauci From Reading Kennedy's Book

I have previously written about the legitimate concerns that a number of authors have conveyed about various disturbing factors in regard to vaccines, inclusive of the biased vaccine approval process, the unethical practices of the big pharmaceutical companies that make the vaccines, the occurrence of possible detrimental physiological consequences from being injected with vaccines, and the various environmental hazards that have been ignored for the purpose of promoting vaccines [2]. However, in spite of these disturbing factors, I concluded that the benefits outweighed the detriments for getting vaccinated against Covid [2]. Reading Kennedy's book has not caused me to change my mind about this, but I must admit that it has significantly added to my concerns about the Covid vaccine.

The above flaws, although certainly disturbing and dangerous in their consequences of misleading the public, are not what is dominant for me when I think about what my reaction is from reading Kennedy's book. What is dominant for me are a number of concerns about Fauci that stand out in my mind after reading Kennedy's book. Of course these concerns should be extensively and objectively investigated by qualified professional researchers, but here are my own reactions to what Kennedy presented about Fauci.

First off, I think it is appalling if it is true that Fauci suppressed and mis-characterized two potentially beneficial drugs to treat Covid: Ivermectin and Hydroxychlororoquine, while promoting a detrimental Covid treatment drug: Remdesivir. Of course all the contrasting research about these three drugs should be carefully evaluated, but I found Kennedy's portrayals to have enough merit to warrant serious investigation. Furthermore, Kennedy made a very compelling case to show a strong unethical connection of Fauci, supported by billionaire Bill Gates, to Big Pharma, with the disastrous consequence of numerous deaths in Africa, inclusive of many children, that apparently were caused by unexpected negative consequences of the AIDS vaccines used as trials.

Another concern that was brought to my attention was Kennedy's claim that Fauci continually promoted vaccines that had detrimental consequences, inclusive of numerous deaths, while taking punitive actions towards reputable researchers who criticized these vaccines, and did not address the dangers to the health of millions of people in third world countries who were used in these vaccine drug trials. According to Kennedy, Fauci promoted the widespread use of vaccines in Africa and other third world countries, buttressed by the immense financial and promotional support of Bill Gates, at the expense of engaging in actions to improve the day-to-day health and living conditions of people in these countries.

Kennedy's (2021) book was an eye-opener for me in regard to the controversial 50 year career of possible questionable ethics and deadly consequences of Anthony Fauci's tremendous power and influence to promote the spread of vaccines throughout the world, specifically trying to come up with a vaccine for AIDS that Kennedy has argued has resulted in catastrophic consequences. I also felt very concerned to learn about how Fauci and his associates may have subverted jury trials by arranging to shield what Kennedy has referred to as “reckless and negligent pharmaceutical corporations” from liability for injuries from any COVID countermeasures, including vaccines.

Furthermore, I have learned about the unprecedented extensive power and influence of billionaire Bill Gates as he teamed up with Fauci to make vaccines, according to Kennedy, the “one and only” health initiative to solve the world's health problems, ignoring more natural therapeutic alternatives and any kind of environmental project that could increase people's living conditions. I have learned about Kennedy's claim in regard to Fauci's apparent lack of scientific integrity and lack of compassion in hiding disastrous and deadly results of adverse vaccine consequences, as well as the influence that Fauci in particular has had on a number of United States presidents to fund and promote questionable vaccines in third world countries. Kennedy conveyed what he views as the transition from unethical AIDS testing of vaccines over many years to our current testing of the Covid vaccine, which followed extensive “germ games” simulations, with the same high level governmental administrators involved whom he described in terms that are very alarming, with Fauci at the top of the list, promoted big time by Bill Gates. Once again, I believe that all these claims by Kennedy should be seriously investigated with an open mind.

Franklin's Review of Kennedy's Book: Various Concerns Highlighted

Kennedy's book is by no means a quick and easy read, as it is nearly 500 pages with over 2,000 citations and references; the references themselves are nearly a hundred pages. There is available a brief summary review of Kennedy's book by James Frankly [4] that I found to be a generally accurate portrayal of my above concerns about Fauci, and it describes a number of additional concerns that came up for me from reading Kennedy's book. Franklin is obviously in Kennedy's anti-vaccination/anti-Fauci/anti-Big Pharma camp and I do not think the evidence definitively supports a number of his assertions. However, I think much of his descriptions are relevant and informative to give a more thorough account of the concerns that may arise from reading Kennedy's book than I have done in my brief above summary. Therefore I will convey at length the relevant portions of Franklin's review, inclusive of some of Franklin's descriptions that I don't think the evidence definitively supports but that I think deserve to be legitimately investigated, and I will indicate with brackets when I am including these descriptions. The following are essentially verbatim quotes from Frankly, though I took the liberty of correcting his frequent grammatical errors.

