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Don Beck


We wanted you to be aware of what may turn out to be a historic development in the application of the Gravesian Theory and the Spiral Dynamics Integral extensions: launching our work in Israel-Palestine.

Our experience has been that this developmental package is uniquely equipped to deal with large-scale interventions in that it demonstrates how to integrate, align, and synergize all of the elements, stakeholders, and entities in behalf of positive, human emergence. In our major field test in South Africa over the 1981-1995 time span, we learned a great deal about how to take on even a more dangerous, complex, and demanding challenge. As one friend wrote to encourage our efforts: "Beck may not be able to alter the course of events in that part of the world, but he will put a dent in it."

The first presentation we will make is on February 10, in Tel Aviv. This will be an exploratory session to begin to develop a more in-depth understanding of the dynamics at work within and between the two cultures.

To read the official event announcement, click here.

We will present a more comprehensive follow-up on May 17-18 in Jerusalem at "The First Israeli-Palestinian Summit on Integral Design."

As you can read here , the invitation came from several in Israel who are part of the Integral movement which includes a number of different points of view. We appreciate their innovative and high-energy leadership in this context.

Funding for this initiative is generously being provided by John J. Smith and the HearthStone Fund. Our host in Israel likened John to "Cosimo de Medici, whose support advanced the evolution of human consciousness." We agree. Susan (Vance) Beck, John's executive assistant, will join us on the trip. Also, Elza Maalouf, originally from Lebanon and now from San Diego, will be with us since she will present Spiral Dynamics from an Arabic perspective.

Our approach will go beyond the usual attempts to enhance negotiation or even engage in peacemaking; rather, we believe the only way to deal with a complex set of problems and conditions is through the design of the entire habitat, from a Second Tier perspective.

In conjunction with Alan Tonkin, we will adapt the Global Values Monitor to Israeli and Palestinian populations in a presentation to the organizers of the "Peace Index" at the University of Tel Aviv. We will make significant use of the ACE model (Assimilation-Contrast Effect) to track how political groupings form and shift to search for the "integral breakout" zones and pathways.

Our intent is to provide what has been missing in the Oslo Accord, Clinton's Camp David Initiatives, the Bush "Road Map," and the new Geneva Accord by creating a vMemetic Map of the entire region and crafting the relevant political, economic, social, technological and religious-spirituality models that reflect their unique realities.

Obviously, we have thought about this for a long time and believe that the time has come to act. We understand the dangers, the risk, and the forces that will be aligned against us. But we will make a dent.

We are attempting to attract people to the February 10 presentation who have some understanding of the "Integral/Consciousness" domains rather than appeal to a mass audience. The venue will seat 200 people and the cost is only 80 shekels ($15) per person, and includes a light lunch and materials. If you have friends in Israel or Palestine, please make them aware of this unique opportunity.

Arriving in Tel Aviv on February 4, we will utilize a new Macro*Memetics website for posting documents relevant to this Israel-Palestine project, along with daily updates of our experiences. The event and trip will also be videotaped in order to share with you what we will have discovered.

Also, those attending the SDi training series in Berlin (February 17-19), Copenhagen (February 21-23), St. Petersburg, Russia (February 26 March 3), and Santa Barbara (March 6-11) will get a personal briefing on the results from these initial efforts.

Don Edward Beck, Ph.D

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