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H.B. AugustineH.B. Augustine graduated from Denison University in May 2012 with a degree in Communication and Philosophy. He is now working on a number of social innovations, including Taggle, Ubiquity University, and Integral Publishing House. Contact him at if interested in connecting.

Reposted with permission from the author's blog Ready for Clarity


A Letter for
President Obama

H. B. Augustine

Dear Mr. President,

I see you. Let these words be the inception of a most important message.

Words offer the means to meaning, and for those who will listen, the enunciation of truth. I hope that you will find the means to hear, grasp, and appreciate this truthful message.

The message finds us in dark, if not the darkest times. Despite so much beauty, hope, and wonder on this planet, there still exists the cancer that is fear, scarcity, evil. But now it is time that we conquer this ancient force and foe.

The War on Drugs, War on Poverty, and War on Terror have blatantly failed. The War to End All Wars was supposed to be the Great War, and that was only the beginning of what’s been a most horrific and corrupt 20th century. That is what we inherited.

There can be a True War to End All Wars, though. Let’s not call it “War.” Let’s call it “Movement.” The enemy is not drugs, it is not poverty, it is not terror. It is corruption, plain and simple, defined broadly. The question then becomes, What’s this definition of corruption?

As a passionate ethical philosopher, I have invested ample time into studying an ultimate question concerning the relationship between and definitions of “corruption” and “goodness.”

I have concluded that the answer is rather humble. Corruption is the product and combination of 1) dishonesty and 2) pain. The murder of 20 innocent kindergarteners is the result of dishonesty and pain, each of which to certain degrees. Goodness, therefore, is the product and combination of 1) truth and 2) delight. “Delight” means a complete lacking of pain, an abundance of positive feeling. “Truth” is that which corresponds to reality, what is real. You can see, then, that pain is a scarcity of delight and dishonesty, a scarcity of reality. The more removed one is from delight, or abundant positive feeling, and from reality, or that which is true, the more corrupt that psyche is.

This way of understanding goodness and corruption – this ethical theory – has a number of radical implications, one of which being that every human is, most likely, to some extent, corrupt. Every human has a “shadow.” The shadow of MLK, for example, included substance abuse. That being the case, MLK’s shadow was still significantly “less corrupt” or “less monstrous” than Hitler’s shadow. “Shadow” means “separation from inner truth and delight.”

This meaning of “corruption” in mind, you can grasp the direct correlation between corruption and what we really mean by “mental illness,” which is responsible for what happened on 12/14 and what happened on 9/11. If we are to win this True War to End All Wars then we must understand the significance of mental illness and how best to prevent it from arising.

Mr. President, you need to declare a Mental Freedom Movement, or War on Mental Illness, or whatever you choose to name it. You must allot a tremendous amount of federal money to provide the highest quality psychological education to every single American citizen, and inspire world leaders to do the same for their people. We need a Manhattan Project whereby the “Atom Bomb” is a cure to mental illness – which is just as useful if not more than a cure to cancer.

This cure does not involve the brain or what is physical. It involves the mind or what is psychological. Evil originates from ideas and beliefs, not from DNA and neurons. These ideas and beliefs are contained, perpetuated, and exchanged within the system in which evil survives.

With mandatory psychological education for all the people – teaching them how to be happy, healthy, wealthy, and wise, teaching them how to be good and experience the good life – you can transform society into a world where humanity is harmoniously unified and developed, in which gun ownership is only necessary for the possibility of extraterrestrial invasion.

Mr. President, archetypally, you are a Leo-Aquarius hybrid, much like Aragorn in The Lord of the Rings is a Man-Elf hybrid. That is, you are the most powerful and well-known person on Earth and, simultaneously, you are a genius, a visionary, a scholar, who is inspired to create immense positive change. I voted for you in 2008 because I, like many others, saw a Gandhi, a MLK, a Mandela, in you – not just for the American people but also for the human race. The Connecticut shooting is a parallel to the mutilation of Emmett Till in 1957, which sparked the Civil Rights Movement. You have the power, in reading this message, to put aside “being the President” and become who you were born to be: the courageous leader who defeated corruption on Earth.

The horrific slaughter of 20 kindergarteners is gross proof of how filthily corrupt our society still is, no matter how deep in the shadows. Overrule the War on Drugs, the War on Poverty, and the War on Terror with the Mental Freedom Movement, great man. Have that be the number-one item of business for all politicians currently alive. We must do everything within our power to understand “corruption” and “goodness,” and how to address corruption most effectively.

What happened on Friday, December 14, 2012 was pure evil, pure corruption. “Evil” and “corruption” are the same. It was a wakeup call for us, especially our leaders, to take action like MLK and others took action in 1957. As with Gandhi, MLK, and Mandela, this climactic revolution you lead must operate nonviolently, with honor and justice.

The Mental Freedom Movement, this War on Mental Illness, is the most valuable task to fulfill.

You can transform humanity’s misery into celebration. The choice is yours, truly, Mr. President. Let us remember the Dream that was America, and humanity, and Earth. One Dream, One Love.


Henry B. Augustine

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