“Robert Kennedy highlights in his latest book, how millions of Americans have been misled by mainstream media that Dr. Anthony Fauci is a hero who saved the country from the dark ends of the pandemic. . . . The story of Dr. Fauci's glory clearly shows the path of absolute corruption that has overwhelmed our major institutions—government, healthcare, academia, and the mainstream media by Big Pharma companies.. . . . Kennedy details how Fauci, Gates, and the rest of their group use their control of media outlets, key scientific journals, government and quasi-governmental agencies, national and international intelligence, and renowned scientists and physicians [to raise fear in the public with propaganda and lies about the COVID-19's origin and spread.]”

“This book exposes how Fauci's massive yearly allocations gives him so much control over the subject, content and outcome of scientific health research across the world. This massive funding gives Dr. Fauci the power to exercise dictatorial control over the leaders of knowledge and innovation who make up the 'independent' federal committees that approve and disburse drugs and vaccines—including the boards that permitted the emergence, use, and authorization of COVId-19 vaccines. Fauci takes undue advantage of the financial strength at his disposal to exercise an unusual influence over hospitals, universities, journals, and even doctors and scientists—whose careers and institutions he has control and power to ruin, advance or reward. These doctors and scientists are the same who are continually seen on the news shows, and are allowed to publish on the op-ed pages of influential media, creating and defending the official narrative of these pharmaceutical syndicates. . . . [If the American people understand the truth written in this book], they would be marching by the millions, asking for criminal prosecutions of all those who are part of this historical corruption and outrageous betrayal of humanity.”

“The Real Anthony Fauci uncovers how 'America's Doctor' began his career during the early AIDS crisis by establishing a partnership with Big Pharma companies to cripple safe and effective off-patent therapeutic treatments for AIDs. [Fauci backed up crooked studies, and then forced US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulators into giving an approval to a deadly chemotherapy treatment which had no effectiveness against AIDs.] He violated the federal laws several times by allowing his pharmaceutical partners to take advantage of hunger-stricken dark-skinned children, [using them as lab rats in harmful experiments that were comprised of toxic AIDS and cancer chemotherapeutic treatments.] In 2005, Congress questioned his agency, NIAID for consistently going against federal laws that prohibits experiments on Black and Hispanic orphans in foster homes in New York and other states. [Fauci has conducted lots of unethical and genocidal experiments on Africans inflicting pain and causing mayhem across the continent, particularly for children and pregnant mothers. Vaccines funded by the Fauci and Bill Gates treaty in areas of the prevention and treatment of polio, DPT, malaria, meningitis, tetanus and HIV—has led to far more injuries, disabilities and deaths than they prevented.]”

“In his office as the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), Dr. Anthony Fauci disburses about $6.1 billion of taxpayer-provided funding annually for scientific studies and research, and this gives him power to decide the subject, content, and outcome of scientific health research around the world. Fauci entered a partnership with Bill Gates that would give him access to control the massively profitable $60 billion global vaccine venture with an unlimited growth potential at the library of Gates' $147 million Seattle mansion. Through robust funding and leveraging on personal relationships with key head of governments and big media and online institutions, the treaty has dominated over global health policy for over a decade. [This has given them a far-reaching influence and unprecedented control to halt global economy, infringe civil and constitutional rights, enforce police state surveillance and trigger the greatest upward movement of global wealth in human history.]”

“The primary mission of NIAID is researching the discovery of causes behind the increasing epidemics of allergic and autoimmune diseases—this mission has failed greatly under his control, evidenced by the questioning by the Congress to NIAID on figures which rose from1.8% among children when Fauci came to NIAID in the 1960s, to a whopping 54% today, when obesity is considered. Rather than address the rise in chronic diseases, Fauci turned NIAID from a globally recognized regulator into a mere production facility for Big Pharma by churning out new drugs and vaccines for which he, his agency and his employees often share the profits that come as patents and royalties. A clear example of this was seen when Fauci and our of his top deputies took part with Moderna in million of dollars in royalties from sales of COVID vaccine produced by Moderna—which was developed through a partnership between the pharmaceutical company Moderna and NIAID.”

“Anthony Fauci has left a legacy of a nation that is overly dependent on drugs, pays nearly three times more than people in dozens of other countries, and has worse health outcomes and a less healthy population than other first world nations. Today, prescription drugs—mostly produced by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) during the tenure of Dr. Fauci at the NIH's NIAID—has repeatedly ranked the third leading cause of death in America today. This book also explains how Fauci and his cohorts in Pharma profit massively from ailment—but less from good health. Through the vicious intervention plan by Fauci, AZT became history's most expensive commercial drug--$10,000 per patient per year, making billions for GlaxoSmithKline annually.“

“In this interesting book, Kennedy explains clearly how Fauci, Gates and other key Big Pharma players *[Programmed and weaponized a list of fraudulently propagated global pandemics, including bird flu in 2005, swine flu in 2009 and Zika flu that occurred between 2015-2016, with the sole purpose of obtaining funding to create and sell new vaccines, enrich the big pharmaceutical partners and increase the power and wealth of public health technocrats and the long list of organizations owned by Bill Gates. *Utilized the 'gain-of-function' experiments to create pandemic superbugs in poorly constructed, unregulated laboratories in Wuhan, China, under conditions that guaranteed the escape of weaponized microbes.] *Predicted a series of happenings about the imminent COVID-19 pandemic—just as exact as it played out, which further awed the ignorant masses and the [illiterate] media that treats Gates and Fauci as heroes and shields them from public criticism and tags their critics as heretics and 'conspiracy theorists.'”

“*Formed an alliance with powerful men in governments, military and intelligence, and top health officials across the U.S., Europe and China to stage complex pandemic 'simulations' and 'Germ Games,' [laying the basis for the enforcement of global totalitarianism, such as compulsory masking, lockdowns, mass propaganda and censorship,] with the primary goal of implementing the compulsory vaccination of all humans. Gates and Fauci maintained communications almost every day throughout the lockdown, and virtually controlled every decision and action concerning the COVID-19 countermeasures. [These two men succeeded in placing global populations under a compulsory house arrest, and continually bombarded the mainstream and online media with propaganda created to amplify fear. Giving reason to the implementation of those hideous measures, Gates and Fauci carefully and intelligently blew irrational fears into the air, stifling common sense and commanding absolute obedience and submission to the COVID vaccine as the only hope for safe escape from captivity and resuming normal everyday life.]”


One phrase that Franklin used that stands out for me as I conclude this essay is the “media that treats Gates and Fauci as heroes and shields them from public criticism and tags their critics as heretics and 'conspiracy theorists.'” So now that I have recommended that Kennedy's criticism of Fauci, as well as Gates, should be taken seriously and thoroughly investigated, I wonder if am going to be labeled as being duped by misinformation and conspiracy theory against Fauci. Be that as it may, I consider myself to be an authentic philosopher and consequently I have no choice but to voice what I think. I included a number of what I consider to be serious flaws in Kennedy's book, but his claims against Fauci are not included in my list of flaws. The reason is that I have not encountered any significant data to counter these claims. This doesn't mean that Kennedy's claims against Fauci are necessarily true or that contrasting data does not exist. However, I must say that I think Kennedy has done his job as a meticulous researcher and that it is now time for other researchers to evaluate Kennedy's claims against Fauci, just as I have done in a number of his claims aside from his claims against Fauci, that I have questioned and referred to above as serious flaws.

In spite of the flaws in Kennedy's book, I strongly believe that what Kennedy has described about Fauci should be taken very seriously, and by no means should be discounted or ignored under the pretense that Kennedy is just an anti-vaxxer spouting off misinformation and conspiracy theory. I admit that I may have thought this myself to begin with, and I may have thought this if I had just read Franklin's summary without reading Kennedy's book. But having painstakingly read through Kennedy's book I must conclude that there is a great deal of substantial, disturbing, and consequential information in this book that I believe should be seriously investigated.

Notes and References

1) See Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (2021), The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health. Skyhorse.

2) See my previous articles: To Get Vaccinated Or Not To Get Vaccinated: Stimulated by a Sociologist's Scholarly Anti-Vaccination Book: Parts 1-4; Part 1 includes links to the other three parts of this article series; Germ theory Denial, Anti-Vaccination, and Covid-19, for my critiques of a number of anti-vaccination and germ theory denial authors, along with my rationale for why I concluded that the benefits outweigh the detriments for receiving the Covid vaccine. However, although I acknowledged the possible negative consequences of vaccines in these articles, I must admit that Kennedy's book has brought these possible negative consequences to a whole new level for me. I still believe that the benefits outweigh the detriments for receiving the Covid vaccine, but I also believe it is important to keep in mind that various research studies have demonstrated that factors such as living an active and healthy lifestyle, inclusive of nutrition and exercise and not smoking, are significant variables to take into account when determining the danger of getting infected by Covid.

3) I thank Frank Visser for sending me the information about and link for this video.

Brief book review by Perry Marshall of "The Real Anthony Fauci"

4) See James D. Franklin (2021), Summary of The Real Anthony Fauci by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.; available at

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